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- Click login.

- Log in if necessary. This will take you to your account settings page.

- Look on the column to the left and click documents.

- Go to "upload new document". Find your text file (you can't just type it into the site - it has to already be saved in a word / wordpad / textedit document). Upload it.

- Edit it if necessary.

- Now go to the left column and click stories (directly under documents).

- Underneath the area you hit login, there will be a group of links placed horizontally, saying "Stories Guide / List Stories / New Story / Guidelines". Click new story.

- If necessary, accept that you've read the guidelines. You have to do this every week you post a story, if I remember correctly.

- Everything else is very self-explanatory. There you have it!

NOTE: New users must wait three days to post stories.

9/20/2008 . Edited 9/20/2008 #1
Julia Wall

If your word document is already divided into chapters, how do you separate it to post?

1/16/2009 #2
Burnt Bread

save each chapter as a seperate word document before uploading.

1/31/2009 #3
Desmond the Patient

Sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong section, but I couldn't find a place that seemed apropiated for my question.

The Rules said that there must be only 1 unique story, and that we aren't allowed to change names or anything in order to post it on another section, but what if I have friends that doesn't understand the english? Am I or not, allowed to post a story on different languages?

2/9/2009 #4
Sarah Cooper

Hey, Quick question. How do you add chapters to an existing story?

3/12/2009 #5
Defenseless Warrior

To add chapters to an existing story:

-Click 'Login'


-Put up the chapter


-My stories

-Go to the stroy

-Click 'Content/Chapters'

-At the bottom, there will be a drop-down menu. Select the docoment you uploaded.

-Name the chapter

-Click 'submit'

4/22/2009 #6
Stalker of Stories

Hey, I'm new to FP, kind of toddled over from FFnet just a few days ago to be honest (I know, I'm a horrible person, blahblahblah), but I want to know the general rules of posting on the site - the unwritten ones I mean.

On FFn it is considered courtesy to put a warning on chapter containing coarse language, sexual situations (even if it is no more than kissing), whatever sorts of pairings there are... basically everything that can be considered offensive. This is not a rule of the site, but one that everyone (with a brain) followed.

So, are there any rules like that?

Also, I wondering if there is a policy regarding author notes (notes directly from the author to the reader at the end of a chapter that addresses things that the readers may have found confusing; this is generally useful when multiple reviewers ask the same query and the author wants to clear it up rather than receive more similar questions, though many authors on FFn just use them to grouse about why it took them so long to update).

Any help would be great! I'd rather not break any rules that don't exist strictly speaking, and it would be loads of help!


5/24/2009 #7
Defenseless Warrior

Hello. I was on FFN, too. I didn't know about those rules on FFN, but I don't think its on FP.

5/24/2009 #8
Stalker of Stories

Mkay :) Thanks for letting me know. I'll just have to make sure I format my originals and fanfics differently then. An author's note would probably disrupt the reading of an original rather more than it does in fanfic frm anyway.

5/24/2009 #9

Well, I just hope that it doesn't mess up the story.............

8/11/2009 #10

Hallelujah! I've been trying to figure out how to do this for ages; it was so frustrating!

Thankyou so so much!


1/25/2010 #11

I need help! :( I couldn't upload a new document (I've already uploaded a few things on my account.), it says it was either an internal error or my fault, but I tried saving it loads of times and I even tried uploading old files, but it wouldn't upload.

They said I should forward it to support, but I don't actually know how to do that.

1/30/2010 #12

It's working now! :)

I just uploaded a document and no error messages came up :)

1/31/2010 #13

I'm new here. I like this place already. I just wanted to say that the waiting for two days to publish a story to avoid spam or abuse is unnecessary. People are just going to spam and abuse when the delay is lifted. Doesn't make much sense to me and for people who want to quickly start publishing their God given talent. Any explanation of this?

5/10/2010 #14
Open your eyes Chopstick

it probably makes you wait so it gives you time to explore the site first, before jumping right in. Sort of a "Figure out what the readers on here want" kind of thing, and to explore your account. Like, to see where everything is. Or, that is, that's what I did. XD

6/22/2010 #15
Stalker of Stories

That and to prevent spam.

6/22/2010 #16


Ok ok... I will wait, since I have no choice but to wait, but dash it all, I am not a BOT! At least I think I am not a bot... Ok, I HOPE I am not a bot. IF I am a BOT I am a pretty CRAPY BOT and feel bad about my BOT-NESS!!

6/28/2010 #17
C.L. Barbee

It really can prevent spam. I mean, if you're really interested in using the site, and you aren't just here to make a lot of spam, it's likely that you'll wait the period. If you just want to post nonsense, it's not likely you'll bother if you have to wait.

I'm new, by the way. Hi!

11/24/2010 . Edited 11/24/2010 #18
I've been on fictionpress for a while, so I know this, but can you explain how to post from fictionpress mobile? It says something about being compatible with mobile devices, but the format's different and I can't figure out how to post.
7/29/2012 #19

How do I start a new Forum? I can't seem to find the button or whatever. I know how to start a new chat-room inside an already existing forum, but I don't know how to make my own. Please help! :/

10/14/2012 #20
Fuzzy Peaches

I've got a story uploaded, but how does one get a story added to a community?

1/7/2013 #21

OH MY GOD! thank you so much!! I had no idea why it wouldn't post and thats because I've only been on for 1 day!

2/23/2013 #22

Okay, I'm still really confused about how to upload a new chapter. Is the site format different, because none of the directions make sense with what I see on my account.

1/1 #23
The Littlest Mouse

How do I post stories from mobile. I'm new at mobile posting and I can't figure it out.

1/8 #24
Lynn K. Hollander

Go to PUBLISH. Find 'Manage Stories'. You will see all your published stories. Click on whichever you want to add a chapter. You will be transferred to this:

Editing Story: Your story's title here

Properties Content/Chapters Preview etc.

Click on 'content/ chapters' and you'll see this: Post New Chapter Replace/Update Chapter

Click on Replace/Update Chapter and follow the few remaining instructions.

Let me know how it comes out.

--Mouse, sorry. This is for Crissy, since I don't have any idea how to post from anything but a desktop.

3/26 . Edited 3/26 #25
Craziness Inherited
How do you post a chapter from your mobile? Is it physically possible to write on FP using your cell phone?
4/17 #26
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