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Who Is This Girl Anyway

It's 1929 and the era of prohibition. However, "not legal" and "not happening" are two very different things. In the midst of a small war going on between two gangs, a speakeasy begins to attract attention as it masquerades as a bookshop. Between the flappers, the mob, police, guns and booze, there's never a dull moment. Have fun!

Maggie held a warm, damp cloth to Evie's eye, soaking up the blood from her friend's cuts.

"Poppet, why do you stay with that sod?" she asked. He'd had a nerve, mouthing off like that downstairs. The customers had only just calmed down as Tony and his mates had ran out to "teach a lesson" to Bill.

6/30/2011 #1
An Oddity

Gina sat on a stool downstairs. She had seen the whole episode. The girl ran a hand through her hair and went upstairs. "How ya feeling?"

11/10/2011 #2
Who Is This Girl Anyway

"How do you think?" Maggie replied, turning Evie's face to show Gina. "Look at this. He did that to her."

11/10/2011 #3
An Oddity

Gina rolled her eyes. "No need to be snappy. I was just seeing if she felt better." Gina leaned against the doorway. "He's getting what he deserves right now."

11/10/2011 #4
Spike's inner monster

(sorry wrong post)

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Who Is This Girl Anyway

"I hope so. I'd do it myself if I was a man."

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