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Jurou Daisuke

I have this part in my story where the main character is kinda busy doing something the someone comes along or opens the door and enters

the main character doesn't see or hear this but for some reason he knows that someone has entered and is looking at him

I'm going to quote this part if that's OK?

"Its rude to stare you know"

I want to make it that some how he knows someone is there without seeing or hearing. Is it possible to feel someone staring at you from across an entire room? And I also want to let the readers know that there was someone there without letting my character know

note: the story is a narration

9/27/2010 #1


Wow. That is going to be tough if you want to stay in the main character's pov. You'll have to give him an eerie feeling or switch to another pov. Be careful, this is an easy way to confuse the reader.

11/25/2010 #2

It's a bit tricky to write those kinds of scenes. But if you're doing a third person view than one way you could do it is this. "James didn't know why. But he felt that he knew someone was looking at him. It was like if you have an itch, you can't see it, or hear it, but you can feel it. And that's just what he felt as he turned to see the eyes of molly burn into him from across the room."

5/31/2017 #3
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