The Infector Zero Story: a zombie and vampire RP
The undead have come and the source is Infector Zero, the first person to be infected by the virus, now he must help people such as you survive this apocalyptic world that has been created features Zombies and vampires who will get the undead crown
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Lucifer nodded, "That's true. Maybe I can use what you say and make it worse."

9/19/2011 #2,671

"She will be fine." Ryn soothed.


Alexis nodded, teary eyed. "I don't want to die daddy..." she whispered. (Hmmm.... kill her or not kill her?)

9/19/2011 #2,672

XLC followed behind Lucy carefully.


"b-b-but what i-if s-s-she...." Zeke couldn't finish that sentence to sad to think about it.


Jaden kept a hold of Alexis' hand, "I know no one wants you to die either." (That is the question. Ultimately though its your call!)


A servant knocked on Alucard's coffin, "Count there something requesting your presence." Alucard sighed, "Whoever it is I don't care right now." "C-count please I think you should be out her-" the servant let out a scream and collapsed on top of the coffin with a thud and a tentacle burst into the coffin and stabbed Alucard in the back of the chest causing in to yell in pain.

9/19/2011 #2,673

"You really think he'd want the candy," Daisy laughed.


"No, you're tolerable the way you are right now," Nina replied.

9/19/2011 #2,674

"Common, XLC, it is not that scary," Lucy smiled reassuringly at him," Just remember, you listen to my voice, not his, alright? Oh and he has traps set up, if one is activated, jump, I may get to feeling cocky and walk in behind him, or right beside him, you do not have to follow me, though." Lucy said, she found the laboratory and sank down into the shadows, pulling XLC along with her.

"I think so," Zaoki nodded," Or maybe we should just drop this stuff off somewhere," Zaoki sniffed the air," I smell a lot of blood coming from both Jaden's daughter, and, and, a vampire? Alucard, maybe?"

9/19/2011 . Edited 9/19/2011 #2,675

XLC turned green an watch Skelecoria who was working on his computer alone in his lab.

9/19/2011 #2,676

"Really," Daisy said. She sniffed before gasping. "I smell the blood too."

9/19/2011 #2,677

"Hm, wanna put the stuff somewhere and go looking for it?" Zaoki asked.

Lucy sighed, it was boring at the moments time, though she didn't wish to frighten to alarm Skelecoria. She knew bringing trouble would only cause trouble and make XLC feel bad, that wouldn't be a good thing, so she resided to finding a rock and throwing it across the floor, with a smirk on her face.

9/19/2011 #2,678

"Sure," Daisy nodded.

9/19/2011 #2,679

"Hm, in that building?" Zaoki says, pointing.

9/19/2011 #2,680

"Sounds good," Daisy replied. She started walking towards the building.

9/19/2011 #2,681

Zaoki followed her," So, what do you think of all these bloody scents in the air?"

9/19/2011 #2,682

XLC stayed watching trying to figure out what Skelecoria was doing.

Skelecoria turned to see what made the sound as the rock hit the floor but dismissed it, "Xandria if you would please give me a report on the creator I wanna see how their doing." The screen flashed and several lines of text rapidly began appearing and skelecoria read them as they did.

9/19/2011 #2,683

"But what if I want to be less tolerable, make your lives even worse than it already is," Lucifer said.

9/19/2011 #2,684

"I am not even close to you, how will you make my life any worse?" Lacey asked.

Lucy quickly and quietly, stood up, and walked off to the other side of the lab, staying in the dark, squinting to see what was on the screen; curious.

9/19/2011 #2,685

"I can make your cat turn against you that way you will be all alone, and nobody to love," Lucifer said.

9/19/2011 #2,686

"I really don't know why there is blood, but it's worrying," Daisy replied.


"Please don't," Nina sighed.

9/19/2011 #2,687

"Very much so," Zaoki said, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"How?" Lacey petted Mr. Snuggles.

9/19/2011 #2,688

"If I tell you that you would just find a way to stop me. I'm not an idiot," Lucifer said.

9/19/2011 #2,689

XLC followed behind Lucy trying to stay hidden as best as he could.

The screen popped up a 3D render of the creator after several more lines of text.

9/19/2011 #2,690

"Mr. Snuggles love me more then you," Lacey retorted.

Lucy got in front of XLC, trying to make him feel better, watching the screen.

((Wait, is the creator Jaden? XD))

9/19/2011 #2,691

(No check zombie characters out I made one called the creator cause I couldn't come up with a better name. He makes other zombies from himself.)

XLC watched the screen making sure everything he saw was stored in his memory.

9/19/2011 #2,692

Daisy left the cart inside of the building before turning to face Zaoki.

"Now we go find out where the blood is coming from."


"I don't think you can control a cat," Nina said.

9/19/2011 #2,693

"That's what you think," Lucifer said to both Nina and Lacey.

9/19/2011 #2,694

Lacey stuck her tongue out at him.

"Hm," Zaoki sniffs the air," Jaden's girl and also, Alucard, it think. Maybe we should alert Gramps?"

Lucy watched for a few moments, getting bored of sitting there, patting XLC, reassuring him with a smile before moving away and chuckling, throwing another rock at Skelecoria," Well, hello, best friend."

((Oh XD I got it!))

9/19/2011 #2,695

Lucifer shook his head, "Is that the best you can do?"

9/19/2011 #2,696

"That would be best," Daisy replied.

9/19/2011 #2,697


XLC watched as Lucy walked over and a small blue orb landed by her feet

"What do you want you stupid little bitch!" (Yeah he's still a bit upset from the last annoy session)

9/19/2011 #2,698

"Yep," Lacey replied.

"Then let's go," Zaokis starts walking.

"To annoy you, what else? Awh, did I upset you last time?" Lucy looked down to the orb and kicked it away from her, watching it suspiciously.

9/19/2011 #2,699

"Well then, isn't that just a pity."

9/19/2011 #2,700
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