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OK. I know its a bit odd to not know where your story fits but im in a delima. I dono what happens next in my story but right now its kinda action meets romance meets I dono. I know its fantasy for sure but it is kinda a mixture of everything. So I dono where to post it. Can someone help me. I'll post up a few paragraphs if you want. But other then that here. So far its about these twins that where abused by there father after there mom dies, they kinda do a time, space, warp thing (its hard to describe), the end up in this place with elfes, fairys, and some other creatures (I am doing research on this stuff) and I dono then. There is gonna be some romance down the road. But a lot of action and other stuff before then. But there isn't a lot of cusseing or anything but it's kinda young adult I think? I dono, how do I figure it out?

12/18/2008 #1

If there are elves and fairies in it, then it's definately fantasy.

2/26/2009 #2

i know that what i mean is how do i tell if its like action or drama or romance cause it has all of those in it. i know its fantasy but is that all? like twiligh is a horror although how im not sure.

2/27/2009 #3

Hmmm... Action usually refers to non-fantasy action, so I'd guess it's probably romance, and maybe drama. Romance is a bit broader than drama, I think.

2/27/2009 #4

Thanks. That helps a lot. Now im off to work on figureing out what the title is lol.

3/1/2009 #5

A book can have many categories that fit into it. One novel, I am working on is about generations of one family. You have the elders (grandparents), the middle agers, and the young adults, all in one story. There is a few parts that goes back into the 1930s, which may make it a historical, since of the historical part. I would say is it is Adult fiction, family, and relationships.

8/2/2013 #6
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