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................... *watches the Spongebob Halloween Special* *again* *and again* *and again* ................................ What is / was your Halloween like?
10/31/2006 #1
Burnt Bread
Well, my family wasn't really into it, so I went out and bought some candy for the little kiddies that might knock on our door with my own money - turns out there were hoards of them so that went well. Wanted to take my little brother out last night, but I had to work and got off late because this stupid table of 50yr olds were drunk and refused to leave. They also smashed alot of stuff... which was great. I just love cutting up my fingers picking up broken glass. Seriously, if i wanted to bleed, I would have become an emo. Got home - there was still some candy left. Ate it all, fell asleep on the couch. So, not so good this year, But next year Halloween is going to rock...
10/31/2006 #2
Well, my darling sister stuck the Crunch bars by the heater so when we broke em out, they were goop. I ate too much and the NBC didn't work. We saw the Corpse Bride and my mom hogged the couch. I was dressed like a goth but we couldn't find the camera to take pictures. There's a huge mess left over and I'm going to have to clean it up tomorrow. But it was still fun, and I must say I love the way I look, even if I'll never look the same again. Where do you WORK?
10/31/2006 #3
Burnt Bread
heh. I work at a chinese restraunt called Tasy Magic ;).
11/1/2006 #4
Burnt Bread
*Tasty... damn those typos.
11/1/2006 #5
misterfuzzums EXTREME
I did prankish stuff like smashing pumpkins... And once when a guy answered the door I asked him for the whole bowl so I could pick out the candy I wanted and then I took the bowl and ran. Quite the adrenaline rush, I'll tell you- he chased me for about 20 minutes. I also saw some people I know dressed as Power Rangers and sitting on the hoods of their cars whilst they were being driven... that was exciting. I also found a spooky old road and traveled down it with two girls who thought that I would lead them through the darkness. Then, once we were in complete darness, I took off running the way I had come, leaving the girls helpless and screaming. And then I almost got killed by some freak in a ninja costume who leapt out of the underbrush at me. So yeah, it was fun.
11/1/2006 #6
AWESOME!!!!! Holy flipping crap. You're evil!!!! And.... clever. *admiration*
11/1/2006 #7
Moko Emaki
Wow, I came late. I egged sooo much. I had four boxes of eggs, 36 each stuffed in a little bookbag that I had since I was like 11. I had four cans of shaving cream... Anyway, first I went to the most hated kid's house. His parents had a.... Jaguar. I sprayed shaving cream into my hands and wiped it all over the windows, then started egging the windowshield. I then threw a wealth of eggs at an EggMobile, dented the car door, then the dude inside spazzed out and looked for me frantically, looking for the person that smashed the new Escalade door heh. Then I got involved in a shaving cream fight. Some kid got it down his throat.. and... ew.. drank water... Then, after being literally covered in shaving cream, got assaulted with a barrage of eggs but they all hit my Camry... then I drove off. The next day I didn't go to school, and I looked on the seat of my Camry. It looked like someone pissed on it. I later found out that was the imprint of my shaving-creamed ass... No dents, thank god.
11/24/2006 #8
You guys are SUCH PRANKSTERS!!!!!!
11/25/2006 #9
Moko Emaki
My younger sis just sat there with goth makeup and snacked out of the candy bowl watching movies. There were soo many little kids that came... and she scared them off. Finally she came with me to egg and she got shaving cream into her bra because some pervert almost pulled it off spraying shaving cream in there... Damn it, she's like 97 pounds and she's 15. How?? I'm slim but this is impossible. She massacred the candy bowl and lived to be skinny as hell. I asked the doctor and he was like, "Her metabolism is very fast..." Anyway, what did you do over... Halloween.. Oh woops read post... Omg you did the same thing as my sister. That is VERY CREEPY.
11/25/2006 . Edited 11/25/2006 #10
Well, it wasn't really dressing up for me, because half of the time I wear all black anyway. I'm not really a goth, I just have a lot of black clothing. It's a simple color, and you don't have to worry about clothes matching if they're all black. But I did look sweet. ^_^
11/25/2006 #11
Moko Emaki
I dress in black... all the time. Sun rain sleet hail snow. You don't have to seperate clothing hen you do your own wash too. Goths overdo the 'destroy the world' mentality. Now its the 'I hate humans and I hate the world' mentality. Um... you are a human, and you live in the world. Ironic...
11/26/2006 #12
Moko Emaki
Changed penname... Wrath of Moko Ekotoba got real old real fast.
11/26/2006 #13
Wow, everyone's changing their pennames! Now it makes me want to, as well... kind of a depressing thought, when I think about it really hard. We're always searching for our own identities, what makes us different, to give ourselves a name, when the truth is.... Honestly, I have no clue what the truth is.
11/26/2006 #14
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