The Infector Zero Story: a zombie and vampire RP
The undead have come and the source is Infector Zero, the first person to be infected by the virus, now he must help people such as you survive this apocalyptic world that has been created features Zombies and vampires who will get the undead crown
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Yep we're bringing in the vampires now these will be types used in the future but not right away till I figure out how to introduce them so here's the form:

Name: Even vampires have names

Appearance: Only requirement FANGS!

Age they appear to be: only necessary if they are not as old as they look

actual age:

personality(optional): If you want to flesh them in the rp your welcome to.

powers: Do they do anything notable from other vamps

additional info (optional): Anything miscellaneous about the vamp

Now at this time there are five vamp elders if you want to make your vamp one three reuirements 1 they must be between 311 and 399 years old. 2 there must be a position open currently two need to be filled and one has been named Leo. 3 they wear an article of clothing that symbolizes they are elders EX. Jez was given a ring, Alucard wears a formal suit blood red in color.


Name: Alucard (yes its a reference)

Appearance: Blood red eyes, his teeth are all pointed and have become sharp fangs, Long black hair that flows halfway down his back, Wears a red coat with a black t-shirt underneath that has been stained with blood from the many victims he's fed on pair of, a blue jeans and boots

Age they appear to be: 27

Actual age: 400

Personality: Dark that sums it up in a word it's hard to describe any better so wait and see hehe.

Powers: Regenerates while he has blood, super strength, deadly with dual pistols

Additional Info; Alucard bites first and asks questions late. Hates Skelecoria and his zombies since they cannot be used as food.

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Nice! *cheers*

Name: Jezebel 'Jez'

Appearance: Blood red eyes, long sharp fangs. Has long dirty blonde hair and pale skin. Always wears expenisive clothes but mostly boots, shirts, jeans and jackets.

Personality: Loyal, smart, doesn't like weak persons, sweet, sometimes kind, polite.

Age They Appear To Be: 25

Actual Age: 300

Powers: Telepathy, super strength and speed, superior tracking system that helps her track down her pray and enemies. She can smell them from miles apart.

Additional info: Hates Skelecoria and his gang, likes helping Jaden and the other surviors, love-hate relationship with Alucard (if thats okay?). Has a golden bracelet from her human days.

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Well now a love hate relationship with my dear dark Alucard it'll be intresting and your good to go! vamp accepted!

8/6/2011 #3

Name: Zaoki Kimura Sasaki

Appearance: Onyx pale eyes, black hair that covers them. Wears a black jacket over a blood stained white T-Shirt, as to not reveal who or what he really is. Wears ripped up black jeans and hangs a LWRC M6A3 rifle, over his shoulder. Fangs that he hides by keeping his lips close to closed even when he speaks.

personality(optional): Zaoki is the cocky type, caring at heart though he doesn't show it too much. He keeps his secrets and remembers being turned into a vampire, so he doesn't like to tell anyone what he really is. He hates the vampires and finds the zombies just a mere aid to them, that he cares not to bother with that much. Killing the vampires is his main goal, they ripped apart his family which left him lonely and he hates the matter. Zaoki does believe that someone from his old life is still around, though he doesn't know who, where they may be, and how they will meet back up.

powers: Zaoki can read the minds of other people. It is noticeable when he does, if you know of this power, because he becomes completely quite, still, and almost dead. He eyes also turn white, though they are already pale as it is. If this counts, Zaoki is not the normal killing Vampire but wants to help humans, for he still feels like he is one of them.

additional info (optional): Yet again Zaoki believes someone is out there, he doesn't like being Vampire, and he wishes to help humankind because he wishes to be apart of them. Before he was turned Vampire he was in a prison where illegal testing was going on to the inmates. He was sentenced to life in prison but there is no prison now, so much for the life in prison. The reason for this is because he killed a man, who was a completely enemy to him, named Gaio.

Yeah, I have a bit of a long profile and yes this is a mere adaption from my other Zaoki, though the original was demon. When you said feel free to Flesh this in the role play, does that mean i may get to play my little Zaoki without him being killed? :3

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Yes it is long but I like long and Fleshing out means you can show it through the RP rather then writing it down here kinda like what I'm doing with alucard I said dark sums it up and details are shown in his character during the RP but you are welcome to play with him a little without killing also ACCEPTED!

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Dude, can I have him meet up with Alucard? XD

8/6/2011 #6

Alucard is just hanging outside the base with Jez so go right ahead and have them meet!

8/6/2011 #7

Name: Jennifer though prefers to be called Daisy

Appearance: Has medium length blonde hair and blue eyes, wears a pale pink shirt and jeans. She will be seen smiling most of the time, not caring to hide her fangs.

personality(optional): She is unusually cheerful and happy at all times.

powers: She has super speed and a far range of vision, can see something clearly if it is miles away from her, all she has to do is concentrate.

additional info (optional): She's prone to being clingy and calling everyone big brother and big sister, humans and vampires. Doesn't care if she is on the 'good' or 'bad' side in the fight, she just sees the two groups as people wanting to destroy the other.

8/6/2011 #8

Well a cheery vampire I gotta see this now ACCEPTED!

8/6/2011 #9

Yeah you don't think Alucard will mind being called big brother all the time! XD And don't forget being hugged every other second.

8/6/2011 #10

Name: Jalil Naim Litre

Appearance: Jalil is 6 foot even and has smaller, sharper fangs for ripping. He usually wears a ripped red tee shirt and a pair of ripped blue jeans. He has light brown, rusty hair and deep green eyes. He has a scar on the left side of his face from a 'disagreement' with his dad from when he was 10.

Personality(optional): He is laid back but, get on his nerves long enough and he can get ugly. He is very mysterious when it come to the 'family' subject.

Powers: Jalil has the power to turn invisible and, if he can muster up enough energy, teleportation.

Additional info (optional): He is not fond of anyone, especially his family.

8/6/2011 #11

Yay new vampire accepted and welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy it here.

8/6/2011 #12

Thank ya! c:

8/6/2011 #13

Name: Alfred Andros

Appearance: Is an average sized man and appears very old and frail. He has gray hair and wrinkles and liver spots covering is deeply pale skin. He wears long black robes and a cloak over them and has his fangs concealed most of the time

Age they appear to be: 200 (if you can imagine that)

actual age: Unknown He's the oldest vampire so no one really knows

personality(optional): Basically drab and BORING.

powers: unknown, he doesn't fight too often and keeps any powers he may posses under wraps

additional info (optional): He heads all the meetings that take place in the meeting grounds and hates Alucard

(figured I should make this since he's an VIV Very Important Vamp!

8/15/2011 #14

Name: Rhia

Appearance: Blood red eyes. Long, dirty blonde hair. Normally wears long dark capes but you can see her in a evening dress if you are lucky. She wears a locket that represents her status in the vampire world.

Age They Appear To Be: 20

Actual Age: 2000

Personality: Normally cold and cruel but can also be very compasionate when she wants to be. Doesn't really care about people but will help if needed.

Powers: Teleportion ( though it takes a lot of energy), telepathy, super strength and speed and the ability to see the future.

Additional info: Good friends with Jez, tolerates Alfred and Alucard, almost never speaks with young vampires unless needed. Queen of The Vampires. Also considers Alfred her second-in-command, and if he's not there, Alucard is like a third-in-command.

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Name: Zane Sasaki

Appearance: Dark brown eyes and black hair, not as long as his younger brother but not exactly short either. He wears a black leather jacket over a red shirt and jeans. He carries a gun with him like his brother.

Age they appear to be: 19

actual age: 20

personality(optional): When he was a human he was more cheerful but since being turned, he has grown to be moody and grumpy, taking out his anger of being a vampire out on people sometimes.

powers: Unknown

additional info (optional): He was out clubbing with his brother and they were leaving to go home when they were jumped and turned into vampires, he and his brother have been traveling ever since that day, they couldn't bare to see anyone from their human lives. He doesn't care if his hatred for the elders is justified or not, he just needed someone to take his anger out on.

Note: Maybe they try to get Daisy and Zaoki to join them and Derek too, but they keep him human, they don't want him to go through being a vampire?
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Name: Kane Sasaki

Appearance: Dark brown eyes are barely noticeable under strands of jet black hair that cover them. He wears simple jeans and a black T-Shirt, as to look as close to human as possible, even in the 'zombie times.' Of course, he has fangs, though he keeps them hidden as good as he can. He has two piercings, one under each fang, on his bottom lip. A gun hangs by his side, at all times.

Age they appear to be: 19

actual age: 20

personality(optional): The opposite of his brother. Kane was never much of the talkative type, and more of a loner. Since the change he merely stays near Zane, not saying much to anyone, other then his brother.

powers: Unknown to even himself, at the time.

additional info (optional): Same as Zane, for the most part. On the inner parts of his mind sometimes he can't agree with his brother, or their secret plot, but he goes along with it.

Note: I changed the name on you, bumblebee. XD Sorry, I was afraid I would mix up my Garthers. I just made up clothing, they don't have to look a like, it's just what I pictured Kane wearing. The age is fine by me. I was thinking, since they have only been a vampire for a year, maybe they shouldn't know yet? I know I want to give Kane one but I cannot think of what at this time.

3/27/2012 #18
I guess I should say accepted, for you bumblebee, and I am just going to guess that I am accepted. XD
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