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Well, :D Create your character, use the same template please!

3/9/2011 #1

First Name: Jason

Middle Name: None

Last Name: Lee

Age: 16

Eye Color: Black

Glasses or contacts: None!

Height: 6 foot 1. Pretty tall

Type of body/build: Skinny, muscular.

Skin: Smooth, just slightly tan.

Shape of face: Oval, slightly flat chin. Attractive.

Hair color: Jet Black

Character's typical hairstyle: Cut short, gelled spike

Physical disabilities: None

Fav. Color: Blue, Black, White

Talents: Breakdancing, Instruments (Pop stuff, Classical stuff. W.e)

Hometown: Cesme

Education: Pretty good, just slightly above average

Religion: None

Money (Homeless, Destitute, Very poor, Poor, Lower-middle class, Middle class, Well off, LOADED): Middle Class

Family: Father

Flaws: Issues with his father and sometimes really oblivious

Strengths: Physically, emotionally, and mentally strong. Makes friends and attract people easily because of his looks and personality.

Biggest Fear: Being unable to dance

Other: Depends on his dancing, it's his way of venting.

Looks like:

3/9/2011 . Edited 4/6/2011 #2

First Name: Lucy

Middle Name: Yvette

Last Name: Markov

Age: 17

Eye Colour: Violet

Glasses or contacts: none!

Height: 5' 3"

Type of body/build: Skinny and petite.

Skin: Very smooth and quite pale

Shape of face: Heart shaped and pretty

Hair colour: Auburn

Character's typical hairstyle: Straight down her back, stopping about 3 inches below her shoulders.

Physical disabilities: None

Fav. Color: Orange, red, and White

Talents: Singing, and charming people

Hometown: Cheshire

Education:In High school, average grades, (A's and B's)

Religion: None

Money (Homeless, Destitute, Very poor, Poor, Lower-middle class, Middle class, Well off, LOADED): Well off

Family: Mother, mother's boyfriend, and his 15 year old son, Eddie

Flaws: She is overly paranoid and a terrible flirt

Strengths: Very social and a good charmer

Biggest Fear: Being Killed

Other: none

Looks like: (changed it, again)

3/9/2011 . Edited 3/17/2011 #3

Jason sighed as he packed his bags for school, he had just moved recently and wasn't too happy about moving to a different high school in the middle of the year. Everyone would already be in their cliques and group of friends while he was stuck being "The new kid" again and be forced to endure the stares all throughout the day.

"I'm leaving for school! Bye dad!" Jason called out as he closed the door quickly, not waiting for a response and made his way towards the school. His dad specifically bought a house 10 minutes away from the school so he didn't have to be bothered with giving Jason a ride to school each day. I hope this school isn't too bad...

3/9/2011 #4

Lucy was almost to school. She had walked with Eddie until he and his friends ditched her. She was looking around at everything in the town. It was so pretty. She had only ben going to school here for a few weeks, and didn't really fit in yet.

Lucy turned behind her quickly and sped up toward the school, her paranoia setting in. God, I hate being alone.

3/10/2011 #5

Jason groaned as he looked around, it was his first day and he already seemed lost. He looked around and in the corner of his eye spotted a girl running with what he recognized as the girls uniform for his school. Jason grinned, happy to find someone from his school and dashed towards her, catching up to her easily and put her hand on her shoulder to stop her and try to get her attention.

3/10/2011 #6

Lucy felt a hand on her shoulder and jumped. She turned to see a boy that was clearly from her school. Lucy breathed a sigh of relief that there was in fact someone there. Well, at least I'm not crazy. She smiled at the boy. "Hello, I'm Lucy. Would you like to walk with me?"

3/10/2011 #7

Jason smiled, relieved that she was so kind. "Sure, it's my first day and I got kinda lost" He chuckled and held out his hands. "I'm Jason, Nice to meetchya!"

3/10/2011 #8

First Name: Forte

Middle Name: N/A

Last Name: Sheldon

Age: 15

Eye Color: Blue-Grey

Glasses or contacts: N/A

Height: Short, 5'5" ish

Type of body/build: Almost Childish, thin

Skin: Pale

Shape of face: Round-heart

Hair color: Blonde

Character's typical hairstyle: Short, frames face

Physical disabilities: Well... his tastebuds don't work.

Fav. Color: White

Talents: Sewing, Persuasion, Tightrope walking

Hometown: Very small backwash country town

Education: Highly lacking

Religion: N/A

Money (Homeless, Destitute, Very poor, Poor, Lower-middle class, Middle class, Well off, LOADED): Poor

Family: Mother, elder brother

Flaws: His... job. He's also a complete sociopath, has touchy-feely tendencies, and masochism.

Strengths: Persuasion, flexibility(mind and body), the cute factor, and going to a happy place when bad things happen.

Biggest Fear: Letting anyone close to him get away.

Other: His job isn't PG... thus I will only mention it briefly when I do mention it and as little as possible. Also, he's got his tongue tattooed like a spiderweb-star design(he wanted to see if he could trick his way into it this one time).

Looks like: if I have too... uh... -looks around for a similar character, changes tongue tattoo- THERE, ALOIS LOOKS JUST ABOUT RIGHT!

3/10/2011 #9

[[Not pg is ok for me, what about you girl in the mask? I don't really care. Crow, go ahead and post :)]]

3/10/2011 #10

Forte stirred before the sun rose, the habit of a job that kept him getting up early, but no work today, and only a short job yesterday. He looked at the ceiling. Glow in the dark stars from when this had been his brother's room. The blonde laughed, pushing away that guilt that always rested in the back of his throat.

School. He hadn't been in a week or so, he supposed it was time to stop in, stop worrying his family. If they ever did worry. He made himself laugh a bit more, though this one tasted bitter. His expression went sour with it as he dressed, and he put on his best smile to head into school and prowl the halls.

3/10/2011 #11

Laney smiled and laughed. "Well, since you're so lost, why don't you follow me," She grabbed his arm and tugged him toward the school building.

((Okay, well my computer is broken and I'm usong my Dads, so don't expect me to post soon.Sorry.))

3/12/2011 #12

Jason laughed as he stumbled behind her as they finally reached the school. He let go of her arm and gave a playful two finger salute. "Thanks!" He grinned as he walked in towards the office as she went towards her class. "Hope we can see each other again soon!"


A few minutes passed and soon Jason was being led down the hallways towards his new classroom. As he walked towards the door he could hear the normal new student speech going on in the classroom.

The teacher smiled as she saw Jason in the doorway and motioned him in.

"Class, this our new student Jason" She smiled as he came in, his backpack hung leisurely over one of his shoulders. "Why don't you introduce yourself real quick"


((Just an idea, why don't we put all three kids in the same grade? I can change Jason's age down to 15, or Celystia, if you don't mind make your character 16 because the girl in the mask's character is 17, so it could be a sophmore class with 16 and 17 yr olds. What do you guys think?))

3/12/2011 #13

(That's fine, he's still his young bishie self even if he's sixteen.)

3/12/2011 #14

((Awesome, thanks!))


"Sure!" Jason grinned and gave his two fingered salute again; it's become a habit by now."Yo, I'm Jason Lee. I'm good at fooling around and my hobby is eating" He chuckled and gave a small bow.

"Nice to meetchya"

3/12/2011 #15

Forte watched the guy at the front of the room tentatively. Pretty, but probably not important. The blonde swung his legs, platform boots with them, up onto his desk and debated walking out, skipping. He smiled that demon smile of his, licking his lips.

3/12/2011 #16
The teacher grimaced as Forte swung up his legs, but continued with the class. "Hm, why don't you sit next t-" Jason grinned and pointed to Forte. "Next to him" He smiled, interested in Fortes rude behavior. Jason could already tell he was the 'bad boy' of this class. The teacher gave a worried look before she replied. "That migh not be the best idea.." She started, but Jason stopped her, already on his way towards the seat. "Don't worry, I want to"
3/12/2011 #17

Forte rolled his eyes as Jason headed towards him. He crossed his legs, and waited to see if Jason would talk to him, because he definitely wasn't going to start a conversation with the interesting newcomer.

3/12/2011 #18
Jason grinned as he sat down and gave Forte his two finger salute again, but didn't say anything else. In a way he was provoking Forte, knowing from his past schools that the 'bad' guys usually liked to know everything and be able to predict what others will do. Jason opened his mouth as if he was going to speak to Forte, but instead just gave a light chuckle before turning to the front of the room.
3/12/2011 #19

Forte licked his lips again, lingering on his bottom lip to show off the tattoo on his tongue, habit now. Rationally, he didn't care about Jason; he would probably see him one day every two or three weeks; less if they didn't have too many classes together, seeing as he only came on days he had Language Arts. Practically, he shouldn't care about Jason; what he did or didn't do or say. In Practice, however, Forte couldn't wait to here the guy's voice directed at him, a greeting or a grunt. That laugh had been cool enough and Forte looked away. The new guy wasn't into guys, as a rule, even if he was; a new school meant a new chance to get away from all that bullying. Not that bullies usually messed with Forte anyway, he had too much hand to hand experience for them to get far and they'd learned it.

3/12/2011 #20
Jason remained quiet for a few minutes then turned to Forte suddenly as the teacher gave her mundane lesson. "Doesn't that taste bad?" Jason pointed to his own tongue and chuckled, realizing how stupid he sounded. "The tattoo I mean"
3/12/2011 #21

"Can't taste anymore, actually," Forte said, giving a light chuckle at the fact that that had been what Jason first commented on, "The guy who did it was high, hit a nerve wrong. Hurt like hell for the first weak or two but after that it stopped hurting or tasting like anything really."

3/12/2011 #22
"So if I gave you a whole pie e of crap and told you it was chocolate, you wouldn't taste the difference?" Jason chuckled at the thought. "Or if I gave you "lemonade" or something really spicy?"
3/12/2011 #23

"Nope. No taste buds, though things that effect your mucus still prickle, like spicy things. Just prickle, though," Forte said, eyes straying from the teacher as he brought his boots down. In those desks the position really wasn't comfortable.

3/12/2011 #24
"Haha I see.. That's cool" Jason chuckled. "My new game of there year will be how many things I can get you to eat without realizing how disgusting it really is•
3/12/2011 #25

"Just don't poison me and I'll be fine with that," Forte said, crossing his legs at the knee. He leaned back in his chair, smiling. His eyes strayed to his watch. His boss would want him at work in the early afternoon; customers with later jobs usually came then, though most business happened after the sun went down, that was just how his business seemed to operate. It was more successful in the night for some reason.

(I need to go in about five minutes, but I'll be back tomorrow. Possibly tonight... though it's kind of unlikely.)

3/12/2011 #26

((Ok, :). And btw, you said his job was non pg, I can create a non pg section of this forum if you'd like))

Jason smiled, he knew this kid wasn't too bad. "Awesome." He grinned and mockingly bent his leg at his knees and leaned back in his chair, the same smug grin plastered across his face.

3/12/2011 #27

(Well, I'm not going to go into any description, just hint on it and skim over it. Anyway, I'm out after this post.)

Forte frowned. "You're copying me. I'm not a good role model, 'specially 'round school. I mean, in my neighborhood sure, but not here. Careful or you'll get yourself in trouble."

3/12/2011 #28

((Alright ^^))

Jason grinned. "You shouldn't care if I get in trouble if your such a bad role model" He chuckled and continued to copy Forte. "I think you're ok"

Another things Jason learned was that these kind of guys hate to be told they have some good in them. He found that it annoys them to hell, maybe even more, but he was interested to see what kind of guy Forte really was, so he decided to push a bit.

3/12/2011 #29

"That you're entirely correct about," Forte said, grimacing, "The only reason I've got a bad rep is the way I dress and my job. Guess the sullenness helps, but lots of teens are sullen."

3/13/2011 #30
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