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Bread and I conceived this little wager and decided to bring you, Wolfie and Locus, into it. Which ever of the four of us becomes a famed writer first gets visited by all the rest and they treat him/her to lunch. Whoever doesn't.... gets to treat someone to lunch! Yes, you are the Quartet. Ready set go. Become a famous writer. ---Sakka-Fenikkusu Warning: Do not take any of this seriously. We neither expect anyone to become famous (though it is possible ;-) at least I believe) nor have any money to pay for tickets to a plane or a lunch. Unless you do have the money. Then ignore that.
11/1/2006 #1
Burnt Bread
...I meant the famous one does the lunch treating... it's only fair if they're going to be loaded. But I wasn't serious. But... unnnng... since you've posted it on the forum, I guess it becomes official then? I'm not one to back off from a proposal, and I don't like losing _ dangerous combination. The first on world tour visits the others? Bread
11/2/2006 #2
Okay! Sounds good. And makes more sense! Yaaay for making sense!
11/2/2006 #3
This thread is closed for four people. Those people will NEVER include you, you pathetic troll.
3/1/2007 #4
Burnt Bread
Closed? What do you mean? ...I'm not a pathetic troll... am I? *teary eyes*
3/3/2007 #5
Burnt Bread
...ooooh, I see, you meant that daylight dude. Man, I feel like an idiot now.
3/3/2007 #6
Yeah, I deleted his post, so I can see how you made that assumption. I'm sorry.
3/3/2007 #7
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