The Infector Zero Story: a zombie and vampire RP
The undead have come and the source is Infector Zero, the first person to be infected by the virus, now he must help people such as you survive this apocalyptic world that has been created features Zombies and vampires who will get the undead crown
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OK Well this is a heads up I'll be leaving for about a week and be going boack to sneaking on till next month's so thought I'd let you all know.

7/14/2011 #61

Just realized that we made it to the number one spot! Party time! *Throws confetti*

7/21/2011 #62
Ash D.A.W
Wait..... You're right. *explodes with laughter* How could I not notice that?! WOOHOO.
7/21/2011 #63

two things one YAY WE REACHED NUMBER ONE! Two did I miss anything besides the new characters that I just approved?

7/21/2011 #64
Nope just a lovers argument, that's all.
7/21/2011 #65

My question: What have I missed? XD

7/30/2011 #66
Golden oppurtunities to make things in the rp very awkward. And funny.
7/30/2011 #67

serious answer nothing much its mostly just been Ash and Lucifer I've been away/ waiting for the two no shows but now I'm sending Jaden and zombies in soon.

7/30/2011 #68

Okay ... So, I'm back. Eventually. Um ... what happened???

7/31/2011 #69

Well lets see here Jaden semi-cured himself maily cause I got bored of him being a zombie, Lucy showed up as well as Ryn and a dog as far as characters go and we got two more who haven't sown up unfortanetly and I think that's it wait we reached #1 in case you didn't see that already

7/31/2011 #70

Oh ... I hadn't actually ... wow.

7/31/2011 #71

OK Everyone with vamps come new rules thought i'd lay them down now I ppersoally prefer ancient vamps to modern day...especial Twilight version. now then ancients were a bit different:

1. SNUNLIGHT DOSEN'T KILL THEM! Holywood made that whole thing up with Nosferatu the Demon Vampire so our vamps are day walkers but are weaker in daylight.

2. They are vulnerable to silver, yep like werewolves

3. If they shape shift they can turn bat, fog, or even wolf though they gotta eat meat for that one though I may not use that since werewolves were spoken of

4. More powerful vamps could control the weather with rainclouds and fog.

Yeah I'm a vamp buff, anything else is the same though except their a little harder to kill you can't just take a wooden stake and stabbing them in the heart it takes silver or a lot of bullets to kill them. I'll make a rules entry for vamps if you all agree with this set up to tell new comers if everyone thinks this is good

8/6/2011 #72

I agree. *huggles Zaoki*

8/6/2011 #73
i wont be able to get on for a while just letting you know
8/8/2011 #74


Yeah I'm a total nerd.

8/9/2011 #75

Nerds supposendly get all the girls (who are smart) anyways. So no need to be ashamed of beign a nerd :D

8/10/2011 . Edited 8/10/2011 #76

Yay! XD

8/10/2011 #77

OK guys so I was going to continue the story of the RP in another forum once this one is done and it will take place a few years latter so I just want some input and ideas for what to do with the next RP so please come post anything you got!

8/17/2011 #78

Well, I think that we should finish this forum off first and than think about future actions :)

8/18/2011 #79

You know my thoughts XD I forgot to post here, shall I re explain them so everyone can see?

8/18/2011 #80

Your call there if you want to go right ahead if not then don't plain and simple.

8/18/2011 #81

Alright I proposed that they all split up when it is solved, unless there is a plan in order such as Lucifer and Ash, Jaden and Ryn, Jaden and Lucy's closet (XD), and such you know. When they did they were all told to meet up again at the Safe House, if it is the lab or the real Safe House then, if anything bad goes on or out of the order of normal human like things goes on. Well Zombeis start popping up again, out of the blue, and of course everyone is to meet, maybe a few more people getting involved. (I am guessing that other users of the site will find it eventually and catch on.) Well they learn that Skelecoria is back, better then ever, and still wishing to take over the world.

I think it works quite nicely XD But of course everyone has an idea. Just wanted to throw mine out there :3

Edit: Oh and also, I was thinking if we done it this way then everybody would have a new story to tell. Like it passes several years from this role play to the sequel (May I call it that?) so then everyone has a story to tell of their lives and stuff, or their lives since leaving the Safe House the first time. Then it won't be like we are all at a loss of words. XD

8/18/2011 . Edited 8/18/2011 #82

I got this idea for a zombie that would be called the puppet master, he would carry around a dart gun and the darts would be filled with his blood. Whoever the dart hits would become under his mind control. What do y'all think of this kind of zombie?

8/28/2011 #83

Register it and I'd accept the puppet master so I like it!

8/29/2011 #84

Ok so I'm gonna be gone again for a bit so since this has been happening since I started classes I'm gonna need a volenteer for a moderator so that I have someone to keep the registration acceptence going so if you want the position please post and let me know first one to answer will get it so yeah I'm doin this first come first serve style

10/24/2011 #85

First *huggles* It's been to looooong.... XD

Anyways, if no one else volunteers for it I will take over ship for a while ^^

10/24/2011 #86
Hey everyone, long time. XD I've been busy, but I'll probably be back on, I have a break coming up, so I'll have more free time.
12/7/2011 #87
well then YAY!!!!!
12/7/2011 #88
It works again, hooray!!
1/27/2012 #89
Hello, again! -crawls in- I expect to be killed for my long absence... Rather you call it pure laziness or no time, both are factors in my disappearance. Have I missed much?
2/5/2012 #90
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