The Infector Zero Story: a zombie and vampire RP
The undead have come and the source is Infector Zero, the first person to be infected by the virus, now he must help people such as you survive this apocalyptic world that has been created features Zombies and vampires who will get the undead crown
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Use the following form to create your characters for the RP:



Weapons(if any):





Name: Jaden AKA Infector Zero

Appearence: 5'10", short black hair, Slim build, Brown eyes, wears a pair of worn jeans a T-shirt with a long black leather tench coat that reaches down to this feet in the back, Has several scars under his coat from his many battles with the zombies has fangs rather then teeth after mutating into a zombie until he regressed it. Machete that is strapped to his side under the coat.

Weapons: Machete, shotgun, and an AK-47 for emergencies

Strengths: Can't be infected due to already having the virus within him, some of his attributes and senses have been heightened due to the infection he has the same amount of strength as a predator. Deadly with the machete can command some zombies due to his recent transformations

Weaknesses: Is hotheaded at times and can be turned into one of the Ravenous Zombies if the virus within him mutates and at times will feel the craving for human flesh

History: Jaden is Infector Zero he was given the virus before the creators mass produced it and he became what he is now. During the mass Production of the virus Jaden had been tested and the scientists altered it and changed it into something worse as the virus started resurrecting the dead and killing the living and turning them into the monsters and because of this Jaden is blamed for outbreak. He now seeks to redeem himself by helping the survivors who he finds out in the city's streets while killing any Zombies he finds. He has since accumulated weapons from gun stores, military officers who were killed, as well as the undead who have the intelligence to wield them.

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Hey, can I join? Here's the character I hope to use:

Name: Daniel Harrington

Appearence: 6ft, floppy, loosly curled brown hair, green eyes, slim build. Wearing a white shirt and grey suit trousers. Usually sports bruises along his arms and neck.

Weapons(if any): Not a thing.

Streaghths: Level headed under pressure, and a sound stratagist.

Weaknesses: More than a little useless in a physical fight, and is profoundly bad at talking to people in anything other than a professional relationship.

History(optional): 24 years old and previously heir to his fathers business empire. Was the face of the company's advertisement campagines. Prior to the outbreak was known as something of a playboy. His relationship with his father was known to be a bad one, and lead to many public fights. Since the outbreak, Daniel has been looking for his father, hoping to be the one to shoot the old man in the head.

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Welcome to the forum. Hope you have fun :)

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(Is he okay?)

Name: Ivan Mikhailovich Lasovskaya

Appearence: Tall, lean build, 6ft. He is Albino (White hair and skin with red eyes). His hair is cut short with four braids, two on each side of his head infront of his ears. He was wearing a full suit but has since lost the tie. His suit is black with a white shirt.

Weapons(if any): A Desert Eagle pistol, and a small knife

Strengths: Cool calm and collected under pressure and a good shot.

Weaknesses: As english is not his first language, he has a hard time understanding orders given to him in english.

History(optional): First son of a high ranking Russian Scientist. At the age of eighteen years he was his father's apprentice, until he turned against his father when he learned of the project he was working on.

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Your charter's good to go welcome aboard!

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Name: Dylan Blake

Appearence: 5ft 11 and powerfully built. Short, black hair, blue eyes. Wearing jeans, a teeshirt and work boots.

Weapons(if any): Glock 9mm, with extra ammo.

Streaghths: Physically powerful, quick with his gun and very able to manipulate people.

Weaknesses: Hot headed, violent and dangerously obsessive.

History(optional): 32 years old. Daniel's one time drug dealer and on again off again lover. Has held Daniel's teenage substance abuse and the nature of their relationship over his head for years. Comes from a middle class mining family. Works now as hired protection, usually on the wrong side of the law, and substitutes his income selling drugs.

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Everything's in order here so throw him in when your ready to.

3/20/2011 #9

Name: Peter "Lucifer" Teach

Appearance: 5'11", long black hair that drapes over his face, skinny but strong, faded gray eyes, white pants and a restraint jacket stained with blood.

Weapons(if any): Claws (yup thats right claws not nails)

Strengths: fast, strong, and not afraid of anything

Weaknesses: mentally unstable, at times he could be friendly, but can switch at any time

History(optional):Lost his mind after an incident when he fell down a mountain. He had been placed into an asylum, due to psychopathic tendencies. After the zombies the asylum was abandoned and he was able to escape. He had his nails sharpened and transformed into claws.

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Evrything here checks out, welcome to the forum

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Ash D.A.W
Can I join? I know I'm kind of late... Name: Ashante' (Ash) Abernathy Appearance: African-American, 5ft 7in, healthy and strong. Has long black braids, brown eyes. Wears a tank top, hoodie, jeans, and sneakers. Weapons(if any): Two daggers Strengths: Speed, quick reflexes, and is good in combat. Weaknesses: Anger problems, always want to take the hard way out, sometimes impatient. Fierce. History(optional):24 years old. Is a rebel tomboy. She had a small family: her mother and brother. They were killed when Ash was a child, so she had to live on her own. She adapted to fighting and stealing. She lives in a small house with a dog. One day she found two daggers in the house and kept them ever since, only putting use to them now. She has a really bad criminal record, mostly for stealing and attacking.
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Your character's approved, welcome!
4/5/2011 #13
Ash D.A.W
4/5/2011 #14
So do we finally have a girl here?
4/5/2011 #15
Ash D.A.W
Yep, don't worry, she's not the "omg a zombie! Run for your life!" kind of girl. She fights, sometimes deadly.
4/5/2011 #16

Name: Kajal Khan

Appearence: Indian. Milk chocolate skin. Almond shaped dark brown eyes. Tangled black hair with big curls. Fairly tall, wiry, runner's build. 16 years old. Bloodstained, blue skinny jeans, a camoflage t-shirt, brown trench coat, combat boots and a red baseball cap she wears backwards.

Weapons(if any): Two dirks she was given as a joke during better times, but she also knows how to use a gun. She also carries her dad's serrated, army-issued boot knife.

Streaghths: Emotional strong, if a bit closed off. She's better at sneaking than fighting. If she does fight, she relies on the element of surprise, speed, and She's got a really good sense of hearing. She's developed a gut instinct and can be paranoid at times.

Weaknesses: She's easily overwhelmed by a stronger opponent. Seems socially retarded at times.

History(optional): She was a total geek and a fangirl. Her parents, especailly her mom who was a lawyer, didn't exactly appreciate it when she said she wanted to become a graphic animator. Her oldest brother, Arjun, joined the army. The middle brother, Suresh, was a cross-country star training to become a surgeon. When the zombies started showing up, her mom was the first to go. When she attacked her dad, he was too shocked to fight back. She and Suresh managed to lock them in bedroom before grabbing what they could and running. Arjun was away at a friends house. A month later she lost Suresh when he tried to save a little boy from his zombified parents. William has been her one companion since then. Working her way to where Arjun was supposed to be staying, she found he had left and was safe at the moment. She hasn't heard from him since.

Name: William Le Beau

Appearence: Polish. Pale skin. Silver blue eyes. Light brown hair. Short, gangly, but quick build. 10. Kakhis with stuffed pockets, t-shirt, hoodie, black hightops with neon green laces. Wears his parent's wedding rings around his neck on a chain.

Weapons(if any): M 16 and a switchknife.

Streaghths:Clever, quick and quiet. He learned how to fight from Kajal. He's an inventor and can think on the spot better than most. Photographic memory. Sociable with people. Merciful to zombies (quick death)

Weaknesses: He's a kid and sometimes bites off more than he can chew. Too trusting.

History(optional): He was vacationing Kajal's city when the outbreak happened. He had just got back from the hotel's swimming pool when his parents attacked him. He shoved both of them out the room, grabbed his stuff and left out the window. He managed on his own for about 2 weeks before his parents caught up. Suresh saved his life, but was turned into a zombie. He's stuck with Kajal ever since.

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Very good descriptions I say both your characters are approved!

5/21/2011 #18

Thank you! :D

5/21/2011 #19

Name: Dr. Annalise Barton

Appearance: Caucasian, Blond hair that falls past her shoulders neatly, emerald green eyes, average height with a slim athletic build, wears a black t shirt with a pair of basic blue jeans with the hunting rifle slung over the shoulder by a strap when she isn't using it.

Weapons(if any): a hunting rifle

Strengths: an excellent shot, very agile

Weaknesses: not very strong physically

History(optional): A member of the team headed by Jaden that created the Zero Virus and is now traveling through the city ttrying to discover information on the Omega Virus and is hunting down Skelecoria however she does not know about the cybernetic enhancements that he now has and the fact that he is now basically kept alive by the virus. she has since gone to the hospital knowing that zombies tend to not go there for some unexplained reason and in case she needs any tools to help others or even if she needs medicine for herself or any other supplies that may come in handy.

5/27/2011 #20

Name: Lucy Soma

Appearence: Dark blue hair, hanging just above her shoulders in a pixie cut style, black streaks running through it. Keeps hair in front of eyes to shield them from being seen, otherwise they are a green/blue color, switch between the two ever so often. Dark blue jeans covering her ankles and the top of black, worn out, sneaker. 'Three Days Grace' black and white band T-Shirt. Silver sword, with black metal end, always by her side, in her hands.

EDIT: (Update) Lucy's hair grew out and back to it's original dark blonde color from before she died it. The dark blue has been cute out of her hair. Her hair now falls down to her waist. Lucy still keeps her sword around, her jeans have faded out and gotten more torn places in them now.

Weapons(if any): Sword, Chinchilla brand. (Could also be called a wide width Katana.)

Streaghths: Upper body strength, making it easy for her to use larger sized swords.

Weaknesses: Prone to disease, weak immune system.

History(optional): Once a member of a band, is about all she can remember. Lucy suffered an attack, on her way here, from zombies and has since been knocked out of her own mind. She cannot remember much about her past other then a band and a little brother, everything else is a blur. Lucy is after information on these creatures, Zombies, for she wishes to kill them. She has the strange feeling that her brother is now a part of them and she wants revenge. She is a mysterious person, for she can remember one more part of her history, being beaten and abused by some man who forced her into being in the band, she would rather not become to good of friends with anyone. She picked up the sword on her way, calling it Ziro, she keeps it by her side for protection. She found it at just the right time to save herself, so she sees it as a guardian angel.

EDIT: Extra: (I have decided to update this a bit, for whoever may look here for any reference.) Ever since coming to the Safe House Lucy has met up with Skelecoria. While in Skelecoria's lab Lucy was infected by the Omega Virus. After being infected, in an attempt to stop the virus from taking her over, Lucy was infected with the Zero Virus, though she had yet to become a mutation. Lucy saved a android, named XLC, from destruction in Skelecoria's lab and called him her 'boyfriend.' Ever since she remains by XLC. Lucy sees everyone as a part of her 'family' at the moment and currently stays, still, at the Safe House. Lucy still sees Ziro as her guardian angel and she has also regained her memory.

I decided to try this XD ((Update: And glad I did. ^-^))

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Decided to us out huh well welcome aboard character approved. I'll try and be on when I can but sorry that won't be much I'm grounded right now but will be on whenever!

6/29/2011 #22

I understand XD I am glad to be aboard.

6/29/2011 #23

One question, though, when do I start? XD I am a little like Lucy that way, I be shy and not to much on the barging in side.

6/29/2011 #24

Well just start whenever your ready to and well just have Lucy find the base or something or other since everyone is there right now I'm sure Jaden will pick up on her scent or something or other and someone will be able to greet her.

6/29/2011 #25

Alright, works for me.

6/29/2011 #26

(are you taking new players?)

Name: Valerie Sykes

Appearence: Small and slim, wears her brown hair in two 'pukka' buns on her head, has green eyes and wears black trousers, blue and white striped braces/suspenders, and a white shirt with sleeves rolled up to the elbows, as well as broken rectangular glasses held together with insulating tape. Her feet are bare as she lost her pumps somewhere in the city while fleeing from zombies.

Weapons(if any): A flick knife.

Strenghths: Excellent at sneaking around without being noticed, good problem solver and skilled with computers. After the initial panic attack, if she finds herself in a fight is a vicious and dirty fighter (but not necessarily deadly). A good climber, not afraid of heights and a fast runner. Mildly effective with melee weapons.

Weaknesses: Skittish and jumpy. Lacks social skills and physical strength, an appalling shot and definitely not leader material.

History(optional): Originally English, was staying in a flat with her cousin in the city when the zombie outbreak happened and she fled. Her current priority would be to return to England, which has thus far proved difficult due to the zombies.

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Well the mod's gone for a few days, but might pop up once in a while. Just giving you a heads up.
7/16/2011 #28

Thanks for telling me - I just went and read his message in Chat :) I'll just keep an eye out for when he comes back!

7/17/2011 #29

This sounds great- I'm a little new, so I'm getting used to the website. I know your mod's out, but may I post a character profile anyways?

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