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... a character? Seriously. I think everyone's read a story, gotten to the character description or the past-exposition stage and just gone: "... Ugh. *closes window/book*"

So what is it for you?

Same for stories - what do you HATE in a story? Which plot points, openings, etc?

5/12/2010 #1
The Alcibiades

I get turned off when the author starts to wax poetic about his or her character. Sure, a little bit of description is nice, but i don't need to hear every last detail concerning the character's eyelashes and fingernail-polish! Urgh. When things like that are written, it's sure proof that the author loves their character just a little too much!

6/14/2010 #2

I agree. I like poetic descriptions, but I like it when they're spread across the story -- so in chapter one you might hear a nice, quick (but not forgetable) description of the character, and then have more poetic descriptions (unique ones) sprinkled throughout the story. It's when it's one huge chunk that I find it hard to swallow.

6/19/2010 #3
Jurou Daisuke

So generally you like to keep the description of the character to be simple and not to flashy...Right?

that helps. Anyway the first thing that gets me is not having a description of the character. Somehow it feels like I'm trying to guess what the character looks like. second I find it hard to understand stories that has wrong spelling, thought i make some myself (punctuation marks I'm not good at them), its like fixing a puzzle and man its hard. And third the drifting of a story from the main topic

9/27/2010 #4

Grammatical mistakes, romance for the sake of romance, although I'm also a picky reader so generally the way its written turns me off quite often. I like very defined writing styles not the general norm.

1/27/2011 #5
Lilith Marx

Hello. I am currently collecting information for my research project on the Mary-Sue character in fan fiction. I would like both new and old fan fiction members to please help me. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone answer these questions. Thank you.

For how long have you been reading stories on fanfiction.net?

For how long have you been a member of fanfiction.net?

What do you believe is a Mary-Sue?

What traits does she have (physical, personality)?

What was your reaction to this character when you were first exposed to it?

Did you like the character? If yes, explain. If not, explain.

What do you believe is the purpose of the Mary-Sue character?

Why do you believe Mary-Sue exists?

2/15/2011 #6
A Fire Rose

Irks me when characters are too perfect, though I tend to do that sometimes :-/ Also when there is explicit detail of the romance in the book, if you know what I mean.

7/9/2011 #7
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