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Lucy watched him walk away and smiled. Forte was cool, and she wished that they could be friends. He really seems to hate his job, though. I wonder what he really does. Lucy thought to herself.

3/14/2011 #61

(not going to write about Forte 'til the next day or until he'll have some sort of interaction with the other two, but I'll wait and watch.)

3/14/2011 #62

(Okay, I don't know what happened to DaCwzy, but I'll wait for him to post I suppose.)

3/14/2011 #63

(Is your 'Untitled Roleplay' on fanfiction.net still open?)

3/14/2011 #64

(Yeah, I guess. If you want to join.)

3/14/2011 #65

(I mean... is it active?)

3/14/2011 #66

(I didn't have anyone to rp with so I haven't gone on in a while, but I could easily make it active.)

3/14/2011 #67

(If it's too much work for you, I won't join.)

3/14/2011 #68

(No, all we have to do is make a character and start roleplaying ^^)

3/14/2011 #69

('kay, I'll work on a character in just a minute.)

3/14/2011 #70


3/14/2011 #71

((Sorry guys, ;; I had academy. I should really say goodbye before I leave, I'm sorry I made you wait.))

Jason watched Forte as he left until he was out of sight. He felt sorry for him, working at a young age at a job he doesn't like. Maybe there was something he could do for him later. Jason quickly shook away the sad thoughts and was soon back to his old cheerful smiling expression.

"Coming!" Jason hurried over to Lucy's table, jumped over it and sat down right next to her. "So, what'd you bring for lunch?"

3/14/2011 #72

Lucy jumped at Jason's actions. Then she started laughing. "Honestly, Jason. You're so strange," Lucy looked down at her brown bag on the table. "Uh, I don't really know," She sighed and looked up at the boy next to her.

((Oh, it's fine))

3/14/2011 #73

"Well, why don't you open the bag and check then!" Jason chuckled as he pulled out his own brown bag and put on a sarcastic, smug smile. "Oh look, they match"

3/14/2011 #74

Lucy smiled and opened her bag. "In it was a peanut-butter sandwich and an apple. She gestured with mock pride. "See? This is what I got," She giggled and looked at Jason. "What do you have?" Lucy poked at his bag playfully.

3/14/2011 #75

Jason opened his bag and dumped its contents onto the table. First came a box and then tumbled out a few oranges. "A peanut-butter and honey sandwich and oranges!" He grinned at her as he peeled just part of his orange and ate it as it were an apple.

He shut his eyes tight as he tasted the sweet but sour citrus taste of an orange and laughed. "Yum!"

3/14/2011 #76

Lucy shrieked as she laughed. "Jason! What are you doing? Why are you eating it like that?" Lucy laughed so hard as she tried to pull the orange from his mouth like a dog.

3/14/2011 #77

Jason gave a muffled laugh as he pulled his head back, the orange still in his mouth and gave his salute again. He ripped the orange orange out of his mouth and chuckled as he chewed.

"It's what I do! I'm weird like that!"

3/14/2011 #78

Lucy sighed. "Can't that like make you sick or something?" He is so weird but so funny at the same time. Lucy thought. I like hanging out with him. I can be myself. I don't need to charm him.

3/14/2011 #79

He shrugged and continued to eat his orange. "I don't know" He smiled. "I'm not sick.. as of now"

3/14/2011 #80

"Alright, whatever," Lucy answered, smiling. She opened the baggie and began eating her peanut-butter sandwich.

3/14/2011 #81

Jason smiled and took out his own sandwich and ate his peanut butter and honey sandwich with his orange and stuck out his tongue in disgust."Ew! That didn't taste as good as I thought!"

3/14/2011 #82

Lucy wrinkled her nose. "I didn't imagine it would," But, she smiled at Jason's face. It was funny looking, with his tongue stuck out like that.

3/14/2011 #83

Jason laughed as he put the sandwich away and continued with his orange. "You look funny with a disgusted look like that"

3/14/2011 #84

Lucy laughed. ''Yeah, well, so do you!" She playfully stuck her tongue out at him.

((I gotta go, Bye!)

3/14/2011 . Edited 3/14/2011 #85

"Aw don't say that!" Jason made the face again, but made it even funnier by messing his eyes up with his hands. "At least you looked cute doing it, look at me!"

3/14/2011 #86

Lucy started laughing, but it faded as she processed what Jason said. She could feel a blush creeping onto her cheeks. "Aw, now," She giggled. "You look cute too," Lucy smiled so sweetly.

3/15/2011 #87

Jason just smiled, not realizing the connotation of the words he said and laughed. "Thanks! By the way, is there anywhere interesting I can go in this school? Or is there a way to get to the roof?"

3/15/2011 #88

Lucy smiled. "Somewhere interesting? Hm... I don't think so. We're pretty boring here." Lucy thought for a second. "Well... actually, there is a dark room here. No one uses it. But I don't think there's any way to get to the roof. Sorry," She smiled apologetically.

3/15/2011 #89

"Hm..." Jason looked thoughtful, he was desperate for a large space. He was itching to practice his dancing, and he wanted to practice soon. "Does anyone use the gym during lunch?"

3/15/2011 #90
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