The Infector Zero Story: a zombie and vampire RP
The undead have come and the source is Infector Zero, the first person to be infected by the virus, now he must help people such as you survive this apocalyptic world that has been created features Zombies and vampires who will get the undead crown
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This is were you submit any ideas for Zombies you may have Please use this form:

Zombie Classification(What you call it):



additional info:

Authors who can use it: this is only needed if you intend for only certain people to use the zombie if anyone can control it then don't use this


Zombie Classification: zombie grunt

Appearance: a human Civilian who has been zombified, their skin has become gray and decomposing, they often will stink, and have yellow vacant eyes.

Abilities: usually travels in large packs otherwise none

additional info: These are the basic run of the mill zombies nothing real special about them they are just dead humans with little mind left and only follow the new instinct of devouring living human flesh. Anywhere between 10 and 30 can be found in a leaderless pack.

3/8/2011 . Edited 3/14/2011 #1

Zombie Classification: Zombie Leader

Appearance: These zombies typically have mild mutations that affect their basic appearance ranging from larger then normal body parts to small tentacles that emerge from their skin.

Abilities: These zombies have the ability to command larger then normal packs that can range from 40-90 zombie. They also have the ability to communicate with other zombie leaders allowing them to merge then packs together.

Additional Info: This zombie is a higher threat then the grunts due to its communication and command abilities however if a larger pack loses its leader it will then become much less organized and shall melt away back into its original pack numbers of 10-30.

3/8/2011 #2

Zombie Classification: predator

Appearance: A heavily mutated zombie they no longer have a human appearance and have mutated into a monstrous form, usually they walk of all fours with claws and sharp fangs rather then teeth. There bodies have become greatly decomposed so it is not uncommon to see small sections of bones around theses beasts.

Abilities: The predators are lone hunters with an enhanced sense of smell and posses superhuman strength. They are often very agile and have a very high endurance in comparison to other zombies. because of the level of infection they posses predators can survive losing their head however this will cause the predator to flail about randomly and slash at anything around it.

additional info: Predators are final stage infections (See page one of the main city location for more info on stages) and are one of the most powerful zombies, however they will always attack alone letting out a loud roar-like sound to inform other zombies that it is now on the hunt and to leave the area immediately and they will listen and leave these zombies are more of a threat then the grunts or leaders.

3/11/2011 . Edited 3/15/2011 #3

Zombie Classification(What you call it): Gunslinger

Appearance: no different then a zombie grunt with the exception of having a gun

Abilities:The gunslinger is a stage two infection who has retained the knowledge of how to use a gun

additional info: These are stage two infections who have retained the knowledge of how to use a gun rather then becoming a leader these zombies often will work with the normal packs of grunts and seem to have lost the ability to command others.

3/14/2011 #4

Zombie Classification: Brawler

Appearance: this zombie has mutated to have a much larger upper body with mild mutations to its lower body making its legs becoming stubby to support the new upper body.

Abilities:Super strength, this zombie has the most powerful arms. His brain has mostly become inactive and the only way to stop one is with a killing blow

additional info: This is a final stage infection and is one of the least mutated having kept a pseudo humanoid form rather then transforming into a monster however this zombie no longer has any mental activity so it runs solely on instinct like a grunt so he is a smaller threat as long as you can take it out from a distance.

3/15/2011 #5

Zombie Classification: Gargoyle

Appearance: A highly mutated zombie whose arms have become bat wings, its feet have become razor sharp talons, its head has become that of its namesake and has razor sharp teeth. Its chest is been brought out due to its need of flight and its overall size has diminished to allow more agility

Abilities: Very agile and fast with flight capabilities

additional info: This is a final stage infection that can hunt with the other zombie infections or go in alone it appears to have no preference rather then staying away from other final stages. The creature will often try to figure out what its prey will do before making its strike similar to a predator meaning its intelligence is on a level higher then the average zombie however it does not posses the same level of intelligence as the predators. Gargoyles have a lower intelligence then its ground counterpart

3/17/2011 #6

Zombie Classification: Stalking saber

Appearance: A humanoid zombies whose bones in its arms have grown and mutated into blade like weapons

Abilities: enhanced strength, speed, and agility

additional info: These are some of the most agile zombies out there a final stage infection which have a very low endurance and usually avoid solo combat traveling in a group with gunslingers and final stages and usually off in the shadows waiting and stalking its opponents until the time was right for them to pounce. Their intelligence is their best attribute having the sense to be able to travel with the gunslingers and final stage infections often gathering them together into packs and organizing them.

3/26/2011 #7

Zombie Classification :Skelecoria

Appearance: a one of a kind zombie who has entered final stage infection, the first to in fact, he is heavily mutated and has decomposed to the point were most of its skeleton is visible and the entire skull can be seen. In sevre areas of decomposition he has cybernetics covering the bones. The skull appears to have lost its eyes but in reality it has cybernetics allowing Skelecoria to see everything with perfect vision.

Abilities: gun wield capabilities super streangth from cybernetic implements, shoulder mounted rocket launcher, and leader class capabilities that allow him to command any zombie including ones that would normally not listen to a leader like the predator making these much more intimidating threats.

additional info: The first final stage infection Skelecoria's mind has since become full and aware he is the most intelligent zombie that exists and as such has created a hierarchy that places him at the top of it. The cybernetics are self implanted and have given Skelecoria a large amount of firepower beyond the typical zombie. I the case of this particular zombie: AVOID AT ALL COSTS fighting him will lead to death in the worst case and severe injury in the best cases

Authors who can use it: ME, Telzar, sorry but this one's special and one of a kind!

5/13/2011 #8

Zombie Classification: Cyber-zombies

Appearance: varies with group members

Abilities: This are zombies that have had cybernetics placed on them to enhance all their physical capabilities. Enhanced strength

additional info:these zombies are cybernetically enhanced by Skelecoria all the zombies within this group are to be handled with heavy weaponry due to their enhanced strength.

Authors who can use groups: Any as with all basic zombie classes.

5/15/2011 #9

Zombie Classification: Warrior

Appearance: a humanoid zombie that has gained several feet in height and is about ten feet tall on average. has very large and muscular build that makes it look very inhuman in comparison to the average human. It has a thick hide on it

Abilities: It's thick hide prevents most bullets from harming it and can cause quite a large amount of trouble. Superhuman strength having the strength of 20 adult men easily able to smash through walls like they were nothing and rip a person apart in seconds

additional info: A more advanced form of a Brawler, a stage four zombie, the Warrior now displays a larger amount of intellegence able to think and strategise basic tactics and retreat to heal when neccessary these zombies are to be fought with caution due to its offensive and defensive capabilities.

(I'm starting to run out of zombie ideas here this one is based off of a game enemy, figure out which one and win an invisible cookie! Anyway if you get any ideas post them and I can tell you what to change if anything I'm not too picky about my zombies just stick with the stages and your good like stage 1: nothing stage 2: mild mutations stage 3: complete mutation and new stage four: advanced forms of other zombies.)

5/27/2011 #10
(Is it left 4 dead? Anyways I might have an idea for one. I'll put it up tommorrow.)
5/27/2011 #11

(no the game had no zombies in it I just liked the monster..the brawler however was L4D inspired combo tank + charger. Also thanks I'll give it a look see tomorrow when its up)

5/27/2011 #12

Zombie Classification: Dragon

Appearance: A zombie beast that has gained many feet in height and length. It looks like a dragon, hence the name. It's wings are immense, and it's tail is like a long flexible sword. It's body is practically indestructible.

Abilities: It travels through the air at a fast speed, but is slow on land. It can take many hits without flinching, making it a highly dangerous threat. It can also breathe fire, but only if near an open flame.

additional info: A level four zombie. It is an advancement of the Gargoyle. It is highly intelligent, and is the least loyal to Skelcoria. It's intelligence is ranked number two to it.

Authors who can use groups: Any

5/29/2011 . Edited 5/29/2011 #13

Everything fits zombie approved!

5/29/2011 #14

Zombie Classification: Hunter

Appearance: highly mutated predator that has developed sharp spines on its back for defense and has it's claws elongated as well as its arms becoming slightly shorter no longer allowing it easy access to its four legged stance. It still has fangs that cover it's mouth from one end to the other.

Abilities: immune to pain and most deathly wounds they suffer. super strong claws that cut through almost anything with ease. Keen senses and tracking capabilities. Their minds are stronger then the predator however they still don't have a high intelligence but do still have the capability to track prey over large distances of over a mile.

additional info: A stage four zombie and the advanced form of the predator typically these monsters hunt in pairs or in a group of three use caution when fighting these beasts as they do have the capability to communicate with one another in order to close in on their prey. They do however enjoy the hunt and will often give warning of their arrival with a stern cry.

(man took me a while to get this one out and that's just coming up with the appearance but it came to me now here we go the newest advanced monster.)

6/1/2011 #15

(If this be allowed? XD If I even use him.)

Zombie Classification(What you call it): Chein

Appearance: Dark black hair, red eyes from a type of thirst. Skin color has altered to a grayish color, with a mix of his veins looking black. Wears the normal clothes that he did when classified as a human, black T-shirt, blue jeans, old pair of converse.

Abilities: He has the human affect, something that gives off the aura to seem like he is still human. As if he has not completely become a zombie.

additional info: Lucy's old leader.

Authors who can use it: Heck, I may not even use him myself, I just wanna know he is here so if you feel the need to use him then knock yourself out.

7/1/2011 #16

Its allowed so Chein is good to go if he gets used that is.

7/2/2011 #17

Zombie Classification(What you call it): Aciddon

Appearance: Humanoid shape that has green ooze dripping from its hands and mouth, slight build and only mild decomposition. It's lower jaw has been melted from the acid as have holes in the palms of his hands

Abilities: can produce a very powerful acid from its mouth and hands, can move quickly

additional info: stage three infection the danger level is low on this one due to low health so these zombies are usually found with a pack of other zombies.

Zombie Classification(What you call it): constrainer

Appearance: Looks like a normal stage one grunt

Abilities: A blade like tongue and two expendable whips in its arms it uses these to trap and stab the enemies

additional info: a stage three zombie who blends in with a group of grunts and takes on the enemy by surprise once they are close enough, whips have a range of twenty feet and the constrainer's eyesight matches with this.

(more L4D inspired zombies spitter and smoker respectively)

7/31/2011 #18

Zombie Classification(What you call it): The Puppet Master

Appearance: Wears a purple suit with a purple top hat. Eyes are a dull grey, and skin is rotten in some places, the places that aren't are a pale.

Abilities: His blood has the ability to control whoever gets the blood in their blood stream.

additional info: Stage 3 zombie. He carries a dart gun and ten darts with him at all times. The way to get rid of the mind control effects is to suck out the blood. The victim's blood takes on a sour taste.

Authors who can use it: I might, but if anyone else wants to you can.

8/29/2011 . Edited 8/30/2011 #19

Ok good to see this guy submited so ACCEPTED! also stage 2 or 3, just so I know if you wanna answer if not I'll just assume 3 for its massive internal mutations.

8/29/2011 #20

Zombie Classification: Makiyla

Appearance: Short, flat black hair with deep green eyes with a tint of blood red. Wears a dark cape all the time.

Abilities: Can use mind control and can control pretty much everyone. They can resist her, but it's hard. Can see the future.

Additional info: A gun, two bazuka's and a canon in case of real danger. You have to stay a good feet away from her so that she can't control your mind. If you somehow drink her blood, you become her slave and she can make you do whatever she wants you to do (even kill your own mother if you know what I mean). She can see flashes of the future and uses this ability to find potential allies and enemies.

Authors who can use it: Hopefully I won't have to. So, everyone but me :)

8/30/2011 #21

Looks good, accepted

8/30/2011 #22

Zombie Classification(What you call it): The guardian

Appearance: Very large zombie about twenty feet tall, has a demonic look with large bat wings, claws, and horns as well as a long tail. Usually is covered in lava and fire

Abilities: Super strength, the strongest of any zombie, can throw any lava on it at opponents, limited flight abilities

additional info: The guardian is an artificially made zombie that lures within the some of the volcanoes that Skelecoria has primed to blow and send the virus worldwide, they have no stage being they are artificially created. They are unable to leave the areas that they protect and sleep within the ground till someone walks by and awakens it to begin its duty.

9/16/2011 #23

Zombie Classification(What you call it): Creator

Appearance: a bulbous appearance thanks to the gas sacks around its body and several small machines that protrude out of its body that allows him to pop out new zombies

Abilities: can create other zombies from his body, if killed a creator will explode and send out a cloud of the Omega Virus outward

additional info: an artificial zombie that is able to make an army that it can command.

9/17/2011 #24

Zombie Classification(What you call it): Warrior (advanced form)

Appearance: (headshot)

(full body)

Abilities: armor is hardened further, tentacles give range and an ability to stab the opponent or entrap them and pull them close to him

additional info: This is the same warrior as before with a few stronger assets and more streangth then his pervious form, the first zombie to become a fourth stage next to the final stage Skelecoria.

9/18/2011 #25

Name: Xandria Crawson (yeah I'm using the full character for her mostly she'll have a human mind but have a zombie body)

Appearence: Long black hair that falls down below her waist, beautiful blue eyes, wears a blue tank top that mantes her eyes and a jeans mini-skirt, and brown tennis shoes

Weapons(if any): none

Streaghths: Doesn't fight or need to with her zombie body

Weaknesses: She is a bit naive

History(optional): Skelecoria's younger sister, Xandria was a good girl who grew up always with her older brother and looking with him. Xandria came down with a disease that had rendered her body useless and unfortunately this had a huge impact on Skelecoria and made his thinking into what it is now and is what drove him to making the Omega virus after the Zero virus was made. She recently had been transferred into the body of XLCM2 and is using that as her own until Skelecoria created something e calls the Omega Zero cure which has been implanted into her since she was placed into XLCM2 and finished up her treatments recently allowing her to walk freely again.

9/19/2011 #26

(Newb to forums)

Zombie Classification (What you call it): Screamer

Appearance: usual zombie grunt except the jaw bone is never present

Abilities: produces deafening screams when they spot humans or potential threats, extreme agility

Additional Info: These zombies are rare so there are usually only a few per horde so they are valuable to the Zombie Leaders. They are sent out as scouts to span an area to look for resistance groups. If one is spotted it will let out a deafening scream that alerts the nearby horde and also immobilizes any humans within 100 feet. Because it is so valuable there are usually 3 or four zombie grunts that accompany it as protection.

sounds good?

9/26/2011 . Edited 9/26/2011 #27

A scout with a perk of paralyzing humans, sounds great zombie is approved! Thanks for the new addition.

9/26/2011 #28

Zombie Classification: Bleeder

Appearance: Big, skull like appearence with blood-red eyes. Is all black and walks on all four.

Abilities: When they bleed, they bleed blood, acid and poison. Whoever gets close to them when they do becomes a zombie like them, with the same appearance and abilities.

Addiotinal info: Created by Kyla. She is planning to make a lot of them. Under Kyla's control and will listen to her and Skelerocia only.

Authors who can use it: Everyone :)


Zombie Classification: Sucker

Appearance: They look like normal human beigns until you get close and see the sockets without eyes. By than, usually it's too late to do anything but scream and shout for possible help since these zombies suck everything from humans to werewolfs. Whatever they have blood or not, they will find something to suck.

Additional info: Created by Kyla. She's planning to make a few of them. Under Kyla, Skelerocia and Xandria's control.

Authors who can use it: everyone :)


Zombie Classification: Protector

Appearance: He looks like a vampire, pale skin, fangs and all but he isn't. He has short black hair and black, bottomless pits for eyes. Wears a black cloak.

Abilities: When you are close, the eyes shoot out to connect with yours and he sucks out the life out of you, with soul and everything. Has all the talents needed for protection and will do anything in his power to protect the person his assigned to.

Addiotinal info: Created by Kyla. Is assigned to protect Xandria at any cost. Under Kyla and Skelerocia's control only.

Authors who can use it: Everyone :)

(Are they okay? :D)

9/27/2011 #29

The new group's good to go all zombies accepted!

9/27/2011 #30
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