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Alolw yuor Q. I. pionts to dorp... in teh tpyo cenrtal!
1/22/2007 #1
Charming Dice
Waht eh rippe uf ov Tipoh jUnckyahrd. U'z eh theef, Sakahh-Finickoosoo.
1/22/2007 #2
54y5 d4 guy wh0 m4d3 d4 4ngry "h0m3".

y 4r3n'7 y0u 0n gm4i1?

1/22/2007 #3
Danmit, I potsed ni lete, not tpyos.
1/22/2007 #4
Charming Dice
Naht ohn Gee-maile B-cuze Ahm goen tu sliep.
1/22/2007 #5
Wlel, taht stniks.

Godo nihgt, I geuss.

1/22/2007 #6
Gee-mail iss madet by goodongle, rigth???

I havge a hotmailc accoutnat! Hahayha! Iwine

1/23/2007 #7
Moko Emaki
whta r yuo tlkaing bouta?

I esu ahyooo! Is't prtteey dab.

1/23/2007 #8
Yhaoo and htomial scuk. If yuo wnat, I can inivte yuo itno Gmial liek I did wtih Dcie. It's aweosme.
1/23/2007 #9
i haretz htomial!!!!! ^_6
1/23/2007 #10
Charming Dice
Ah hav yahu tu. Ah gaht yahu anne gee-maile.
1/23/2007 #11
i hevz buhget yahu!!!
1/23/2007 #12
Moko Emaki
Gee-mail dab. I gte tols fo masp kile "Bob Dloe esus Viraga, os shuold ouy" I htaed it sooooooooooo mchu.
1/23/2007 . Edited 1/23/2007 #13
Charming Dice
Y du mi typohz maik moor sence thahn yalz? U peeple neid tu lurn tu rite typohs en eh waye thaht maiks sence.
1/23/2007 #14
Moko Emaki
Is't typohz! U'rnt sposd 2 maaaek since!

Hay l0L M'i tink 2 muhch wen I du tis.

1/23/2007 #15
Moko Emaki
.won sdrawkcab gnitirw m'I

.siht ekil klat lla dluohs eW

.hcum oot gnikniht m'I

1/23/2007 #16
.hcum oot gnikniht sa gniht hcus on si erehT

?skcatta treah tsniaga spleh sdrawkcab gniklaw taht wonk uoy did

.ksir a si gnippirt tub

1/24/2007 #17
Moko Emaki
1/24/2007 #18
!okoM iH
1/24/2007 #19
Moko Emaki
.der m'I yaY

!neF-akkaS iH

1/24/2007 #20
Stop The Press
...reading that gave me a headache.

But on an interesting note, have you realised that 'shot gun' is just one letter away from 'shit gun'.

I found that out the had way in an rp.

2/1/2007 #21
have you realised that 'shot gun' is just one letter away from 'shit gun'

Yes. And married is one letter from marred. ^_^

2/2/2007 #22
And RACECAR is the same backwards and forewards!


adn carerac is teh saem bbakwads an d fowadras1!!1!!!1!1111

2/2/2007 #23
Keba Si Rota
"Embargo" backwards is "o grab me"!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111one

lets see how long i can write before i make a typo. i am not using the shift key. does that count for smonthing? yay! i made a genuine typo. i don't know why it;s so hard for me to make typos. they only come up occastionally for me. and i'm not even liiking at the keyboard. Not much, anyway.

know what i hate?it's when people don't put spaces after punctuation.that's annoying and hard to read.Don't you agree?

now i shall press down on as many keys as i can all at once and hope my keyboard dowsn;t explode.


It made a funny beeping noise at me when I did that. lol1!!!!!!!!1111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!eleven!!!!!1

2/19/2007 #24
Will Sachiksy
Dno't konw if you raed tihs boerfe, but did you konw that you can smrclabe the ltreets in a wrod, and as lnog as the fsirt and lsat lterets are in the rgiht oedrr, the wrod is libgele. Ttah's bceusae msot of us raed wrods as a wlhoe and not ltteer by lteetr.

Ptetry cool, huh?

2/20/2007 #25
I siad taht in a difefenrt tpoic I tinhk... or myabe it was Baerd.
2/21/2007 #26
Keba Si Rota
I raed taht in an e-mial, ocne.
2/21/2007 #27
i swaer everee-wun got that ee-mayle
2/26/2007 #28
Keba Si Rota
i once got an e-mail that suggeswted that instead of somileies peiople should use butts.



i;d post more varriations, byt they;d be inappropriate. funny, but still not suitalbe bor the public.

2/26/2007 #29
Cmoe on. Yuo haerd of all teh innpropraite sutff we sya, rite?

Tihs trehad = not PG.

2/27/2007 #30
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