The Infector Zero Story: a zombie and vampire RP
The undead have come and the source is Infector Zero, the first person to be infected by the virus, now he must help people such as you survive this apocalyptic world that has been created features Zombies and vampires who will get the undead crown
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This is the city where the virus began many lie within who still aren't undead and seek refuge somewhere. The city has a few skyscrapers and a large supply of food and weapons in stores located around the area. Jaden can often be found here looking for new survivors if he believes there are some to be found in the area.

3/8/2011 . Edited 8/6/2011 #1

Jaden watched over the city as the monsters began trying to hunt down prey they could devour. Jaden was watching from the rooftops, were the zombies couldn't easily see him, searching for signs of any survivors that may still be alive within the city. Jaden was now alone with only his thoughts, "What should I be doing, all I have done so far is wander around aimlessly looking for people who may or may not be here at all. God, why did this have to happen why did I have to bring this upon the world." Jaden sat on the roof he was on and listened for any signs of true life and not just the false life given by the virus.

3/8/2011 . Edited 3/8/2011 #2

Daniel sighed, and flipped a stray curl out of his eyes. He was on the verge of hysteria, exhausted and starving and unbelievably terrified. Corparate execs were fine. They were soulless old pricks, but he could handle them. He could handle them hung over, with no sleep and less food.

Zombies ... dead things ... not so much.

3/9/2011 #3

After a few minutes of listening Jaden stood back up and looked down upon the small packs of zombies that were on the streets wandering aimlessly but one of the packs seemed to catch a whiff of something else something alive, he had to find who they were after and soon. Jaden pulled out his shotgun and began leaping across the rooftops in the direction the pack was heading hoping he would get to whoever was their prey first.

3/9/2011 #4

Daniel heard them before he saw them. dead things moving had a sound all its own.

He froze. Unable and unwilling to move. He was too tired to deal with this. Not even the dull ache of the bruise on his collar bone and the reasons behind it could quite motivate him to move and maybe survive. Instead, he just stod there, and prayed it would be quick.

3/9/2011 #5

Jaden saw the man the pack was going to attack and he began to jump off the roof top slowing his decent by garbing the window sills on the other building till he reached the second floor. Jaden then flung himself right into the pack rolling once he hit the ground ending up right in the middle of the zombie pack. Jaden quickly then began shooting the shotgun blasting through most of the zombie pack, using his machete when his ammo supply began to run low and he needed to reload. After killing them he turned to the man they had tried to turn into food, "You all right over there."

3/9/2011 #6

Daniel stared at him. Then turned away in something close to disgust.

"I'm fine. You messed up my suicide plans, but I'm fine."

3/9/2011 #7

"Suicide plans? Heh, if only it was that easy but when those things get you your more likely to become one then die and then you just get to live like them mindless beasts hunting down your own kind and devouring them" Jaden began reloading his shotgun then seeing how much ammo he would have left after a full reload

3/9/2011 #8

"Yes. But my body will be a mindless, soulless shell. Much like most of the people I've known all my life. Can;t imagine they're much different now. Point is, my body will wind up eating the rest of the human race, which, ironically would probably be more than I've eaten in my life. I digress, I won't be here. I'll be dead."

3/9/2011 #9

"Fine if that is what you believe then so be it you just don't understand the virus then, its designed to bring the dead back to life even if they become mindless beasts they still have life again that's how it is and how it works, and that is why there is no longer a true death in this world." Jaden then let out a sigh walked over and handed the man his shotgun, "Now if you want to end it you can use this or you can use it to actually defend yourself with and help me find survivors to assist and help them through this hell."

3/9/2011 #10

Daniel stared at him. "Good pep talk. Really, you should definatly become a motivational speaker when you save the world from themselves. But, off topic, don't you think handing the suicidal pretty boy in the remains of a business suit a gun is a bad idea? I mean, most people have trouble handing me water guns."

3/9/2011 #11

"Well it was either give you a gun or," there was a short pause as Jaden withdrew his machete, "I could give you this but using a melee weapon means increased odds of infection as opposed to a weapon with even a little range. As for you being suicidal as I previously said go ahead and end it with that, then I don't have to worry about a new zombie showing up seeing as how I can just blast you when you do become one."

3/9/2011 #12

"I'm saying, if you handed me either, and i tried to use either to kill myself, chances are I'd hit you. Or the wall. Or a random dead thing walking past. Don't have the best aim on the planet. My father used to say that I couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with both hands, a map and someone helping me. But, he said a lot of things. Point is, handing me a gun is probably the most dangerous thing you'll ever do. So, don't do it."

3/9/2011 #13

"Great just what I needed someone to babysit, wonderful." Jaden sheathed the machete, took back the gun, and double checked how much ammo he had, "Well try to keep me between you and the zombies till I'm done searching for anyone else out here. After that I got a place were we can go and for a while its mostly safe." Jaden looked around for any sign of other zombies. "Safer then the streets that's for sure."

3/9/2011 #14

"Oh, your protectiveness just fills with warm fuzzy feelings of love," Daniel muttered. "Can't imagine how you could stoop so low as to protect little old me."

He pushed past Jaden, sighing. "Name's Daniel. Friends call me Danny, or they would if i didn't hate that name and they were actually my firends."

((g2g. I'll be on tomorrow sometime.))

3/9/2011 #15

"Well Daniel, names Jaden sorry I'm not one of those Mr. Nice guys but that's not who I am anymore." Jaden walked past Daniel in order to take the lead, "Try to stay back after all you are unarmed. There were only grunts out there so they shouldn't be too difficult to avoid."

((See you tomorrow then.))

3/9/2011 #16

Daniel sighed, and slowed his pace to leave Jaden in the front. "Don't explain yourself. I'm to load, have been for a while. Don't bother asking how i survived this long all by myself. Hell, I'm not gonna ask how the hell you know how a zombie is after they die."

3/9/2011 #17

Jaden continued to look for signs of other zombies making sure that they were still just dealing with small packs, "Well good the less you know the better off you are at times. Especially now and days, after all people who knew too much about the virus usually became paranoid or in some cases hysterical."

3/10/2011 #18

"Jee, I wonder why. Y'know, maybe knowing what they are might help me survive. I mean, it could be that the fact undead monsters are roaming the streets has driven me past the point where the how is really going to make things much worse. 'Sides, I'm already paranoid and more than a little crazy if you believe the papers."

3/10/2011 #19

Jaden sighed, "I can't say didn't warn you, the virus is pretty simple you get bitten you will become one of them but the thing is that they are more then just corpses they would decompose pretty quickly if they were what you see in a zombie is what remains of them once it begins. Stage one: the infection begins and the host is killed by it beginning with parts of their mind, starting with the pain receptors, with the virus rewriting the parts of the brain it doesn't destroy making the infected act like instinctively driven beasts only wanting to eat, as of yet we have only encountered stage one infections. Tell me do still want more info or do think you've had enough with stage one."

3/10/2011 #20

Daniel raised an eyebrow. "Trust me. You're not going to scare me. Only person who could do that is already dead. Now, if you'd be so kind as to stop treating me like a child, I'd like to know what in the name of God has sent my world straight to hell!"

3/10/2011 #21

"The simple answer is idiots trying to play god themselves, morons all of them." Jaden took a moment to gather his thoughts, "Now on to stage two this is when the virus becomes much more complex bodily mutations occur causing many different effects altering the appearance of the infected and granting a new level of intelligence at this stage the virus has finished rewiring the mind of its host and it has gained the ability to communicate and lead the lower stage one infections this causes the creation of a larger pack that is four times larger then the smallest of packs. The conversion to the final stage begins then, however I have not observed enough stage threes in order to understand it. It would appear that the infected then begins to further mutate branching off into different forms depending on the host. As I said I need to find more info on the final stage but what I've seen is gruesome things that shouldn't have ever existed yet. Finally, the virus can become airborne in concentrated areas were there are enough zombies producing it at a constant rate. That is the full explanation of the virus now you know what we're up against in this hell."

3/10/2011 #22

Daniel looked away. "There, was that so hard? Not like the human race wasn't mutating and self destructing on its own anyway. Where do you fit into this then? Save the world complex?"

3/10/2011 #23

"Were do I fit, well I've seen so many of those things that I just don't want to see anyone I could help turn into one of those undead freaks. As for saving the world, I don't care about that let someone else find a way to end it I just kill these things and help whoever I can." Jaden started to the craving then ,he always did eventually, he managed to think ahead though and pulled out some of the animal flesh he held in his pocket as stealthily as the could and ate some to stop the craving

3/10/2011 #24

Daniel raised an eyebrow. "You also don;t seem to give a damn about who you save. I could be a nutjob for all you know. I've already proven i wanna die, and I haven't shut up since you found me. You don;t seem to care ... You get me or anyone else out of here, but how much of us will you save?"

3/10/2011 #25

Jaden quickly finished with the flesh, "I don't know how many Ill save but Ill try to save anyone I can find and of course not everyone I find will get through this but I'm not just gonna let people die on my watch plain and simple."

3/10/2011 #26

"You can't really save someone who doesn;t want to be. and when you save one person, how much of them do you save? People break Jaden ...

"And there's a pack of zombies heading this way."

3/10/2011 #27

Jaden saw the zombies heading towards them, "I should have seen them coming, oh well guess I got some killing to do Daniel try to find someplace safe while I dispatch of them." There was a loud inhuman screech then it was coming from some were else within the city, "Crap! Looks like we're both running this time." Jaden then put away the shotgun and pulled out his AK-47 "Gonna need this bad boy this time."

3/10/2011 #28

Daniel sighed and turned on his heel. "Come on then. Time to run,"

3/10/2011 #29

Jaden began shooting some of the initial zombies that appeared trying to reduce their numbers a bit, but without knowing were the leader was he could just get more. Jaden thought about were the leader could be couldn't figure out were it could be hiding he then ran away from the pack thinking about were they could go to escape, "Well you got any ideas about were we should go?"

3/10/2011 #30
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