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I'll start once I gather enough energy to think... :D
12/4/2006 #1
Lyn Kinsei
Hehe, I know that feeling. Thanks for letting me be mod!
12/4/2006 #2
No problemo!
12/4/2006 #3
Lyn Kinsei
Umm... so there's something going on here (no offense, if that came out wrong), what is your favorite genre?
12/9/2006 #4
Definetly rock! And what did you mean "something's going on here"? I didn't undertsnad what you meant, sorry. What's your favourite genre?
12/9/2006 #5
Lyn Kinsei
A conversation. It got kinda quiet... My favorite is rock, but I also enjoy pop, too. Mostly Asian Pop and English Rock. But, English Pop can be good, too, sometimes...
12/9/2006 #6
Do you know your favourite band? Some faves of mine in particular order include: Guns N Roses Lynyrd Skynyrd Led Zeppelin Tenacious D Linkin Park Evenescence Bon Jovi Nickleback Iron Maiden Metallica Gorillaz Pink Floyd Queen And millions more! Lynyrd Skynyrd's probablly my favurite though. They're cool.
12/10/2006 #7
Lyn Kinsei
Linkin Park, Evanescence, Nickleback, umm... It's early so I can't think of much else. I'll try and listen to some of what you have there, though. Oh! Metallica, Children of Bodem, um...
12/10/2006 #8
Good taste! What's your favourite Linkin Park song? Mine's Numb and here's a link to the awsome video below: Got other cool videos from sites as well if you want any...
12/10/2006 #9
Lyn Kinsei
Sure. My favorite is In the End.
12/10/2006 #10
Well here's that one for now anyway:
12/10/2006 #11
Lyn Kinsei
Thanks. What other Genres do you like?
12/10/2006 #12
Really liked Eminem but now that he's gone I'll probablly forget all about rap music. Others...ermmmmm....unless my brain's gone dead then it's really just rock that I like. :D
12/10/2006 #13
Lyn Kinsei
Ok. I've honestly haven't cared much for Eminem, but to each their own!
12/10/2006 #14
The Ferrett
this is a really cool selection people. I'm a radio person who likes to rock. But what you missed are the classics - ACDC to say the least.
1/9/2007 #15
Tamara Lee
Endsville, I love you! BonJovi Rocks. I grew up with them. MY mom has every album that they've EVER made! It's hard to say what my favorite genre is...I like a little bit of everything! I can't identify a favorite band, either. But music is the best invention ever!
1/13/2007 #16
Too damn right! And Bon Jovi indeed are bloody brilliant! And AC/DC? How the hell did I forget about them? Not sure which of their songs is my favourite though...
4/18/2007 #17
The Ferrett
Oh come on, the're all good! Highway to Hell, Back in Black, Kicked in the Teeth, Long way to the top, Thunderstruck, who made who; I could go on forever. Muhaha.
4/18/2007 #18
Oh yeah, AD/DC ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Blue Oyster Cult=good.
5/6/2007 #19
Endsville Not actual music video but Blue Oyster are peachy.
5/28/2007 #20
Meh. I've been listening more to a band my brother got me interested in. Crumbox. I don't know if any of you have ever heard of them. Also been listening to the song "pain" by three days grace. i love that song.
5/28/2007 #21
Never heard of either. What kind of music is it anyhow?
5/31/2007 #22
Not really sure. I don't usually pay attention to genre I just listen to it if I like it.
5/31/2007 #23
Yeah, that's the spirit. Just listen if you like it. Sometimes, there's no need for analysis of the theories, techniques in all that used in it. Does it matter? We like it. The rest might not matter.
7/23/2007 #24
Edalene Athene

Just like to say, you can't advertise 'anything', then make an exception. Also, please be more careful in the way you express your opinions, eg. not sucks. Some people like it, some people may be slightly offended. Just be careful.

7/21/2008 #25

Favourite Artists in order.

- Emilie Autumn

- Placebo

- J*** Jill

- Hannah Fury

- Tactile Gemma

- Mindless Self Indulgence

6/10/2009 #26
xXMetal FreakXx

Sorry can I jump in here? I LOVE almost all those bands. (I don't know Gorillz or Tenacious D) One band u might like is Skillet. Not a ton of people know them which is sad but I love them! =) There really good and their songs send a good message unlike some others(*Cough cough lady gaga cough cough*).


7/10/2010 #27
Michael Kelso
I agree. Skillet is amazing. Also Tourniquet, Red, Kutless, 12 Stones, Metallica.
4/8/2011 #28
Ajvanho Rgx

Metallica is good. But I like AC/DC, the most.

1/30/2012 . Edited 1/30/2012 #29
TAKE THAT and MARK OWEN ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4/9/2012 #30
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