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My "reader" traffic (Now story/profile traffic) isn't working. I posted a new chapter, and my stats say I have over 100 new hits, but my traffic says nothing. Anyone else got this problem?

10/22/2008 #1
Fractured Illusion

Yeah I think its a glitch.

I havent gotten any hits on my profile since the 17th, which I find hard to believe since I did Review Marathon this weekend which must've made at least SOMEONE click my profile :p

I think it will be fixed in due time though. Its always fixed eventually. No worries.

10/23/2008 #2
RyAnn Leigh

I've noticed this too, I haven't gotten any hits since October 17th and its very frustrating. I'm wondering how long it'll take to fix or even if they're aware of the problem. You can sort of check out many hits you've gotten on a new chapter by looking at Stats, but I don't know how well we can trust that number. I guess for now its just the waiting game.

11/6/2008 #3
Fractured Illusion

I know, it's REALLY frustrating. Usually they fix it rather quickly, but man, this is too long. D=

Is there a way to contact them or something?

11/6/2008 #4
RyAnn Leigh

Okay, at first I didn't know how to write the FictionPress powers but it seems that if you go under Extras there's a "support" option. Of course when I try to do this my e-mail doesn't go though--perhaps because my computer is temperamental and occasionally evil. But maybe you'll have better luck than me ^_^

11/6/2008 . Edited 11/6/2008 #5
Fractured Illusion

I sent but got a "failure notice" -.-''

Seems that email is not working... Blast!

11/6/2008 #6

OK, so, I've been having a similar problem. I can't check my stats. Not the fancy new stuff, but just the regular been-here-forever stuff. And I've tried the support email, but no go.


Anyone else been having this problem?

11/16/2008 #7

Yeah, I can't check my stats either.

11/17/2008 #8
Claudia Cobain

I can't even check my reviews now along with the stats TT

11/19/2008 #9

So, my traffic things got fixed, they now work, but I kinda prefer my stats... which aren't working as well.

This sucks, huh?

11/23/2008 . Edited 11/23/2008 #10
RyAnn Leigh

Yeah, I agree. I don't know why they can't have BOTH working. I like the story traffic because we can see what countries are reading our stories, but at the same time the Stats were nice and straight forward. Really, is it so hard to have both working at the same time?

11/23/2008 #11
Claudia Cobain

Well, maybe they think the new one is better?

I'm I the only one with review history problems?

11/26/2008 #12
Fractured Illusion

It is seldom only one person is struck by the unfairness of FP. Unless FP is loading slowly (which is due to how good your computer is), all problems seems to be collective problems.

11/26/2008 #13

And now neither of them work! Gah!

12/1/2008 #14
Fractured Illusion

Since there are changes (even if bad) maybe it means they are working on it (although it isnt helping...)?

I dunno. I think we should just be positive about this. Everyone is complaining too much (if you look at the forums there are a lot of these threads hah).

12/1/2008 #15
Claudia Cobain

Yeah, we should try to look on the bright side, I guess.

When will they fix all this? DDD:

12/2/2008 #16
Royal Bliss

Man did you guys see the new update for FFN? They have like... Avatars of the thread starter next to each thread in a forum....pfft assholes.

12/2/2008 #17
Claudia Cobain

It's because fanfiction is damn popular. I'm not against it or anything, it just has a lot of loyal fans there and stuff, more than here.

And FF was the first, then FP was born.

Not to mention there are no problems with the stats on FF.

12/3/2008 . Edited 12/3/2008 #18
Fractured Illusion

Not to mention there are no problems with the stats on FF.

They did have a problem, but it was solved on the 11th November, at least if you go by what the number one forum talked about (title was something like, The stats are back")

12/3/2008 #19

It's really ticking me off...I have no clue how many people have me on their favorites or if someone removed me from alerts because the stats won't work. And you cant email them because their dumb email address doesnt work anymore. I tried emailing both fiction press and fanfiction and only fanfiction worked, so hopefully someone over there works here too lol. It's like the person who runs the site like, "I don't have time for this, so I'll make it so no one can complain with an email to me." how dumb

12/3/2008 #20

I've also been not getting any alerts for anything. but that might be a spam problem. It's getting kinda frustrating, not being able to check stats. The traffic thing is back up, but I can't change the month. Anyone else had that problem?

12/3/2008 #21

I'm all for complaining, but this getting a little out of hand.

How about this thread become a sort of "report your fiction press malfuntions/problems here" thread?

I can't change my month either...

12/4/2008 #22
Claudia Cobain

Yup, can't change my month too. TT

I mean, I can't even see who even alerts my stories and all that too. TT

When will this get fixed anyway? D:

12/5/2008 #23

Well, I pretty much love the new format, and everything works now. But I'm still not getting e-mails, which I'm kinda ok with.

12/27/2008 #24

I suggest that you e-mail support and inform them. Try to be polite, though.

12/28/2008 #25

The e-mail proved doesn't work. We all talked about it earlier in the thread.

12/28/2008 #26
Claudia Cobain

Is it only me or the stats with contries don't work again?!!! TT

1/1/2009 #27

Yeah, Story and Profile Traffic isn't working again

1/1/2009 #28
Claudia Cobain

T__T I hope it'll get fixed sooner than last time TT

1/2/2009 #29
Claudia Cobain

Yeah, the new stats aren't working again.

Anyone else got this problem? It ain't working on too. TT

3/1/2009 #30
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