The Infector Zero Story: a zombie and vampire RP
The undead have come and the source is Infector Zero, the first person to be infected by the virus, now he must help people such as you survive this apocalyptic world that has been created features Zombies and vampires who will get the undead crown
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Sure can, I am sure the mod can check it when he gets back ^^

7/18/2011 #31

Sweet, thank you.

Name: Luce Grey (Or Lu, for short)

Age: 22

Appearance: She sports long, light ash brown hair, and a pair of combat boots. Taking pleasure in the sweet, simple things in life before the outbreak began, Luce wears a grimy, lacy white dress. She has a slim build and ivory-toned skin, with violent green eyes. Her height is about 5'4, and she wears leather fingerless gloves.

Weapons: She carries an assault rifle that is strapped to her back, along with a pistol strapped to her thigh.

Strengths: Being cold and emotionless, she stays calm in even the most difficult situations.

Weaknesses: Children; she almost always goes after them to protect them from the dangers that lay ahead... even if they're infected. She's violent, and withdrawn.

History: There were many dark moments in her past. She chooses not to share any of it with anyone, and if someone tries to pry, she shuts them out. She believes that she is too dangerous to be around. Now, she aims to find a safe place to stay, hopefully away from people. If not, she'd just have to cope.

7/18/2011 #32

I'm back and say both characters are accepted welcome to the forum

7/21/2011 #33

Thank you very much!

7/21/2011 #34

Can I join in? Believe it or not, but I'm a zombie fan. I like 'em all.:D

Name: Taryn 'Ryn' Wolff

Appearance: 5'9". Has short, spiky blonde hair with baby blue eyes that have golden flecks in the middle.

Weapons(if any): A gun and a dagger

Streaghths: Good in physical battle, good strategist, good with weapons.

Weaknesses: Bad with people, shy and talks rarely. Takes too long to finish a battle.

History (optinal): Ryn was born into a rich family, when everyone except her became a zombie. She now fights against zombies in hopes of somehow returning her family.

7/30/2011 #35

Yes you may join welcome to the forum

7/30/2011 #36

Thanks! :D

7/30/2011 #37

Name: Nina

Appearence: Hispanic, dark brown hair and eyes, she wears a solid colored t-shirt and jeans. She is 5'4" and of average weight. She caries a duffel bag with her, holding a spare pair of clothes, food and water. Her pistol is on her belt along wiith her bowie knife.

Weapons(if any): Bowie Knife and pistol

Streaghths: Good with her weapons, kills zombies quickly, generally nice and is in a good mood.

Weaknesses: Shy around strangers, but opens up quickly, can be sarcastic when angered and pessimistic sometimes.

History(optional): Her whole family is dead, she finished them off when they were turned into zombies and buried them in the backyard of her old house. She is in search of other survivors.

8/1/2011 #38

character accepted welcome to the forum.

8/1/2011 #39

Thanks and how can I jump in?

8/1/2011 #40

Well you can either head to the main city where we got a battle going on (waiting for a reply there from Lucifer's controller) or you can just head straight to the safe house were we about four characters hanging around.

8/1/2011 #41

Name: Aria Wolff

Appearance: Shoulder length blonde hair with emerald green eyes. Is 5'1" tall and has blue highlights in her hair.

Weapons (if any): Daggers, a gun, two bazukas and a cannon. (( But basically she can use anything as a weapon ))

Streagths: Always wins her battles, fights till she can't fight anymore, good strategist, works good in a team, good in physical fights.

Weakness: Annoying, somewhat full of herself, easy to annoy and distract.

History (optinal): Just like with Ryn's family, Aria's family was changed into zombies. Having heard what happened to her cousin and her family, Aria decided to find Ryn at any cost. Aria has been tortured by her parents when they changed into zombies but she killed them. She's now out for her brother, aunt, uncle and other cousin. Is 7 years old.

8/6/2011 #42

OK you can send in Aria whenever your ready Accepted!

8/6/2011 #43

Name: Nyla Misty Rain

Appearance: Long blond here with misty baby blue eyes, considering her middle name. She is average sized for her age, with a bit of a eating disorder making her stomach smaller then it should be. She wear blue jeans with a white and blue shirt, the blue part being a little bunny in the middle of it. She carries around a stuffed rabbit, one of it's eyes missing, worn out fabric, breaking at the seems, white with pink ears and a small smile with two white teeth. She calls the bunny her best friend, it's name being Bun Bun. Nyla is seven years old.

Weapons (if any): A small steak knife when she hides under her blue jeans, strapped to her leg with tape.

Strengths: She can stay calm when under pressure, using her bunny as a sense of subconscious security.

Weakness: Quite, innocent type, who cries when she feels weakened or hated. Emotions is her weakness. Also being shy makes it hard to tell people what she needs.

History (optinal): Nyla doesn't remember to much (She is not without memory like Lucy I just think that little girls would be quite forgetful sometimes.) She remembers her mother telling her to run away from their house when the zombies first came, she listened of course and found herself alone, with just her toy bunny which her mother had given her for her first birthday. She finally became very hunger, no idea what to eat, she searched for someone to feed her. This is where she comes in.

8/6/2011 #44

Fourth character, counting Bullet, ACCEPTED

8/6/2011 #45

Name: Derek Vilasi

Appearence: Shaggy brown hair that gets into his green eyes. He is average size and weight for other kids his age. He wears a dirty white shirt covered in dirt and dried blood and blue jeans that are in the same condition as his shirt. He is eight years old.

Weapons(if any): He carries two pistols and a small knife with him.

Streaghths: He's quick on his feet and is good with his weapons.

Weaknesses: Loud and Foul mouthed, has a quick temper, doesn't smile, doesn't show respect to any one older or younger than him, barges into a fight not thinking it through and is rude.

History(optional): He was with his family when the zombies first came, they traveled searching for other survivors, fighting and killing the zombies that were in their way, but when a huge pack of zombies attacked his family he was the only one to survive the attack. He hates zombies and he kills them for a sense of revenge.

8/6/2011 #46

OK now we just need half a kid and we have an ideal family. Accepted!

8/6/2011 #47

XD That's still crazy!

8/6/2011 #48

Dude, even though I have a thousand characters, I think I handle them pretty well. I should like create a dying, really weak, defenseless child to make up for the half XD

8/6/2011 #49

or we could get an undead kid who is an adult but looks like a kid still then he's HALF A KID HALF AN ADULT. That's what the government wants undead adult kids!

8/6/2011 #50

Name: Lacey Rose Turner

Appearence: Naturally curly brown hair to her shoulders, green eyes, wears a shorter yellow dress with black leggings underneath.

Weapons(if any): Unknown

Streaghths: Lacey is an expert in the volcanoes field.

Weaknesses: She is afraid of Zombies and the Supernatural. (You'll see why this is a weakness.)

History(optional): Lacey was just an average kind of person, other then she worked for Yellow Stone National Park as the supervisor for the magma chambers in Yellowstone. She worked with Lucy Soma over a long period of time through nothing but video chat until the zombies came in and destroyed most the equipment killing off her other teammates, or turning them into zombies. She now is stuck in the tower with only a cat named 'Frisky' or nicknamed 'Mr. Snuggles' who she keeps as company, she refuses to go outside for any reason what so ever for she is afraid a zombie will kill her.

(I am going to use her for the yellow stone monitoring XD)

8/17/2011 . Edited 8/17/2011 #51

Well now hmmm what to say? Approved!

8/18/2011 #52

XD I was pretty sure on that.

8/18/2011 #53

Name: Damon River Sohma ((Yes there is a reason for the h.))

Appearence: Just the normal eight year old boy. He wears a dinosaur T-Shirt and a pair of ripped up blue jeans, he had blonde, brown, hair that reaches his ears and green eyes. Scars and what appears to be the left over of sever burns scatter his body at random.

Weapons(if any): Nothing quite yet.

Streaghths: The imagination of a child, goes far beyond spacemen and aliens. Damion is creative in ways to escape or fight.

Weaknesses: Spaces out easy or is distracted, his age.

History(optional): Damion was born into a family that consist of two, under prepared, parents and his big sister Lucy. After hearing many fights from both his parents and Lucy and his parents, he watched his big sister walk out the door, and leave him alone. He fended for himself in the home, after Lucy was gone, and almost never ate. When he was old enough his parents were forced by a court ruling to allow their only daughter, Lucy, to see their son. A fault happened at Mount Fuji, where Lucy worked, under her watch the magma chambers broke open and set off lava spitting to the skies. Damion was trapped between lava and more lava, and was burned greatly. His parents soon banned their daughter from seeing him ever again, that was the last time he saw his sister. The zombie age soon kicked in after that and brought his town to their knees, since then Damion has some how survived, though he ran from his parents to go and find his sister, after a sever beating from his parents for doing something he cannot even remember. He now hopes just to find Lucy, and some what, gain a family back.

Some Extra Info((?)): Damion has a H in his last name because that is the originally spelling, Lucy changed hers to Soma instead of Sohma; because of the family feuds.

9/21/2011 . Edited 9/21/2011 #54

Do I have to say it? Accepted.

9/21/2011 #55

Name: XLC

Appearence: XLC uses Skelecoria's cybornetics and built up a fully useing them to make his own fully robotic body. he does wear clothing (this is described in RP and I don't wanna go looking for it so your on your own) His head is this minus the two bars and the light in the "eye" changes depending on his mood and feeling.

Green: normal

Blue: sad

yellow: Happy

Orange: Confused

Purple: Curious

Red: Angry

white: Scared

Black: ? (has not yet been revealed)

Weapons(if any): anything Skelecoria's got he does too.

Streaghths: super strong, a robot, and very durable in robotic body.

Weaknesses: EMPs can fry him, is new to the world so hes still getting used to it all outside of labs

History(optional): Before the infection XLC was an android program built secretly by the government he was moved from lab to lab learning more and gaining more programing with each one till he was deemed unable to be completed and he was deactivated for a year. After the infection Skelecoria discovered him and hooked him up to a computer to be used as he sees fit, he has recently 'escaped' thanks to Lucy and now is with Jaden and the others

9/21/2011 #56

Can I play?

Name: Allison Barley

Appearance: Allison is a very tall girl with short dark brown hair with green eyes. She has a long thin nose and plump lips. She also has a heart shaped face. Allison wears a green shirt with a dark blue hoodie. She wears camouflage jeans and combat boots.

Weapons(if any): Dual pistols.

Strengths: Dual pistols, speed

Weaknesses: Swimming, spiders

History(optional): -none-

12/1/2011 #57

Can you play?........Yeah of course you can character accepted, welcome to the forum!

12/1/2011 #58
Name: henry power Appearence: tall but skiny, dark brown hair, greenish eyes, a pair of black wool fingerless gloves, red hoody, blue shirt and jeans Weapons(if any): a metal pipe and a double barrel shotgun Streaghths: easy going and easy to get along with Weaknesses: quick to rush in and often doesnt plan ahead
12/3/2011 #59
12/3/2011 #60
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