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hey I once saw a forum about mary-sues and one topic listed what makes a mary-sue a ms..

it said that it is usually a girl who is liked almost at once by everybody and is most often like the author but is perfected and the quthors "faults" have been "fixed"

My character is something like that:

she has my (first) name

she acts like me but is nicer

has a lot of my traits accept the things I don't like about myself are changed - she's rlly thin - good at sports

not everyone likes her RIGHT AWAY but soon after they do....

do you think she is a mary-sue?

could anybody give me their definition of a mary-sue and how to prevent them?

and another thing I don't get - y does everyone hat ms' so much??

11/17/2009 #1

I always thought Mary Sues were perfect, which is what makes them unbelievable.

So, what are your character's flaws? Fears? Is she lazy? Obsessive about something?

For example, I have a character, Leah, who is nicer than me, gets along better with people than me, and is prettier than me, and can fix a car, which I can't do either. But, she's also too easily led astray, loves jokes and pranks way too much and, when around her friend Mikey is incredibly immature.

So maybe instead of just saying your new character is 'good at sports', maybe she's only good at sports like basketball, or volleyball, and hopeless at softball. Maybe she's good at sports that are games and hopeless at athletics...

I only just realized that this post is a few months old and you may have solved this issue, but I'm going to post it anyway.

Good Luck


1/20/2010 #2

my character isn't perfect, and I didn't mean she is good at all sports, I just meant that she is good at sports at all - I'm no good at any sports - and I've done some research, asking around about mary-sues and I realise now that my character is not a mary-sue

but thanks anyways for replying :)

1/22/2010 #3
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