The Infector Zero Story: a zombie and vampire RP
The undead have come and the source is Infector Zero, the first person to be infected by the virus, now he must help people such as you survive this apocalyptic world that has been created features Zombies and vampires who will get the undead crown
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"Yes you did now get out of else!" The orb bounced around and began to glow.

9/19/2011 #2,701

Daisy followed closely behind Zaoki.


Nina just watched to see what would happen.

9/19/2011 #2,702

"Nope," Lacey responds.

"Or else?" Lucy laughed," You have tried to kill me many times and how many times has it worked? Zero. Here, I will make you a deal, I will leave if you tell me what that is and how your warrior can speak now, that is why I am here," Lucy kept watching the orb.

Zaoki soon arrived at the church," Hey, Gramps!"

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"Now who said I'd kill you." Skelecoria laughed as the orb sent out a shock wave and fell down onto the floor and he vanished apparently being a hologram created by the now fried computer.

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"Really now? I do believe that it is, you are the only one who doesn't." Lucifer said.

9/19/2011 #2,705

"Whatever," Lacey huffed.

"But I am the only one near you?" Lucy says, looking over to XLC in a 'run if needed' fashion," Other then your sister and I don't believe you would kill her. Don't tell me you are doing another, lab explosion, plan."

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The computers flicked but remained off and deactivated as did XLC.

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"XLC," The letters lingered on her lips," How, no, what, what, what did you do to him?" Lucy came out of the darkness pointing a finger at where Skelecoria once stood, growling, knowing she was speaking to herself.

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"Look at who's upset," Lucifer said pointing at her.

9/19/2011 #2,709

(it was a hologram Skelecoria wasn't really there at the lab just acting like he was)

9/19/2011 #2,710

"Hi Gramps," Daisy said, waving.


"Oh Lucifer," Nina sighed.

9/19/2011 #2,711

"What?" Lucifer asked looking at Nina.

9/19/2011 #2,712

Alfred looked up from his papers, "Oh why hello youngsters!"

9/19/2011 #2,713

Daisy smiled at Alfred.


"You just love to piss people off don't you," Nina replied.

9/19/2011 #2,714

"Why yes, yes I do," Lucifer said proudly.

9/19/2011 #2,715

"I am not upset at your words," Lacey huffed.

Zaoki looks delighted, to see Gramps," Hey grampomoose, um, we are smelling large amounts of blood, everywhere."

((Got it! XD))

Lucy walked back over to XLC, and brought his body out of the shadows, thinking on it for a moment. Lucy's voice shakes as she speaks. "XLC? I'm sorry, I should have noticed, maybe, maybe Y11 and Y12, no, but it is worth a try," Lucy stops for just a moment and looks around, examining the computers," Yes, Y11 and Y12 could help, but how will I get you the- How will I get them here?" She meaninglessly started looking through the computer hardware, wondering if there was anything to help her," Wait, what if, what if Skelecoria has you now! What if it is only your body! Oh no! Even if he doesn't are you completely deactivated or just, not here? Maybe I should.... Make a deal with the devil? Or the warrior! Would he hear me out and help me, for five seconds!" Lucy grabbed a hair band and put her hair up, quickly, rubbing her templates.

She examines XLC, over and over again, before deciding it was best to make a deal with the devil. "Though I know you cannot hear me, and I pray, I hope, you will someday hear me again, please, XLC, stay here and let no one harm you any further, I will be back!" She then walks out of the lab, knowing she could not move Y11, and that Y12 was fried, would he be able to understand what she wished? She then had the thought of XLCM2 come into her mind, she was XLC's sister, could she help! "Maybe I won't have to ask the warrior for help, maybe, just maybe." She raced back to the safe house, panting, glancing over to Alexis and the rest of the family, she yearned to stay with them and help but she knew she couldn't, not with XLC laying alone in the cold like that. She grabbed the USB that XLCM2 had taken home in, quickly grabbing a few parts, wondering how good of a computer programmer and builder she was.

Walking back out the building, she gave one last look to Jaden and Alexis, tears coming to her eyes, but she knew she had to protect XLC for the time being. She was determined, now, she had lost her brother, the only one that had ever been closest to her, she had lost him because of careless actions. She had allowed him to burn in the fire, flesh becoming nothing but a fire, from merciless lava that had once been under her watch! She wouldn't allow XLC to die, it wasn't going to happen, in her mind it was never going to happen. XLC would live longer then she even would, he would live forever, even while she rotted in her casket. She allowed her brother, her love, be taken from her because of a stupid idea of hers that didn't work, she wouldn't allow the only one that she truly had that type of feeling for, again, to be burned in the fire filled lava pits, just like her poor brother. Her actions would not go on without fixes.

"Please, please, please, XLCM2, your brother is in trouble, you have to help me save him!" She jogged back over to Skelecoria's lab, walking inside, hoping to find XLC still there like normal. She took the parts, setting the USB aside for a moment, grabbing a few tools she had found strayed in the lab. She started to build something that looked close to a computer, including all the wires that were needed, she had taken a class once, in this, long ago when she rebuilt Y12. "This may be to old to run, XLCM2," She said, talking almost to herself," It is Y12's model, a prototype, oh but I hope it works!" Tears were in her eyes but Lucy was not going to give up, she was not going to give into such emotions, she loved XLC and that was the truth, it was always going to be the truth. Within an hour or so she was finished with the computer process, nothing but a command prompt showing for her.

She grabbed the USB for XLCM2, putting it into the only USB port she had included in the model. Tears were now falling, as she wiped them away, keying in some things to the command prompt, hoping that she had wired everything right. She knew there was a chance in crashing XLCM2, though that could be fixed, Lucy was prepared to stay in that one spot as long as it took to make everything better, to heal XLC, even if she had to sit there till death do them part. She hit the enter button and waited for XLCM2 to come to life, she would come to life, Lucy would make sure of this. "No good deed goes unpunished," Lucy whispered to herself, now rocking herself, back and forth, back and forth, humming to the music that she had once danced to with XLC, The Lonely, as it played over and over in her head. This only made the tears worse, made her eyes burn, made her throat become a sob of chokes, but she continued to rock, back and forth, back and forth.

"Two am, where do I begin? Crying off my face, again. The silent sound of loneliness, wants to follow me to bed," Lucy whispered to herself, singing to herself, silently, to herself, praying to God, the creator. Praying, pleading, wishing for XLC to come back, for XLCM2 to spin to life, for her to be the savior of at least this one being. This one thing, this one object, the only one that had truly been in love with her for a long time, the only one to bring her to her senses. Thoughts ran through her mind; this was worse then watching her brother, this was worse the Chein's hitting and violations against her, this was worse then even the feeling of being lonely. This was not loneliness, this was no torture, this was hell and Lucy was starting to question herself on it. Had Skelecoria killed her then? Was she dead? Was this hell? Had she never been good enough, was she to repeat this horrible nightmare over and over again, forever. "XLC, I'm sorry..."

((I really believe that is not the longest but the best reply I have made in my role playing history XD If you wish for something to happen in between that, I am sorry, I got on a roll for a bit there, I typed a pretty good novel.))

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"Are you sure? You don't seem to like them," Lucifer said.

9/19/2011 #2,717

"Yeah and it's worrying us," Daisy said.


Nina just sighed in response.

9/19/2011 #2,718

"I am sure," Lacey smiles, growling.

9/19/2011 #2,719

(Defiantly a grade A post there!)

XLCM2 began to activate and displayed a few commands on the monitor one asking where she now was and what was going on.


Alfrednodded, "Well that's to be expexted with vampires who kill humans like alucard and the zombies attacking them its not too unordinary to smell blood all around in these times.

9/19/2011 #2,720

"That's just too bad," Lucifer shook his head.

9/19/2011 #2,721

"But it smells like vampire blood, too," Daisy replied.

9/19/2011 #2,722

((Yay! May I have a sticker? XD))

Lacey snorted, looking away.

Lucy typed in, quickly, wiping away her tears," XLCM2, this is Lucy Soma, you are in a lab, right now. XLC is deactivated and I don't know how to help him, I was foolish! Please, tell me you can help!"

"But it is very, very, very strong," Zaoki says.

9/19/2011 . Edited 9/19/2011 #2,723

(Yes you do!)

Alfred sighed "Well now this is interesting there's not much I can do about the scent of vampire blood again not too unordinary after all we are hunted and the zombies attack us sadly though there isn't much I can do about it."


XLCM2 began writing again, XLC? Well I though he would be shut off before my construction was completed to hear he is alive is surprising but oh well if he is deactivated he will reactivate in time unless it was not by his ordinary means in which case i would have to know what it was that did shut him off.

9/19/2011 #2,724

Lucifer chuckled and then it became into a laugh.

9/19/2011 #2,725

"It is Alucard's blood," Zaoki comments.

Lacey growled.

Lucy began to key things in again," I saved XLC, XLCM2, just as I did you by his wishes. I saved him from death," The tears refuse to stop as she sniffs, a few tears falling on the keyboard," You will think I am crazy, XLCM2, but, but, I love your brother. I brought him back to this lab, carelessly! He was deactivated by Skelecoria or Tim Crawson, as you know him. XLCM2, I beg that you help me."

9/19/2011 #2,726

"Well now either he'll be fine or die and be replaced with someone more trustworthy why would it matter to you two if Alucard lives or dies."


XLCM2 replied, Well I can't help him if I don't knwo how this Skelecoria had deactivated him I need details not just that he was deactivated by some means I can't repair him if I don't know the cause of the problem.

9/19/2011 #2,727

"This little blue orb," Lucy typed in," It was weird and I didn't understand it, it sat off and deactivated everything in this lab!"

"Well, I thought, I thought you liked him?" Zaoki said.

9/19/2011 #2,728

"Whatever gave you the impression that I actually like Alucard?"


three letters appeared on the screen E.M.P.

9/19/2011 #2,729

"What is am E.M.P.?" Lucy typed.

"Well, I, I don't know," Zaoki said.

9/19/2011 #2,730
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