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Bleeding Perfection

Mods/Psychs for Chika Chika.


Weaponshift: The ability to shapeshift your arms into weapons. Requires custom-made cybernetic arms. Stage 1 is simply a couple blades fitted into a slightly modified arm, while in stage 5, the entire arm is made up of small geometric grains that can form into any weapon. Five stages. §7,000 §14,000 §21,000 §28,000 §35,000

Appshift Bones: The custom telescoping bones required for the Appshift Psych. One stage. §6,000

Power Boost: The ability to power up your Psychs. Each level adds 20% extra power to the psych, up to 100% at the fifth stage. Can only be used once, and requires recharging to re-use. Stage one recharges in two hours, and every stage after that takes two more hours. So stage 5 takes ten hours. §3,000 §6,000 §9,000 §12,000 §15,000

Poison Process: Immunity to poisons. Stage 1 is weak poisons, and stage 5 is very strong poisons. §1,500 §3,000 §4,500 §6,000 §7,500

Multigab: Voice changer, with a nearly unlimited library of possible voices and such. One stage. §16,000


Appshift [Appearance Shapeshift]: The ability to chage shape altogether. Requires Appshift Bones. Levels are a question of speed and accuracy. Level one is very slow and turns out a little rough. Level ten can change perfectly and instantaneously. §2,000 §4,000 §6,000 §8,000 §10,000 §12,000 §14,000 §16,000 §18,000 §20,000

Railgun: The ability to fire a railgun. Requires Fulgurkinesis level 10. One level. §30,000

Red Lotus: The ability to cause non-fire based explosions. Level one is essentially blowing up little pebbles. Level ten can bring down rows of buildings. §1,800 §3,600 §5,400§7,200 §9,000 §10,800 §12,600 §14,400 §16,200 §18,000

Shockwave: Emits electro-seismic energy from the hands. Since the psych was created by combining fulgurkinesis and terrakinesis, it does not require them separately. Level one can knock over small objects. Level ten can reduce bones to dust, even cybernetic metal ones. §2,000 §4,000 §6,000 §8,000 §10,000 §12,000 §14,000 §16,000 §18,000 §20,000

Metallokinesis: Manipulation of metal. Level one is basically useless, unless you enjoy bending paperclips with your mind. Level ten can twist buildings, launch cars miles away, tie trains into a bowtie shape, or impale someone from the inside by turning their cybernetic parts into spikes. §1,000 §2,000 §3,000 §4,000 §5,000 §6,000 §7,000 §8,000 §9,000 §10,000

Aerokinesis: The manipulation of air, and more commonly, wind. Level one can basically do just about as much as can your own blowing on an object. Level ten can cause vicious windstorms of incredible velocity, or even dry tornados. §1,200 §2,400 §3,600 §4,800 §6,000 §7,200 §8,400 §9,600 §10,800 §12,000

Alchemic Influence: The ability to manipulate the shape and substance of an object or series of objects. Level one can make small objects out of plain little blocks. Level ten can change the shape and substance anything short of a house. Requires Fulgurkinesis level two and one or more of the following; Terrakinesis level two, Chlorokinesis level two, Hydrokinesis level two, Pyrokinesis level two, Cryokinesis level two, Metallokenisis level two, BIO-PK level two. Works better with all of them, and also works better if they have higher levels. §2,500 §5,000 §7,500 §10,000 §12,500 §15,000 §17,500 §20,000 §22,500 §25,000

Dog Whistle: The ability to control furry animals, so named for the dog whistle that can call a dog to your side simply by blowing into it. Level one can summon small animals, like squirrels. Level ten can summon any mammal, particularly large or strong ones, like elephants or gorrilas. Level ten is basically useless unless you live near a zoo, or unless you have Teleportaion 5. §1,500 §3,000 §4,500 §6,000 §7,500 §9,000 §10,500 §12,000 §13,500 §15,000

Weatherman: The ability to control the weather. Requires matching levels in Fulgurkinesis, Hydrokinesis, and Aerokinesis. The psych manages the combined control of the three. Level one can make little puffs of cloud over people's heads, like an angry cartoon character. Level ten, which requires level ten in Fulgur/Hydro/Aero-kinesis, can summon vicious supercell thunderstorms and monsoons. §3,000 §6,000 §9,000 §12,000 §15,000 §18,000 §21,000 §24,000 §27,000 §30,000

Psych Leech: The ability to temporarily steal someone else's Psych powers. Levels are a question of the safety issues involved. It can easily backfire at level one, damaging your mind and body. At level ten, you're as good as safe, unless you don't know how to use their psych. Lasts ten minutes on all levels. §2,400 §4,800 §7,200 §9,600 §12,000 §14,400 §16,800 §19,200 §21,600 §24,000

Element Shift: The ability to shift your body into a particular element, which is dependant on what other elemental kinesis powers you have. Requires SteelBody 3, Mind Freak 3, Appshift Bones, and Appshift 5. Blights can also shift into a Darkness element. Can use one or more of the following in shifting: Pyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Terrakinesis, Aerokinesis, Fulgurkinesis, Chlorokinesis, Metallokinesis. Level five required in each in order to shift into them. Human form is retained, but you're made of the substance of your kinesis. §500 §1,000 §2,000 §4,000 §8,000 §16,000 §32,000 §64,000 §128,000 §256,000

Degree of Reality: The ability to cause things to happen simply by imagining it. The catch is that it must be used on living targets, and in truth is only a hyper-realistic illusion in their mind. They think they're dying but really nothing's happening to them, but the illusion causes them to think they've died, and as such, actually causes death. Other things can happen, too, like the severing of limbs. This Psych is also popular at lower levels for causing trippy highs. Five levels. §2,400 §4,800 §7,200 §9,600 §12,000

Angel [Blight variant is Dark Angel]: An unknown power. It seems to be different for each different person who uses it. Some cause dimetional rifts to form, others invoke powerful miracles, and still others have no effect at all. The only thing that users always have in common is a bright gold glowing halo above their heads, which is a holographic projection caused by the Psych's pure energy, and also where the Psych got its name. [The miracles also had a part in its naming, but the halo was the main cause.] The halo for a Blight is still glowing gold, but also exudes a whispy darkness from its edges. It is common practice for users of this Psych to have ornamental wings implanted, as if the idea of having both the wings and a power called "Angel" makes you some sort of higher being. Obviously this is untrue, but people can dream, can't they? Ten expensive levels. §10,000 §20,000 §30,000 §40,000 §50,000 §60,000 §70,000 §80,000 §90,000 §100,000

Chi: The ability to channel and manipulate the body's life force/inner energy without the help of any mods or psychs at all. Users of this Psych are typically very poor, and buy this power because it can be used alone, without filters or physical upgrades of any kind. Powers similar to this can be gained through rigorous training in the martial art of Chi Kung, but nobody wants to do that. Because of this, they buy this drug-based injectable power [for a relatively low price], and it can be used to mimic any power imaginable. The drawback is that it is far less powerful than the official Psych which it mimics, and that it passes from the body's system every six years and requires another injection. One "level," if it can even be called that. §200

Gravity: A mistake power that was accidentally developed by Chika Chika homebrew junkies in an attempt at replicating Telekinesis. When tested, it could not manipulate the direction of objects as originally planned. The makers actually discovered its gravity powers when they angrily kicked a cement truck that had been hit with the Psych and it flew across the area like a kickball. Now it can be used to change gravity in any way, such as increasing it in a compact area in order to cause, oh say... bullets to fall directly down. Or it can cancel out gravity in an enclosed room in order to make a zero gravity room. Ten levels. §800 §1,600 §2,400 §3,200 §4,000 §4,800 §5,600 §6,400 §7,200 §8,000

Summoner: The ability to form imaginary creatures out of nothing. Doing this requires a strong mental image of what kind of creature you want to 'summon.' In most if not all cases, the creature looks either really holy, or really demonic. They are commonly called "familiars" or "aeons." Requires Angel level one and Degree of Reality level one. Ten levels, which determine the potential size of the 'summoned' creature, ranging from the size of a chipmunk [for level one] to the size of Godzilla [level ten]. §1,200 §2,400 §3,600 §4,800 §6,000 §7,200 §8,400 §9,600 §10,800 §12,000

Beekeeper: The ability to manipulate and control insects and arachnids. Similar to Murder of Crows, except with bugs instead of birds. Five levels. Levels are a question of control over the bugs, the speed of their arrival, and the quantity. [In most cases, flying bugs are used.] §2,000 §4,000 §6,000 §8,000 §10,000

Mage of Consumtion [Popular name is "Eater Mage"]: The ability to EAT an elemental power and use its strength to counterattack. Consumable powers are as follows: Aerokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Fulgurkinesis, Chlorokinesis, and Terrakinesis. When a power is consumed, it is not eaten like food. Instead, it simply enters the mouth and flows into the body, where its power is controlled and then released with AT MOST the same level of strength. Requires Negation Lvl 1, Element Shift Lvl 1, and Psych Leech Lvl 1. [*NOTE: Element Shift also requires SteelBody 3, Mind Freak 3, Appshift Bones, and Appshift 5.*] With Lvl 5 in the required powers, Railgun, Shockwave, and Red Lotus can also be consumed. With Lvl 10 in the required powers, Alechmic Influence and the Laser Mod can be consumed. Ten levels, with each level being able to consume powers of equal or lesser levels. §5,000 §10,000 §15,000 §20,000 §25,000 §30,000 §35,000 §40,000 §45,000 §50,000

Concussion Knight: The ability to form weapons and armor out of Lasers. Requires Laser #3. Five levels. Once level five is reached, the power can be evolved into Concussion Paladin. [See next.] §2,500 §5,000 §7,500 §10,000 §12,500

Concussion Paladin: Stronger form of Concussion Knight, providing a razor-sharp and easily manipulated weapon that can be up to ten times larger than Concussion Knight's, and near-invulnerability while activated. Requires Concussion Knight Lvl 5 [it's a power evolution], Steelbody #1 and Laser #5. Five Levels. §5,000 §10,000 §15,000 §20,000 §25,000

Soul Form: The ability to take on an animal-like form of your soul, based on what your personality is like. Most people become elaborate combinations of animals, or a human and an animal [though mostly animal.] This leads to the assumtion that people these days have more than one personality. Requires Appshift Bones and Appshift 5. §15,000 §30,000 §45,000 §60,000 §75,000 §90,000 §105,000 §120,000 §135,000 §150,000

4/6/2011 . Edited 6/23/2011 #1
Bleeding Perfection

Appshift: Pearlescent black/white. Translucent. Viscocity like hotsauce. Tastes like skin.

Railgun: Electric blue. Transparent. Viscosity like water. Tastes like a Red Bull mixed with about a hundred volts of electricity.

Red Lotus: Blood red. Opaque. Viscosity like blood and poprocks. Tastes like [try to guess this one...] {Yeah. Blood.}

Shockwave: Pale yellowish orange. Translucent. Viscosity like milk. Tastes like electrified dirt.

Mettalokinesis: Silver. Opaque. Viscosity like liquid hot glue. Tastes like aluminum.

Aerokinesis: Clear. [Which obviously assumes transparent.] Viscosity like air. [But it feels damp.] Tasteless.

Alchemic Influence: Blue and yellow swirls. Opaque. Viscosity like olive oil. Tastes like butter.

Dog Whistle: Mettalic brown. Translucent. Viscosity like slushy ice. Tastes like salmon-flavored cat food.

Weatherman: Grey/Black with small specks of yellow and blue. [Like breath beads in a toothpaste.] Transparent. Viscosity like saltwater. Tastes like rain.

Psych Leech: Mahogany. Opaque. Viscosity like toothpaste. [Imagine having to drink a whole vial of toothpaste.] Tastes like paint.

Element Shift: Pearlescent red/blue/yellow/green. Viscosity like mud. Tastes like mud.

Degree of Reality: Hot pink. [I just HAD to.] Opaque. Viscosity like Pepto Bismol. [Go figure.] Tastes like old peppermint gum. [What, did you think "Pepto Bismol?"]

Angel: Mettalic gold. Translucent. Viscosity like root beer. Tastes like white truffle. {Which is part of what makes it part of a heirarchy and is considered a godlike power. A very elegant power, in a sense.}

Chi: N/A for all, since it's injected.

Gravity: Deep purple. Transparent. Viscocity like helium gas. [If you've ever inhaled a baloon to make your voice go all squeaky, that's what it feels like.] Tastes like the nitrogen gas from a can of whipped cream. {Because of this, the vial has to be drank by holding it below your mouth and letting the liquid float upwards into it. Breathing in helps.}

Summoner: Dark orange. Opaque. Viscosity like melted marshmallows. Tastes like honey.

Beekeeper: Lime green. Transluscent. Viscosity like maple syrup. Tastes like raw chicken.

Mage of Consumtion: Glowing indigo. Opaque. Viscocity like chocolate syrup. Tastes like a mix of fire and water. [It BURNS like hell, but it's not completely unbearable because of the wet water feeling.]

Concussion Knight: Glowing red. Transluscent. Viscosity like water. Tastes like steel.

Concussion Paladin: Glowing orange. Transluscent. Viscosity like water. Tastes like steel.

Soul Form: Gray. Opaque. Viscocity like wine. Tastes like ham. [There is a running joke for the taste that implies that goes, "People are pigs these days."]

4/6/2011 . Edited 6/23/2011 #2
Alexander Starkiller
[Just three issues: One, your Mods are not expensive enough, especially with Weaponshift--because that would be pretty hard to make. Two, Aerokinesis sounds more like a Sumus Dei made Psych--one that I forgot. Three, Weatherman sounds ridiculously pointless, given all the requirements and the fact that you would have to rob banks, and own banks to purchase it.]
4/6/2011 #3

I like alchemic influence. Maybe I'll get that one...

4/6/2011 #4
Alexander Starkiller
But don't worry, I still flagged it.
4/6/2011 #5
Alexander Starkiller
Fierce, remember that Chika's just out to make money, so while it sounds cool on paper, chances of it backfiring or causing you to go insane are higher.
4/6/2011 #6

Point taken.

4/6/2011 #7
Bleeding Perfection

Weatherman's a cheat. It's not really worth that much, but Chika's advertizing it as a godlike power. The extremely few people that do buy it make them rich. And what should I do for the underpriced powers? Double them?

4/6/2011 . Edited 4/6/2011 #8
Alexander Starkiller
Triple if not quadruple Weaponshift and double the other two. And gotcha on Weatherman.
4/6/2011 #9
Bleeding Perfection

I multiplied Weaponshift by ten. Too much?

4/6/2011 #10
Alexander Starkiller
Knock it down to "times seven".
4/6/2011 #11
Bleeding Perfection
4/6/2011 #12
Bleeding Perfection

Yeah, when I thought of Aerokinesis, I wondered, "Why the flip didn't Alex think of this!?"

4/6/2011 #13
Alexander Starkiller
Speaking of which, can I copy that over to the other thread?
4/6/2011 #14
Bleeding Perfection

Aerokinesis? Well, I did think of it first...

4/6/2011 #15
Alexander Starkiller
You do remember me saying multiple times to alert me to anything you think I should have, right? Anyway, I am not removing it from this thread, and it will be more expensive in my thread anyway. I'll also give a reason for why it's there.
4/6/2011 #16
Bleeding Perfection

Sure, that's fine. But I honestly don't remember you saying that. Honestly I didn't think of it myself until today when I was in the middle of writing up Alchemic Influence.

4/6/2011 #17
Alexander Starkiller
"Also, if you can think up a Mod/Psych, tell me, and there is a good chance it will fit in." In the first paragraph of my Mods/Psychs thread, is a good example.
4/6/2011 #18
Bleeding Perfection

I have bad memory.

4/6/2011 #19
Alexander Starkiller
And we all know how bad mine is.
4/6/2011 #20
Bleeding Perfection

Note the forgetting Aerokinesis. XDD

4/6/2011 #21
Bleeding Perfection

I've added a couple new Psychs. Psych Leech, and Element Shift.

4/7/2011 #22
Alexander Starkiller
I don't think Cyborgs/Vanguards/Adepts could survive using Element Shift. IT would consume them with the very essence of the energy that Psychs are made of, at an exponentially faster rate than Psychs already do it. Especially for Blights.
4/7/2011 #23
Bleeding Perfection

Hehe, the customers don't know that. Sure, it's dangerous, but it's not impossible.

4/7/2011 #24
Bleeding Perfection

I'll add some durability mods to the requirements. How about SteelBody 3 and Mind Freak 3? That would protect the physical and mental parts.

4/7/2011 #25
Alexander Starkiller
That would increase their survival. But, I think you should swap prices between the Weatherman, and Element Shift in that case. Element Shift is SO much, much more powerful than Weatherman, and it would cost a lost of money to produce it.
4/7/2011 #26
Bleeding Perfection

Alright, I can do that...

4/7/2011 #27
Bleeding Perfection

I added the new Psychs I told you about a while back, Alex.

5/12/2011 #28
Alexander Starkiller

Some of these I would want, yet they are so expensive! Too bad my character is not a thief... Wait, he is... Just kidding! :)

5/13/2011 #29
Bleeding Perfection

He's free to steal them as long as Chris is free to kill him. MUAHAHAHAAA!

5/13/2011 #30
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