Castle Ironside
Set in a citadel very far away somewhere in the middle of nowhere....Play as any fantasy character you want, act out storylines, interact with other characters, and learn more about them in a forever changing and expanding fortress...
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To Be Ascertained
Once this place had been the centre for scholars and mages the world over, the centre of intellectual activity and the greatest source of books and magic there ever was. It's gone now. Once this place had been where philosophers and mathematicians collaborated to spread their wisdom throughout the land, once this place had been where many a magical breakthrough had been made. It's gone now. Once this place had been a hive of knowledge, a haven for those who respected the intricties of the world and for all to marvel at the sophistication of life. It's gone now. Once this place had been rife with scholarly debate, a refuge and infirmary for books and scrolls and mighty tomes which had been destroyed and could be given new life. It's gone now. All that remains is a dusty floor filled with ripped pages, collapsed bookcases, burnt tables, smashed glass and a chilling, desolate breeze. All that remains is one shelf, with four intact books on it. What are those books? A Farmer's Guide to Life, Advanced Embroidery Techniques, The Jolly Volume of Campfire Songs and Basic Swordsmanship for the Neophyte. It's all that's left.
12/3/2006 #1
Edalene Athene

Cautiously, Eriden inched open the library door, apprahensive and what she would find. The rest of the castle had much to be desired and she had initially been dissapointed but and least it was a roof over their heads.

The library was in a worse state than she had expected, broken glass and fragments of paper littered the floor, all covered in a thick film of dust. The bookcases and tables were burnt beyond repair and initially it looked as if there was no books at all but as she looked around she spoted four books, intact, in the furtherest corner of the room. As she stepped in a chill breeze wrapped itself around her and Harmai whimpered. Cluthing her close Eriden stepped into the room and headed towards the books. They didn't look very exciting but she had at least an hour to fill before he audience with the Queen and there was nothing better to to.

She picked a book of the shelf, cleared a place on the floor and sat down, Hamai craddeled carefully in her arm.

When all was comfortable, she opened the book and began to read.

5/25/2008 #2
The Ferrett

((If you do want an RP, there are a few around, but it is abandoned. I keep the alerts merely for nostalgia's sake.))

5/29/2008 #3
Edalene Athene

[Rightio, well, i shall take my leave]

Gradually, dark descended upon the castle. Eriden had been waiting for hours and there was no sign of Francesca. She put aside the book, cleared a bigger space among the debris on the floor and lay down, Harmai cradled gently in her arms.

The next morning she was woken by the weak sunlight, streaming through the broken windows. Stiffly, Eriden got up. Then she noticed what was wrong, it was quiet, too quiet.

Warily Eriden opened the door and stepped out.

[Continued inh Corridors]

6/3/2008 #4
Princess of Morum

(Hello! Mind if I join in?)

11/11/2008 #5
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