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Flame Within Ice

Okay, so here's the basic plot line: You can be a dragon or dragon rider. You are, basically, in a theatre-themed world known as the Dragonlands. This is the DragonGate Theatre, where your characters can perform plays (rpgs but in play form)!

1. No spamming or flaming or inappropriate language.

2. No godmodding or powerplaying.

3. Your character cannot have superpowers.

And those are the rules.'s the catch. You have to roleplay as if you are in a play.

Example (99% way too much drama):

Person 1: Veldt looked out across the audience with ocean eyes of misery. The dragon turned to his foe. "Hatana," he begged. "You know I am not strong enough for a fight. Do you really intend to proceed with this battle?"

Person 2: Hatana snorted in disgust and lashed his tail for emphasis. He could hear the audience gasp as the spotlight caught the scales, sending a thousand pieces of sparkles in different directions. "Of course, Veldt! Too long have I waited for a chance to beat you, and now here you are, weak and helpless!"

Person 1: "Not now, Hatana. Would you really feel such honor if you beat me out here in the empty Dragonlands, where no one can see your triumph, and you wouldn't have the honor of fighting a worthy opponent?" Veldt pleaded.

Person 2: Hatana sighed, the raised spines on his back settling. "Fine," he growled. "You get a week." The curtain fell on the scene, and Hatana smiled at Veldt. "Nice weakling voice, kid. Help me move this wooden bush."

Person 1: Veldt picked up the other end of the heavy wooden bush. "Thanks," he chirped happily. "I was working all day on that voice."

Well, I don't know if that's a particularly good example, nor if the rpg play idea will catch on, but I've got more interesting stuff planned, such as a backstage thread where you and and your friends can goof off and have your characters dress up in random outfits and things. Comments or suggestions, anyone?

Note on RP Form:

While the play is showing, roleplay as if it is a normal RP. During set changes and while you're in the real world, roleplay in play script form.

Current Play on Stage:

The Dragon-Rider's Legend: begun by Yuki no Kisekiriku

2/25/2011 . Edited 8/25/2012 #1
Yuki no Kisekiriku

Scene: The darkened backstage. Old props, mother eaten costumes, and countless wires and nick-nacks lying about.

A man enters.

In the dim light off stage he is nothing more than a shadow, towering over the forgotten sets. As the cheerful voices of the actors dance softly around him from the stage, he gazes into the distance; thoughts lost in another time.

Kenneth: I used to be like that (he speaks to no one in particular) A hero of sorts. Admired by all, with a girl on each arm. (he chuckles softly) But that was a long time ago. I'm just a simple farmer now, and I don't want anything to do with this dragon riding business anymore.

Another man enters.

Man 1 (with a gruff voice): What're you doing horsing around back here! Get out front and move that set! (he grabs Kenneth by the collar. We see a small script for "The Dragon Rider's Legend" -an award winning play- fall from his hands. He is then thrust onto the stage to change the scene with the other tech crew.)

[I typed it kind of like a script. Is that what you wanted?]

8/22/2012 #2
Flame Within Ice

((Yes, that's excellent. Very well done, I must say.))

Trumpets sound. A man steps forward in front of the closed curtain.

Announcer: "The Dragon-Rider's Legend play has begun. This play shall hereby be in existence on the stage until it has reached its completion."

8/24/2012 #3
Yuki no Kisekiriku

(Thank you . so do we continue it in script form or does the play act like a normal RP and the real world act like a play? I kinda like the second one, but of coarse it's up to you)

Kenneth hurriedly finishes with the set and moves off stage. He lets the actors buy but stands off in a corner to watch.

8/24/2012 #4
Flame Within Ice

((second choice sounds fine. Play acts as normal RP, real world is a play. Backstage set changes count as real world.))

K'van: (walks past the people moving props around and stands nimbly on her hind legs in the center of the stage, her midnight blue dress adjusted for a dragon's body nearly melting into the dimly lit area. She ducks her head, as rehearsed, blue eyes shining from beneath the brim of her purple hat.)

"Sounds like they're ready to start out there." (said out of the side of her mouth to a human by the door.)

8/25/2012 . Edited 8/25/2012 #5
Yuki no Kisekiriku

(Man 2 turns and gives a signal to the light crew. Music starts and the play has begun.)

8/25/2012 #6
Flame Within Ice

(The curtain opens, and the lights center on K'van. The music is soft as she delivers her opening lines.)

"What a dreadful day for a party. This rain has not let up the whole time," K'van sighed, smoothing her dress and looking around. "Not to mention the fact that I didn't come with anyone."

(In the orchestra pit, rain-sticks sound, pattering softly. The lighting on the back of the stage changes, showing the shadow of falling water.)

8/26/2012 #7
Yuki no Kisekiriku

Marquis walked in, looking a bit awkward as he, too, was alone. "Good evening," he said to K'van, politely tipping his hat as he walked by. He glanced from side to side to a*** the company, not wanting to be a wall flower, but not wanting to discuss his lack of a female companion, since he had had one only a week before.

8/26/2012 #8
Yuki no Kisekiriku


9/3/2012 #9
Flame Within Ice

K'van stared at him. Her mind was running a blank. What was she supposed to do when a guy talked to her? Offer her hand daintily? I think that was it. "Evening." she offered a claw. "Care to walk in together? I didn't bring anyone, so I may as" Hm. Am I rambling again? I seem to do that a lot. Oh well!

9/4/2012 #10
Yuki no Kisekiriku

Marquis chuckled and politely kissed the offered paw. "By all means. I wouldn't want a lady to have to walk in without an escort." He took her by the hand and led her into the room, playing the gentleman, but really very glad he was no longer alone himself.

9/4/2012 #11
Flame Within Ice

K'van laughed softly. "I'm not really the type to have an escort. I guess since this is my first appearance at a party like this, I wanted to make and impression, and you looked lonely too...oh, dear, I'm rambling again. Sorry."

The purple dragon gazed around the room. "I heard there's going to be some announcement made tonight. Do you know what it's about?"

9/5/2012 #12
Yuki no Kisekiriku

"My dear Lady, you would make a much better impression on the arm of a distinguished man, such as my self," he said with a modest bow of the head. "And announcements are common at events such as these." Wanting to impress, Marquis went on as if he knew what was going on. "You know, noble this and noble that. Nothing incredibly crucial."

9/5/2012 #13
Flame Within Ice

K'van smiled. "Yep, I don't even know why I was invited. I'm about as noble as a wilted daisy." She was intrigued about this announcement. The party hosts--whom she didn't even know--had invited droves of dragons and humans alike, rich and poor, major characters and minor characters. But why?

9/6/2012 #14
Yuki no Kisekiriku

"Oh, don't speak of yourself that way Lady- I don't believe I caught your name." Marquis looked at her and smiled, a radiant grin on his radiant face.

9/7/2012 #15
Flame Within Ice

"K'van'ka'ta, but please call me K'van," the purple-scaled dragon smiled. "You can probably stop the formal talk now, I'm not one to reply in kind." Her smile turned into a very un-ladylike grin.

9/13/2012 #16
Yuki no Kisekiriku

Marquis gave her a bit of a blank stare. Was his speaking really so formal? He was just talking. Slightly embarrassed, he nodded and made a note of it.

(about this announcement?)

9/13/2012 #17
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