The Infector Zero Story: a zombie and vampire RP
The undead have come and the source is Infector Zero, the first person to be infected by the virus, now he must help people such as you survive this apocalyptic world that has been created features Zombies and vampires who will get the undead crown
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"Well, maybe later," Zaoki said," But right now i have something on my tail that y'all don't want around and you may not even have any knowledge of. It is a hungry, man eating, beast that is worse then any of those zombies out there, so I think you are better off without him here. I think I am going to go and deal with my issues now, thank you," He said quickly before running off to find the man again, wondering where he went. Zaoki traveled back the pathway he had just came, looking for him.

Bullet sniffed the girl who barely opened one eye and screamed when she saw the dog, backing away from him. Bullet sat down clearly perplexed.

Lucy just laughed at Lucifer," Who is the weak one of the floor now, hm? Hey look it's a little girl."

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"Yeah well now we have anoter kid and may have to worry about more then just zombies if what that guy is any indication."


Alucard saw Zaoki and fired a shot right at his arm, "I FOUND YOU!"

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"Really, something else to worry about along with the zombies," Nina sighed.

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Annalise nodded, "That's what the guy out there said so I don't know for sure we can talk about it if he comes back."

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"What he is?" Lucy questioned.

The girl continued to back up, holding a stuffed rabbit in her arms. Bullet budged the stuffed animal and licked the girl, trying ot show he was nice. He laid down beside her and whimpered.

Zaoki cursed under his breath and held his arm, the bullet had hit into it. It was his main arm, his dominant hand," Yes you did. You know, why do you want to kill me? Yes I bleed but it is no blood you want." The red liquid streaming down his arm.

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Nina nodded befoer turning her attention to the girl.

"We should get her checked out."

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Lucifer pushed his back against the wall and stood up. "Shut up," He told Lucy as he went to check on the girl. "Seems like someone else hates the mutt."
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"Don't eat my wabbit!" Scolded the girl, looking at Bullet as Bullet tipped her head, confused once again. Lucy laughed.

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Alucard laughed, "To be honest I didn't think of drinking you blood frankly you instigated me and I decided to fight you! But if you wanna be a coward and run off I'll let you just fine but if I see you again I'll kill you after all you were boring to fight."


Annalise shrugged, "i don't know now then we should check the kid." She looked very gentle now and continued in a warm tone, "Now sweetheart we need to make sure your OK do you mind coming over to me so I can and I'm Dr. Barton but you can call me Annalise."

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Lucifer bent down, looking at the girl, "Say you hate the mutt, and I'll protect your toy."
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"Lucifer, really," Nina said. "The dog won't hurt your toy."


Daisy saw two other vampires fighting in the distance and clapped. "Yay! Big brothers," She squeeled. Using her speed she ran towards them and latched onto the nearest one which happened to be Alucard. She squeezed giving him a hug.

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Zaoki sat down laughing at what had just happened to Alucard.

"Hey, that was backwards for me, Dr. Barton must really like you kid," Lucy laughed," Lucifer, you are more scary then the dog."

Bullet whimpered, the girl petting him just once before walking on over to Dr. Barton, hugging her stuffed animal.

Bullet looked over to Lucifer and kind of, sort of, in a dog way stuck out his tongue.

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Daisy heard the laughing and turned her head. She smiled at the other vampire and ran to him, hugging him as well. "Yay! Two big brothers!"


Nina laughed at Lucy's comment about Lucifer.

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"If I were scarier than the dog, then why are all of you still here and haven't tried to kill me yet?" Lucifer countered.
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"Because the dog is cut and fluffy and pretty," She leans down and hugs Bullet," You are just Lucifer, and forever will be so what is the point in trying to kill or change you?"

Zaoki, probably unlike Alucard, hugs the girl back," Hello there. Guessing you are now my little sister?"

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Alucard was taken back a bit by Daisy's appearance and hugging him, "Who are you and what are doing here?!"


Annalise took a look at Nyla and pulled out some bandages and wrapped up anywhere that was bleeding, "Allright you should be OK now." She smiled at Nyla, "Now can you please tell me your name?"

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Nina grinned and shook her head, fighting her laughter.


Daisy looked up at Zaoki and smiled. "Yup!" She then looked at Alucard.

"I'm Daisy!"

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"Um...." Nyla holds herself, almost is a huge, blushing and clamming up into a shell," I'm, um, uh, Nala? No, um, uh... Nalay? Um, no, that's anit right, oh wait! I am... am...." She took a good look at everyone around her and half smiled, covering her face by bringing her knees to her chest and her hands to her eyes," Nyla."

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"It's nothing but a filthy hideous mutt," Lucifer growled. "But, since I'm in a good mood, I'll let you off this time."
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Annalise gave another warm smile, something very weird coming from her, "Well then its nice to meet you Nyla."


"Well Daisy why did you hug me exactly?!"

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Lucy mimicked Lucifer's words," Like I was scared of you in the first place." Bullet wagged his tail.

Zaoki smiled at the girl," Well hello there little sister, my name is Zaoki."

"Annalise is a pretty name," Nyla said, still acting shy but smiling," You could also call me... uh.. Misty if you like? My.. uh... um... Mommy called me that because of my.... uh.. Eyes."

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"Because, you're my big brother, and I like to give hugs," She answered. "Also, you have a nice name, Zaoki."

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Alucard was angry, "I am not your 'big brother' I am Alucard master of the night not a guy who gets hugged!"


Annalise smiled, "Why thank you misty your very nice."

8/6/2011 #2,993

"Thank you," Zaoki said, with a smile," Daisy is a cute name."

"Hehe," Misty barely managed," Will you be my friend?"

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Daisy pouted at Alucard.

"I like this big brother better that you," She said pointing at Zaoki.


"Aww she's so cute," Nina smiled.

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Lucifer squeezed his cut finger, forcing blood to come out and smeared it on Lucy's face. He turned to the Nyla, "What's the matter with, can't speak in a proper sentence without pausing?"

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"Well good then! I don't like you too much anyway I am a creature of the night who feeds off those humans so I'm not a nice guy!"

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"I told ya a kid would be a nice addition," Lucy smiled.

Zaoki grinned," At least I am better at something. I will be your big brother."

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Lucy wipes off her face and throws another pebble at Lucifer.

"I... um.... I... sorry," Nyla said going back into her shell.

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Nina nooded agreeing with Lucy. ---- "Yay!" Daisy cheered. She once again placed Zaoki in a hug.
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