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Will Hemlepp

My biggest problem with writing a story is that I can't STOP WRITING. I know that doesn't sound like a problem, but let me clairify with a particular situation.

"Hey! Here's a good idea for a story! Two friends find a pocket universe in their car! Nice! I'll write that.

Okay, it's going good. How about a bad guy? Someone who wants the car. I know! A psycotic church/cult that created the car! Good!

I need something to set this apart from other stories. I know! The two friends will go to a town where everyone has had their souls torn out of their bodies! Mystery! And one of the friends can catch some of the supernatural residue in the area and temporarily gain a higher level of consciousness and start to break the fourth wall! And the Big Bad can ALSO break the fourth wall! That's because he is the personified representation of Order in the universe and the friend is actually representing Chaos! And they both think on a higher plane of existance! Yeah! I'll write THAT!"

And then, my story just flies off into the distance with no way to bring it back down and it's ruined. I have no idea how I can fix this problem to make good stories that don't take themselves too seriously. Can anyone help me?

7/29/2009 #1

I have told that the best way to write is to write something three times over. So one way would be to just write everything you want, then save that file on your computer and close it. Open a new empty document and start all over again with the same idea. Pretend like a computer virus ate the first one and you need to start all over. By the third time, you will have a better idea of where you are going with it and should be able to keep it on track. Don't delete the first two versions of the story though, since it will be helpful when you are doing your final editting to compare your third version to the earlier two. And there might be one scene from the first writing that you had forgotten about but will actually be meaningful in the final version.

If you need help staying on topic, make an outline and set that as your path to follow. Later when you are done, edit edit edit! Go back over and over again and figure out which side tangents are important to the story and which ones should be deleted.

And if you have lots of different events, you could split it up into a series of short stories involving the same characters.

8/4/2009 #2

the same problem!!

11/17/2009 #3

hey! I have the same problem!!

11/17/2009 #4
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