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Out of the cliche
Hello, I am pretty new to Fictionpres.com and I just submitted a story which I have been working on for around a week. Nobody seems to be reading it, and I was wondering if this is happening to anyone else? I will read and review your stories if you will read mine. Actually, I will read your stories regardlessly. Thanks, -Toxic Wonder-
12/3/2006 #1
Dani P
hey i know how you feel. I'm semi-new. started last month and in the meantime I've had a few reviews and a handful of people checkin my stuff out. i shall go check yours out right now. Cause im just that nice ;-D
12/4/2006 #2
Dani P
hey i know how you feel. I'm semi-new. started last month and in the meantime I've had a few reviews and a handful of people checkin my stuff out. i shall go check yours out right now. Cause im just that nice ;-D
12/4/2006 #3
Yeah no one has been reading my story. :-( The link is here;http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2287995/1/
12/9/2006 #4
Wow... I'll try to read and review everyone's story. I mst say that my reviews are full of critiques and could be rather rough. LOL ^_^ Remid me, though, please...
1/1/2007 #5
Oh I know! I was on fictionpress a year ago and then i quit and came back and work really hard on my stories and no one looks at them and if they do they dont review. But reviews help me so much, be them negative or compliments I feed off both of them! They help me improve and I love people telling me their opinions! I wish more people would review stuff, i mean every little bit helps right?
1/2/2007 #6
I agree. It sucks when you see you have hits on your stories but no reviews T.T; I joined a while ago but just yesterday submitted three of my stories. I'm glad I've gotten one review so far, but I like to wait for feedback before posting more x3
1/15/2007 #7
seppuku arts
Hey dudes, I'm going to have to sell myself here I'm afraid. But I like to see as many opinions of my work I can get, I did have my teacher analyze a piece which I needed to send for my university application. I have started writing my novel, 'The Chamber' (Its a temporary title) I have done the prologue, (Which is one here) and chapter 1 (Which isn't, it may need work before I do that) I have also begun chapter 2 which you won't see until C1 is properly done and C2 completely finished. I have other written works, some of which were building up to the concept of 'The Chamber', generally different attempts on how to start it with different names and experimenting imagery. I also have a range of poetry. Well as my current work 'The Chamber' is most important to me at the moment, I'll link you there. http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2297708/1/
1/24/2007 #8
I'm having some trouble getting reviews (I'm kind of forum jumping at this point, soliciting readers) and it would be great if someone could tell me what they think about my story "Awake." If you read mine, I'll read yours. And don't worry about being too harsh--I can take it.
2/10/2007 #9
Rozovian G
The easiest way to get reviews is to find a recent story by someone else, and review it, with little or no mention of your own newly posted story. Also, when you do get a review, return the favor. That way, you'll have someone coming back to check on your stuff, read the rest of what you've got. Fictionpress is basically a review exchange, although some seem to get more than their fair share of reviews, and some none at all. Keep in mind that it's better to finish a story before posting it (at least if it's a multi-chapter one), or else your reviewers may wait ages for anything to get finished. I've followed a few unfinished stories, some of which were never completed. It annoys readers. Just so you know, it's probably a good idea not to start posting the first chapter of your epic 40-planned-chapter story unless you're sure you can keep the readers entertained while they wait for you to write the rest. Oh and, newbs (note: newbs are not n00bs), don't start by writing a 40-chapter-epic, start with a single-chapter thing to get some feedback on your style and language, even if you've written for a couple of yours and just never posted anything. Don't start with a terribly long thing, it can easily made a reader avoid your story.
2/19/2007 #10
If you newer members are anything like me when I started here, I was putting my stuff on here for two reasons. I wanted a place where I could record all of my work and access it easily, and I wanted people to review my stuff (for my own conceited tendency). Every person I knew in real life that read my poems thought they were awesome, so I was on my high horse hoping for more praise on here. And it seemed that all I ever got on here was praise...The problem with that is, looking back at my early stuff--most of it was pretty weak--I've realized that reviewers are either poor critics or clever brown-nosers hoping I will want to review their stuff. Most reviewers on this site are extremely amateur writers, so don't regard your reviews as too meaningful. I know, it's a nice fuzzy feeling when you get a raving review, but it's probably given by an 8th grader who loves getting that fuzz (and don't get mad at me that I consider 8th grade reviewers weak--how many 14 year-old authors become widely known for their writing?). People review your stuff based on their own personal preference, which totally diminishes any actual help you could get from their review. Rozovian G is right, people avoid long works--and this is only further proof that people on here don't really commit to the work they review. Meaning: reviewers give hollow reviews. Now, I totally disregard any review that is without critiques. I use this site only for easy access and documentation of my writing. You need to either find someone on here who really knows what they are talking about or someone in real life (i.e. teacher) that can mentor your authorship. And here's some advice: READ. That's the best training you can do.
2/25/2007 #11
Yup, I think alot of people have the writers on this site(the actually talented writers) have that problem. The reason being that one: people don't like to read long chapters and two: people tend to read stories from people they know. That's why you should review other people's stories, post in the forums, anything to get people to notice that you exist. Also, make sure you have a summary that makes people want to read your work! :D I'll take a look at your work toxic ^^ Don't be discouraged, not everyone is going to like what you write and even if you only get a few reviewers that genuinely like your work I think that's infinitely more valuable than people who will say "lyke omg!!11!!!" to every chapter.
3/9/2007 #12
3/10/2007 #13
My Twisted Lullabye
omg yes. no one is reading mine. i actually have 88 freaking hits but no review. what the hell? lol
4/10/2007 #14
My Brighter Darkness
http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2340763/1/ Nobosy seems to like this story either :(
4/13/2007 #15
Rozovian G
PinKittiEars, all your stuff is Young Adult (and one Life), and from the looks of how you've categorized them, they're angsty stuff. That kind of stuff tends to be more beneficial to the writer than to the reader, and also more enjoyable to the writer than the reader. Try writing a parody of your own works or of what they're based on. I have a feeling that people use fictionpress as more of an escape from reality than a reminder of it, and because a lot of writers of fp are angsty teens, they might stay away from such stories. My Bighter Darkness, you're a newb, your stories are new. It took me quite some time before I found people (or they found me) that liked to read my stuff. Several of the best reviewers that I've had are people that I have found and given a review or two to, and not just a "great story, now R&R mine!" but constructive criticism. A rule of thumb is review often, review many, and review decently. If you don't know what to write in the review, think back or re-read parts of the story to get a feel for the author's style, use of words, language, grammar, phrasing; look at how well the story flowed, how much was unexpected and yet made sense, how the story's emotional landscape was; how well you liked the characters and which were your favourites and why... et cetera. Overall tips: Review people in the "Just In" list, they're more active writers than random writers found in the directory. Also, the sooner after a writer has published something he/she gets a review, the more likely he/she is to returen the favor. Keep in mind that a short honest opinion is better than a short "omg! r&r me" note. As long as there's feedback and not just generic praise and random "omg"-phrasing, the writer is likely to at least have a look at your stuff. Keep in mind that some get more than their fair share of reviews and some hardly any at all. I promise I'll consider having a look at your stories, both of you, but there's something called time that some people just don't seem to have (I'm one of them, and ironically, I have no life). I'm not promising I'll read, but if I do, I will drop you a line or two.
4/13/2007 #16
My Brighter Darkness
Thanks for the tips, I' actoully not a noob. I've been here for about two years. I had like three stories going but I deleted them and started over.
4/13/2007 #17
My Twisted Lullabye
thank you for your advice, but i dont use writing as my catharsis. dark stories is my style of writing. if im in a good mood, i write very happy poetry. but as for stories, i want to attract only a certain type of audience, not just anyone
4/13/2007 #18
Rozovian G
MTL, do as you see fit, you're the one writing them. I'm just saying that if you want to attract loyal readers, I think you shouldn't offer stories of just the same genre, mix iut up so people reading different genres can get the taste for your style of writing and read the rest of your works. That happened to me with a couple of readers, they've read almost everything I've written here. I think they both found me after I had given them a review each, but I can't say for sure. It usually helps if you're their loyal reviewer too. BighterD... newb is not n00b; newb is "new beginner", n00b is... more like "obnoxious retarded veteran". If you have those couple of years of experience, you should know how the reviews work. You review, mreview, review, and there's still no reviews back. That's why the Just In list is a good place to look for stories to review - they're by more active members. And always, a good review merits a counter-review, that's a nice way of saying thanks. Just read some stuff and tell the writer what was good and what wasn't good about it.
4/14/2007 #19
[q]It sucks when you see you have hits on your stories but no reviews [/q] How can you tell you have hits on your stories? I can only see the reviews. Anyway, I'm really new to Fictionpress so the only things I have uploaded so far are two poems. I'm working on two fiction pieces right now and am ready to upload the beginnings of one of the stories. Feel free to peruse! I'll be checking out all of your stories soon.
4/20/2007 #20
I'll go read some of your stuff soon. Could you perhaps review the first chapter of my novelette "Going, Going, Gone"?
4/23/2007 #21
They call me Tamara
Hi everyone. I am about to start from the top and work my way down, reading all your stories. I have a couple up, and would love some opinions - are they crap or ok? Particularly 'Strangers' Thanks for your time. ~ Tamara
5/7/2007 #22
Let me read your story, though I am myself a lesser than amateur of a writer so please bear with my review although i will assure you that when I read a story i make it a religion to always check on it. It saddens me when an author just leave their stuff to rot. The truth is I started to write only so I can improve my writing skills and also have something where I can freely express my ideas. I'll be very thankful if anyone here can visit my stories. PS: Hope you don't mind putting everyone in my favorite authors list. Most of you here were probably frequent visitor of the site.
5/29/2007 #23
Hardly anyone's reading my story either.
6/4/2007 #24
This all remindes me of the idea that many great things probably exist in this world but if no one knows about it, then it's not that much of a thing in that sense. That's why advertising and marketing is so important these days.
6/18/2007 #25
Totally agree with that. Like a lot of fanfiction I read. ;)
6/25/2007 #26
I've only had about three people review my story, not counting the guy who wrote in total "msn werdz liek ohemgee". Anyone want to check it out? It's called "Incarnate." Or even check out my oneshot "Brittany's Curse" about a highschool girl with OCD.
7/17/2007 #27
Um, I am not new at writing or posting work, but I started Fictionpress not too long ago and was wondering if anyone would like to read my stories. I got some hits and a couple of reviews, but I still think that more people would like my writing if they knew it was there. I have about four stories (two of which are actually a collection of poems made by me) and would highly appreciate it if someone could stop by and leave me CONSTRUCTIVE reviews. Now I love "You're great. Keep writing" but I would also like pointers, maybe mistakes pointed out, the reason why you liked it. But I will accept what you offer. Thanks K-Diz aka Moshyharrison
9/24/2007 #28
the sheer beauty of reveries
Ur, like, my story has had lyk 58 hits, and yet only one person has reviewed. (Thank you Emma!)
9/27/2007 #29
Yeah, my story has about 100 or so hits on the first chapter and I've only got one person who reviews almost every chapter and one person who reviewed once then never again. It's just a fact of writing online and in general, your stuff has to really stand out you know? Note: I haven't read your story so I'm speaking in general terms. ^^;
9/29/2007 #30
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