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I see the last post is almost a year old, but I seem to have the same problem now.

Anybody else whose story and traffic count isn't working, or is it just me?

Mailes support -- no reply of course.

4/8/2010 #31

My story traffic page isnt working either. I cant email them and Im getting annoyed. I want to see how my story is doing but i cant. I don't know what to do.

4/9/2010 #32
S.M. Elias

I've e-mailed them twice about it too. And I also asked them if they could create a Help forum- but alas, no one really listens...

I hope they sort these glitches out soon. None of the traffic/ stats pages are working and i'm getting pretty ticked off ¬_¬

4/9/2010 #33

The strange thing is, it seems to be only some us who have this problem.

I'm totally fed up with this site.

4/9/2010 #34

Does anyone know a way to fix this? Any tips? is fictionpress going to do anything to help cuz this is really frustrating

4/10/2010 #35
S.M. Elias

I sent another 8 e-mails today on behalf of everyone today. If they don't sort this out i'm gonna spam them to the end of time till they do. I hope this works and doesn't have me end up with a suspended account -_-

4/11/2010 #36

thanks for that. for some reason my computer won't let me email them. I hope your plan works!

4/11/2010 #37
S.M. Elias

Huzzah! It worked! Has it been sorted for anyone else?

4/12/2010 #38

Yep -- mine is back on since about a day.

However, the traffic count has been out for almost a week. Nobody on this site has the common decency to reply to emails or to post a message that they are working on it.

I can't say I'm very happy.

4/12/2010 #39
S.M. Elias

I agree, I had to spam them loads in order to get some sort of result -_-

If there is going to be such an issue, then they should've combined both FP and FF- it's not fair as their main focus is on FF!

4/12/2010 #40

Yes! mine is back. Its about time, I'm not happy either with FP's support/help methods. It seems like they dont do anything

4/12/2010 #41

Well both my traffic and stats aren't working...both say zero! But my reviews, alerts and faves increase so...? What to do?

5/25/2010 #42

i wish i could help but i have the exact same problem AGAIN! everytime i try to email them a message it always comes back saying 'could not deliever'. I'm getting tired of this site

5/25/2010 #43

Fictionpress needs to do better than this! You must be so annoyed....:(

5/25/2010 #44

I have not noticed anything,but I will check!

5/30/2010 #45

The traffic is not showing again.

It has been for 3 days.

7/17/2010 #46

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7/29/2010 #47

My reader traffic hasn't been appearing since August 1. Has this been happening to anybody else recently? It's gotten me very frustrated. D:

8/7/2010 #48

yup same here, and i just posted a new story and have no idea (aside from reviews and the ocasional alert) that it's being visited ;.;

8/9/2010 #49
It's so frustrating isn't it? Dx I already emailed fp support but no reply. :(
8/9/2010 #50
Der Adler Des Mondes

I got 15+ stories/poems...not one hit according to the stats page or traffic....

Despite getting numerous reviews...come on... I just want to know which one attracts people!!!

I emailed already to support no reply.

I was kind though :)

8/16/2010 #51
I've had the same problem for more than two weeks, it's very frustrating. I was wondering if someone was having the same problem. :( I emailed support twice with no reply.
8/16/2010 #52

Tell me about it, I haven't had any hits on anything for three weeks, which is very hard to believe as I've recieved reviews/alerts/favourites. Emailed the support three times and nothing!

8/21/2010 #53

I've been having problems with my traffic section too.

And its not just Story Traffic, it's Profile Traffic, Story Stats and User Stats too!

I wonder how many people out there are having this problem...?

8/26/2010 #54

ok i just emailed them. If they do not fix this in the next day, ill go psychotic and leave FP for FF. FOREVER!

8/30/2010 #55

My traffic states that I have had absolutely no traffic this month, even though I've received quite a few reviews and favorites (it emails me those, so they show up to my gmail). It's really frustrating. I understand that traffic isn't the entire reason that we write, but it's a really cool thing to have so we can kind of get an idea of how popular our stories are.

At the same time, I have focused more on writing, and it's not like I actually pay for anything to get posted on here. As a free service, it's much appreciated! But why the hell go to the trouble of creating all of those new features when you're not going to maintain them?


8/31/2010 #56

My stats, traffic, hits, etc. have not been working since 9/11/10! Is anyone else having this problem, too? I've e-mailed the support center--no response yet.

9/25/2010 #57
S.M. Elias

Same here, I have e-mailed them a total of 17 times since the 13th x_x

This is getting rather ridiculous...

9/26/2010 #58
Eisac Namhort

Yea, I've emailed them twice now and nothing. This happened to me on FF last year and they fixed it within a week. But not FP...they seem to ignore the problem or just dont know how to fix it, considering it's been doing this on and off for years.

10/7/2010 #59

Just curious: does it just come back on, or do you have to do something, like update Adobe flashplayer? I've emailed every day for a month now!

10/7/2010 #60
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