The Infector Zero Story: a zombie and vampire RP
The undead have come and the source is Infector Zero, the first person to be infected by the virus, now he must help people such as you survive this apocalyptic world that has been created features Zombies and vampires who will get the undead crown
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"A computer's worst nightmare it renders anything electronic useless and can whipe a computer's software clean."


"Don't assume that's a lesson you young ones still need to learn it appears. Elders don't care for anyone but temsleves and those that can get them more power I of course am the most poweful so don't care for such things so I don't really care for other council men after all they all want me dead so why should I care if any of them live

9/19/2011 #2,731

"Awh, Gramps, don't care about me?" Zaoki chuckled, making a fake sniffling sound.

Lacey growled," What's wrong with you, now!?!"

"WHAT! NO NO NO!" Lucy types in," There has to be a way! I WILL SIT HERE UNTIL THERE IS A WAY!" Tears fell faster, she knew what that was now, she remembered it from the class she had taken, she glanced at the once lively XLC," He cannot be dead, he cannot be gone." Lucy coughed to herself, between sobs, her rocking becoming faster, her body aching. Lucy stopped typing, now holding herself, this couldn't be happening," Dancing slowly in an empty room, can the lonely take the place of you? I sing myself a quite lullaby, let you go and let the lonely in, to take my heart again," Lucy whispered the lyrics to herself, trying to gather hope, trying to gather sanity. Lucy was gathering a fever, instead, flushing, crying even more now. She brought her knees to her chest, laying her head in between her knees, hiding in her shell. "I will die, I will die, I will die for him, I will die, I will die," Lucy knew she was losing her grip on the sanity of it, tears staining her clothing, burning into her mind. "I will die, I will die, XLC, I will die."

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"That's cruel, but understandable," Daisy replied.


"Don't let him bother you," Nina said.

9/19/2011 . Edited 9/19/2011 #2,733

Alfred grabbed a glass of blood and sipped it, "Sorry its just how things are here now and days."


XLCM2 didn't know what to do but a message appeared on the screen, "Lucy I'm not gone."

9/19/2011 #2,734

"Me and Daisy care about you Grampamoose," Zaoku chuckles.

Lucy heard the noise of the message, barely lifting her head from her shell, she looked at it for a moment, sniffing, still the tear fell. She slowly typed back," I know you are not, XLCM2, I know that." She had the slightest hope, though, was it XLC, somehow?

9/19/2011 . Edited 9/19/2011 #2,735

"I think that it might be a little too late for that," Lucifer smirked.

9/19/2011 #2,736

"You wish," Lacey growls.

9/19/2011 #2,737

"I'm sure that small noise you are making doesn't have to do with anything, so tell me what I'm doing wrong," Lucifer demanded.

9/19/2011 #2,738

"What do you mean, what you are doing wrong?" Lacey hisses.

9/19/2011 #2,739

"Well, according to you, I'm not bothering you, so I am doing something wrong," Lucifer said.

9/19/2011 #2,740

"I am not telling you anything," Lacey growls.

9/19/2011 #2,741

"Why is that? Maybe because you don't want me to anger you even further," Lucifer smiled kindly.

9/19/2011 #2,742

Alfred smiled, "why thank you for saying that."


"Lucy I'm OK I made a back up on XLCM2 just in case."

9/19/2011 #2,743

Daisy smiled back at Alfred.


"Leave her alone Lucifer," Nina sighed.

9/19/2011 #2,744

"Shut up," Lacey commands.

"Welcome," Zaoki smiles.

Lucy stared at the screen, not moving, just staring, just looking. "XLC," Lucy types, slowly, almost messing up, her fingers shaking," But how? You are alive? Truly?" Lucy wiped her tears away, trying to compose herself.

9/19/2011 #2,745

Lucifer laughed, "This is very entertaining, why would I ever stop?"

9/19/2011 #2,746

Alfred coughed and took a sip on his glass of blood.


"Yeah I stored myself away before leaving the lab last time and well you'd be surprised by what data my sister is able to easily hold onto."

9/19/2011 #2,747

"Because she said so!" Lacey growls.

"Hey, Gramps, what's wrong?" Zaoki asks.

"So, it is really you! XLC! I don't know what to do now," Lucy types, smiling for a split second, still humming to herself, staying her shell, watching the screen. Lucy was overjoyed that XLC was alive, even without his body, he was alive.

9/19/2011 #2,748

"Well all you have to do is upload me back into my original body now and I'll be back to normal."


"Oh its nothing just this old man's body slowly turning to dust."

(G2G for a bit sorry.)

9/19/2011 #2,749

"And what power does she have over me? None!" Lucifer threw his hands up in the air, "None, whatsoever."

9/19/2011 #2,750

Lucy almost jumped for joy," How? When? I will do anything, XLC." Lucy said, serious, she would do anything. She still didn't have a good grip on sanity but it was slowly returning to her.

"Better not turn to dust to soon,"Zaoki chuckles.

(Otay, bye bye!))

9/19/2011 #2,751

"Yeah don't," Daisy said. She liked Alfred and would be sad if that were to happen.


Nina rubbed her temples as she sighed.

9/19/2011 #2,752

Lacey just growled.

9/19/2011 #2,753

"What's the matter? Can no one speak now?" Lucifer taunted.

9/19/2011 #2,754

"You are a demon," Lacey scoffs.

9/19/2011 #2,755

"So I have been told," Lucifer said, "And after thinking about it, I seem to enjoy being called that."

9/19/2011 #2,756

"Yup, he has," Nina said.

9/19/2011 #2,757

"By whom? Lucy, I am sure of," Lacey says.

9/19/2011 #2,758

Lucifer clapped, "Congratulations, you actually got it right, first try too."

9/19/2011 #2,759

"Maybe she is smarter then I thought," Lacey considers.

((Bed time, night night ^^))

9/19/2011 #2,760
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