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:) Well, here we go! Post your OC and I'll base mine off of yours :D

6/29/2011 #1
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Okie dokey. :)

Name: Roxanne

Age: 19

Appearance: Red hair, blue eyes, freckles. Average build with a little extra meat.

Personality: Gentle, honest and affectionate. A little shy. Thoughtful and observant. Has difficulty speaking up and dances around the issue a lot.

6/29/2011 #2

Name: Blake ?

Age: ?

Appearance: Died his hair blue to cover up his blonde hair, has sapphire blue eyes.

Personality: Acts like a hoodlum but he's kind at heart. He's slightly rowdy at times but manages to keep himself out of serious trouble (he gets into a little trouble now and then, picks a few fights). Lives by himself in an apartment.

(How should the murder mystery begin? :) )

6/29/2011 #3
Who Is This Girl Anyway

(Shall I start?)

6/29/2011 #4

(Ya sure! Go ahead :) )

6/29/2011 #5
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Roxanne held the tray of tea and walked over to the table carefully. Working as a servant wasn't particularly interesting, but it paid the bills.

7/1/2011 #6

A boy, probably the houses butler, walked in holding a tray of sweets. His blue hair was eye catching, and the suit made him look at least a little sophisticated.

"Excuse me" He smiled gently at Roxanne as he set down the food.


7/3/2011 #7
Who Is This Girl Anyway

The serving girl turned and gave a shy smile.

"Oh... hello,"

7/4/2011 #8
He gave a smile as a reply and motioned for her to follow him out of the room and left.
7/4/2011 #9
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Unsure of what he wanted, she shuffled out of the room.

"Yes, Sir?"

6/15/2012 #10
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