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David Lovato
Anyone know of any good psychological horror works here on FP? I can't seem to find anything.
2/9/2007 #1
Royal Bliss
I've probably only found one semi-psychological horror that I remember. It wasn't that bad.. I've found horror dealing with mental disabilities, but they were pretty inaccurate...
2/9/2007 #2
I wish I did! Sadly, no. T_T I love psychological thrillers...
2/9/2007 #3
Royal Bliss Not sure if this is what you're looking for but it's pretty interesting.
2/9/2007 #4
David Lovato
That story was pretty dead-on with what I'm looking for. I just want anything that messes with the reader's head. Thanks.
2/9/2007 #5
Burnt Bread
...sorry, I can only ever read cheap action novels so can't recommend anything. There are, however, some psychologically horrifying stuff on fp but possibly not in the way you mean.
2/13/2007 #6
[q]I just want anything that messes with the reader's head.[/q] Me too! *high five*
2/13/2007 #7
Royal Bliss
[q]There are, however, some psychologically horrifying stuff on fp but possibly not in the way you mean.[/q] Oh you mean like slash twincest? That's pretty psychologically horrifying.
2/13/2007 #8
[q]Oh you mean like slash twincest? That's pretty psychologically horrifying.[/q] Amen.
2/13/2007 #9
Burnt Bread
That and (dare I speak of it) some sort of sexual act involving tentacles and nipples...
2/16/2007 #10
Charming Dice
Even worse (dare I speak of it) is some sort of painful sexual act involving tentacles and testicles...
2/17/2007 #11
Will Sachiksy
Wouldn't that be body horror, not psychological horror. Maybe if that was only alluded to and not described it would be psychological, but that's stretching it.
2/17/2007 #12
Royal Bliss
Or something that involves....Tabasco sauce, a telephone, and the anus.
2/17/2007 #13
Okay, guys, this is getting very ew.
2/17/2007 #14
Royal Bliss
2/17/2007 #15
Will Sachiksy
The movie Hide and Seek (with Robert de Niro and Dakota Fanning) was a pretty good psychological horror film. The movie kind of falls apart if you think too long about it, but it was a good two-hour diversion. I want to see American Psycho, but I doubt my Mom would let me watch that. Maybe I could get the book from the library or something (my Mom doesn't mind mature reading as much as mature viewing).
2/17/2007 #16
Royal Bliss
The movie American Psycho is okay... it wasn't that good compared to the book. The book is one of my favorites. But uhh if you are young... I don't think you would like the book, it has a lot of sex in it and pretty twisted stuff. I opened to a random page: I force my hand down, deep into her throat, until it disappears up to my wrist--all the while her head shakes uncontrollably, but she can't bite down since the power drill ripped her teeth out of her gums--and grab at the veins lodged there like tubes and i loosen them with my fingers and when I've gotten a good grip on them violently yank them out through her open mouth, pulling until the neck caves in, disappears, the skin tightens and splits though there's little blood. Most of the neck's innards, including the jugular, hang out of her mouth and her whole body starts twitching, like a roach on its back. But yeah there's worse than that in there. At one point the psycho cuts off some chicks head and walks around with it on the end of his erection. I would not read this if I were you.
2/17/2007 #17
Will Sachiksy
Oh well. I can wait. Thanks for the advice. If you play games, there's Fatal Frame. You often have to fight ghosts in that game (with a camera, no less. Trust me, it's scarier than it sound), but much of the fear draws from the ambiance of the game, the unsettling silence, the chanting and moaning of the ghosts (often wonderfully done), the vanishing apparitions, and the pulsing force feedback. The game's not perfect, but it builds an excellent sense of dread throughout. I've also heard good things about the Silent Hill games (which I also can't play).
2/17/2007 #18
Royal Bliss
Ehh.. I'm more of a Mortal Kombat type person. My ex boyfriend was obsessed with the Silent Hill games so I've stayed away from those.
2/17/2007 #19
I haven't played any of those games. Well, well, American Psycho... a book I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever read. Ever ever ever. Ever. ...Ever.
2/18/2007 #20
David Lovato
Never saw either of the movies. Haven't played Fatal Frame, it's on my list of things to do before I die though. I loved the Silent Hill series but I beat them all and I'm not dishing out 600 bucks for a PS3. I also have a game called Siren that freaks me out so badly I can't play it at times. But I mostly wanted fiction on ehre for a C2. Psychological horror can include gore and such things, but the main focus should be on mesing with people's minds. For example, there's a movie called Hard Candy I think, never saw it myself but my friend's parents told me about it. Some guy tries to lure a young girl into his apartment and when she arrives she turns the tables and tortures him. But in one scene she's given him something that paralyzes him, and he can only see straight up. He also can't feel anything. But the girl tells him she's going to cut off his testicles, then proceeds to use a lot of make up and such things to make him THINK that she actually is, just to mess with his head. Antoher example of the kind of psych horror I like is the kind where very little actually happens in a physical sort, further using things like power of suggestion and atmosphere to creep me out. A good example would be the film The Blair Witch Project (so sue me, I loved that film, flame it all you want but I loved it.) Even though you never saw any sign of whatever was chasing the characters (other than a few carefuly placed people painted white that you had to REALLY be looking to see) it creeped me out because of the tone, the ambience, the atmosphere and ideas it implied.
2/18/2007 #21
Ooooooh. Another great psychological thriller I loved = The Cache. It's a foreign film, and it leaves you thinking. Not exactly horror, but it certainly does mess with your head.
2/18/2007 #22
If yopu want crazy mind blowing games, then play Manhunt. It is a thriller where you hunt people in very real situations. It is totally real, like when you fight a guy thats bigger than you, he beats you completely.
2/22/2007 #23
Sounds mind-blowing enough. I'll try it if I get the chance.
2/22/2007 #24
Will Sachiksy
I heard Manhunt was supposed to be very violent, though. Banned in New Zealand, even. I'm not discounting a game I haven't played, but I just wanted to point that out. Did you find enough stories for you C2, Arter?
2/22/2007 #25
David Lovato
Nope, I haven't added one that isn't mine yet, lol.
2/24/2007 #26
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