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I've always wondered if this is exclusively a creepy characteristic of mine, or a creepy characteristic that all fiction writers share:

I find myself oddly drawn to people that I sense have "a story." You can just see in their faces that something-- often bad, always influential-- has happened to them in their lives. Other acquaintances are peculiar "studies" for fiction writers, courtesy of having interesting habits or gestures, or a veritable goldmine of borrowable quirks. There's normally a reason for them-- or at least, you can make up a very interesting one yourself.

It makes me feel like a voyeur/stalker/creep, but as I've tried to explain before, these people tend to stick out. You can just tell.

Does this habit sound familiar to anyone?

5/7/2010 #1

I can relate. Except, my perception is that EVERYONE has a 'story' and it's generally only a matter of time before you get to hear it. Some are interesting stories, some are boring stories, some are completely forgettable, but what makes great characters so easy to relate to is that they share the human trait of being multi-dimensional. It's something I've tried to do with my stories, actually. It's hard to strike a balance I like, though, because even though I don't like creating pure good, or pure evil characters, I also hate stories where they need large-scale chaotic events to bring out hidden traits in their characters (The Manga section is bad for this, I find).

Either way, that's why I agree that a lot of writers find themselves drawn to people who look like they have "stories". It's just natural curiosity, and it happens to be a bonus that it can help you improve the way you write for your own characters, as a bonus.

3/9/2011 #2
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