The Infector Zero Story: a zombie and vampire RP
The undead have come and the source is Infector Zero, the first person to be infected by the virus, now he must help people such as you survive this apocalyptic world that has been created features Zombies and vampires who will get the undead crown
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OK so vampire characters will have a few different rules because of their powers so lets start

1. No hypnosis- This is a dangerous power in RP in my opinion so none of that! And its close to shadow play.

2. Even vamps can die- After all how many times had Dracula been killed

3. Vampires can shape shift but I do not want you abusing this and they need blood to do it takes a lot of energy

4. Ask for permission before turning another player's character into a vampire

5. Enjoy having an undead character and have fun!

8/6/2011 #1

Ok. I will follow these rules because they make sense :)

8/6/2011 #2

Alright, I got one question, I noticed that Alucard sleeps in a coffin, must I make my vampire also sleep in a coffin?

8/7/2011 #3

No coffins are optional Alucard is just old school like that!

8/7/2011 #4

Alrighty, I think I will allow Zaoki to sleep where he pleases XD

8/7/2011 #5
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