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Maria Midnight

I would like to advertize my story "The Hunters". It's new and it's my first story, which I hope I will be able to finish and send it in for an official publication, but first I'd need to find a publisher... ^^;

Before that, I need to actually FINISH the story. xD

8/12/2009 #31

I would loike to advatise my story 'a hunters weapon' and ask for replies, thank you.

8/30/2009 #32
dbz 77

Read my story Red Fields.


10/9/2009 #33

Well, I'd like to advertise? I think.

Anyway, It's a new-ish story called "Voices".

And there's a story that is went on a long break but now is in the process of REVIVAL.

"The Big Black Wolf".

Read Read!

10/10/2009 #34
dbz 77

Read Lost Boys of the Cascades

10/13/2009 #35

Please read and review: October

10/27/2009 #36

I would like to advertise my stories The Other World and Death's Daughter. Reviews will be greatly appreciated. Please...

11/21/2009 #37

Here are my two stories:

1. Secrets » is shocked to find out who her hot new just may be her Prince Charming. Complete. Reposted. Complete - General - Fiction Rated: K+ - English - General/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 50,124 - Reviews: 0 - Updated: 8-1-09 - Published: 8-1-092. Destiny » Carla never thought she'll see her childhood friend and soccer teammate again after he moved to Japan. Just see what happens 24 years later! Complete. Reposted Complete - General - Fiction Rated: K+ - English - General/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 58,197 - Reviews: 0 - Updated: 8-1-09 - Published: 8-1-09 1/3/2010 #38
Awkward Situation

I would like to advertise my stories Girl Becomes Boy!


Tell Me Where it Hurts

Reviews are welcome! Thanks!

1/27/2010 #39
I would like to advertise mine. It's pretty darn good if my editor says so herself hehe .... :) It's called Adaline and Sam ( the most creative title ever, I know. You should see the summary *rolls eyes*) the summary and title suck but the story is very twisty and funny and dark :) just read it!
2/23/2010 #40
Anna Cate
I'd like to advertise my story, "Tea Boy." I've been working on it for a long time and just started posting it here. I'd really appreciate it if people would take the time to read it.
3/14/2010 #41

Fire Me Up! is a writing website with story prompts, where each response will be arcived on the site, and a place to swap story ideas. It's a great way to get more traffic for your stories, and get some story ideas! Here's the link:

3/24/2010 #42

If any one is willing I'd love them to check out the blog I started recently ( the updates at the moment should be fairly regular as I've just got started haha.

It's about the universe I started when I was younger so it gets (hopefully) more mature as it goes along. I'd like some feedback to see what's interesting and what isn't!


3/30/2010 #43

Also, I'd like to advertise my new story, All That Glitters:

Here's the summary: She's an orphan, an expert pickpocket, just trying to get by. He's a politician's son; wealthy and arrogant. What happens when a glitzy ball, a golden watch, and the need for cash are thrown into the mix? Violet's in for a night she'll never forget.

3/31/2010 #44

I'd like to share my two stories; The Flutter and Waiting. I'd appreciate a review for either or both. Also i think i need new names for them, they were the first things i thought of

4/10/2010 #45
Kobra Kid

Rise From The Ashes by Broken Cross

Side Note: Reviews are returned

Summary: Keira isn't your typical teenager. She is an Immortal, a human with supernatural and unnatural powers. Her whole entire life, she thought she was the only one of her kind in the world. She was wrong. When Keira meets Alocer, another Immortal, her whole world gets twisted upside down. Alocer is part of the Covenant, a group of Immortals bent on ridding the world of humans. Suddenly, Keira gets thrown into a war that's been brewing up for centuries between three groups; The Covenant, The Sanctuary, and The Hunters. Now, Keira will not only have to defend her friends and loved ones, she will find out what truly happened in her dark past.

--Find it on my profile! :D

5/5/2010 #46

I'd like to advertise my story Herring, and if you could give me some of your thoughts on it, that'd be great. :)

Summary: I should've known that my name would bring me trouble. I mean, what do you expect when your last name is an Atlantic fish that tastes, well, strange. Curse you, Casey Brown. Curse you and all your undeniable sexiness. Not that I like him, or anything.

Rated: T

Genre: Romance


Thanks alot. :D

6/18/2010 #47

I would like to advertise my new story Domain of Power. It is the sequel to my story Roman Identity but in this one, something drastic is about to shake Troy's world. You will also be able to find it under the historical section. For a better understanding it is suggested you look at the other previous stories: Before the Legend (the Prologue) and Roman Identity in my profile page as well as a summary of my latest story. I recently uploaded the 20th chapter: "Suspicious Minds!" Feel free to leave me feedback!

7/2/2010 . Edited 2/7/2011 #48

Uh, hey. So, I'd like to advertise my Fantasy Roleplay Forum called:

Darkness Falls

It's basically got all the topics and info up, it just... REALLY needs roleplayers... I spent quite some time (due to glitches) to get it all up, and I would hate to see it all for nothing, so, I hope you can find time to come and join! :)

7/22/2010 #49

Title: Desperation for Seclusion

Summary: Three files included the story of the Crow family. What was inside those files shocked the world.


(My *add link* isn't working, so please paste the code into the URL. Thanks!)

7/29/2010 #50
Dae Su Evergreen

Guys, please review my newest short story Daffodils and Forgetmenots. Thank you so much!

8/1/2010 #51
Natalie Joan N

Please review Do you Remember!! It's my only one lol and i only have a few chapters so far. I just recently decided that if i want to grow as a writer i need to get feedback from others. So PLEASE read Do you Remember by meeeeee lol. It would be GREATLY appreciated :)

8/4/2010 #52
Ebony Gray

Ok, tho it sounds a bit strange, I'll read it. my curiosity is piqued.

I'm new here but I'll b posting a poem as soon as this delay thing is gone. Its called My Gentle Butterfly, and I'm gonna post one called Distance. I know they suck but I really wanna know just how bad they are.

8/7/2010 #53

Please Review my story 'With the help of Someone Special'


Olivia Dellamora's past three yeas have been horrible. A nightmare. After an incident that finally pushes her over the edge she decides to leave town and go live with her brother who she never met. She may be able to escape the source of the pain but she can't escape memories.

I wish my mom would stop and look at me closely. Maybe she will finally notice somethings wrong. But I know she won't stop and look.

Cole Miller loved to party and do drugs. Then he found a reason to stop all that and take care of his responsibilities.

I thought life was great but then again I was high most the time. When I finally did stop and look around I found out life was not great. Then I looked at something life gave me and seen that could be.

The teens meet as their trying to fix their lives. They might find the solution to their problems in each other.

11/28/2010 #54

Hey guys. I'm a member of a new writing site and we're looking for more members. So if you're looking for a community that likes to discuss writing topics and review your work, come check us out.

12/18/2010 #55

hullo , please read My Secret Keeper and it has two chapters in it . I ould like to know how it comes off to y'all so that i'd know if i should get on with it , thanks.

2/6/2011 #56

Hey, I just created an RPG forum and need some people to join in. Free of charge :)

2/8/2011 #57

I'd like to advertise something a little different: the Suisun Valley Review literary magazine is looking for submissions in poetry, prose, short fiction, and fine art. The magazine is put out by a college class, so there is only one issue per year. The deadline for submitting for this year's issue is April 1, 2011, though the magazine does get published every year, so I guess if you're interested and miss the deadline there's always next year?

Info here: (case sensitive)

Blog here:

Open to submissions from all over the world, any genre. Hope it's okay to post this here!

3/17/2011 #58
Title: King of Blades

Category: Action

Sub-Category: Drama

Description: In the distant future, a powerful simulator has brought warrior castes from across time and space back to life for an epic competition. We follow the stories of some of this year's most memorable competitors, including a young woman on a quest to honor her once legendary father and a champion seeking to defend his title one last time.


4/6/2011 . Edited 4/7/2011 #59
Title: Diary of a Bad Terrorist

Category: Humor

Sub-Categories: Humor/Crime

Description: Nathaniel Silver used to be a member of an incompetent terrorist organization called the Children of the Founders. What you're about to read is a compilation of all his misadventures as part of the organization.


4/7/2011 #60
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