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Yes. This is a topic solely devoted to Bread, our burnt would-be garlic thing from the back of the oven, also known as Wheatie! Tell us what you love about Bread. I love that Bread is Bread-shaped. You?
11/9/2006 #1
Moko Emaki
Um, wow that was really random...
11/25/2006 #2
Moko Emaki
Isn't yeast a fungi? ...
11/25/2006 #3
Moko Emaki
Yeast, if combined with a certain chemical, can... explode. So bread can become EXPLOSIVE. Really weird yet true.
11/25/2006 #4
I'm not talking about Bread in general. I'm talking about a person, called Burnt Bread, whose account can be found here:
11/25/2006 #5
Moko Emaki
*Blushing* I feel like an idiot...
11/26/2006 #6
Nah, it's okay. You're not an idiot. *points to the moron swallowing ostrich eggs whole* HE'S an idiot.
11/26/2006 #7
wait... it bread is a... person... then how is he/she "bread shaped"? and i bet even the person, could become explosive. even the ostrich eggs. now if the guy was shoving exploding ostrich eggs down his throat, then he'd be an idiot.
12/4/2006 #8
12/4/2006 #9
Moko Emaki
1/20/2007 #10
-shoves ostridge egg down throat- -choaks- Yech . . . I should've had a peice of bread . . .
1/21/2007 #11
[q]-shoves ostridge egg down throat- -choaks- Yech . . . I should've had a peice of bread . . .[/q] Lol... You can't eat bread. That's wroooong. We're discussing what we like best about Bread. But... not in an edible way. Because that's evil. Now, toast on the other hand...
1/21/2007 #12
Yum, toast...Maybe I should have THAT for breakfast.
1/21/2007 #13
I had sugar-toast for breakfast.
1/21/2007 #14
Moko Emaki
The swirly toast kicks more ass than you can imagine. But they're so tiny!
1/21/2007 #15
Cinnamon Toast Crunch doesn't count!!!
1/21/2007 #16
Charming Dice
If you eat Bread, then Bread is toast. So a dead Bread fits the discussion. Cinnamon Toast Crunch tastes to good to ever be real toast. It can't count. That's like how grape juice always manages to taste like something other than grapes. Am I the only one who noticed that aliens in movies usually look and sound like big, funny colored babies?
1/21/2007 #17
Dude, what the hell do that have to do with toast???? O_o
1/21/2007 #18
Charming Dice
Babies eat toast once they grow teeth.
1/21/2007 #19
...I can't believe that actually made sense to me!
1/21/2007 #20
Charming Dice
I can't believe I made it make sense!
1/21/2007 #21
You get another star for that! [Snake Eye- **]
1/21/2007 #22
Charming Dice
You're pretty funny. Thanks for the stars. I need to go to sleep now. I have to get up early tomorrow morning, and its almost midnight here. So I'll catch you later.
1/21/2007 #23
*checks time* HOLY CHRIST ON A CRACKER!! *runs off to go sleep*
1/21/2007 #24
[q]The swirly toast kicks more ass than you can imagine. But they're so tiny![/q] I did not mean Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I mean real sugar toast. Where you get toast and dump two tons of sugar and cinnamon on top of it. You should totally try it.
1/22/2007 #25
I love that! Especially Cinamon rasin. Tastes crappy with cream cheese, tho.
1/22/2007 #26
Moko Emaki
I know, the swirly toast is toast sized. But it's smaller than regular bread. I hate cinnamon toast crunch. It's pure sugar. But then again, we're talking about sugar toast..
1/22/2007 #27
I don't mean swirly toast either, guys... -_-
1/22/2007 #28
Moko Emaki
But swirly toast kicks ass!
1/22/2007 #29
Even if it does kick ass, I'm talking sugar toast. Toast with sugar. No swirly. Just sugar, sugar and cinnamon.
1/22/2007 #30
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