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Feel free to advertise your stories here. I may even check some of them out from time to time. - Dice Darwin
12/5/2006 #1
I'm not sure if I've gotten a review from you, Dice Darwin. Aw well. -- Memento Mori ::drama, psychological, horror, supernatural, romance, boy love:: Repress it. Ignore it. Theses are flawed solutions to problems all people have, until they can't stand it anymore. Little do they know the effects they cause with this thinking... and what they may create. Memento Mori is the story of Gym, who has been haunted by the presences of other worldly beings for all his life. He once thought that he was the only one to see the entities, until he meets Tate, a boy who says he has just started seeing these things. Gym realizes he must learn to face the presences head on, and ignoring them is no longer an option. **[MILD SPOILERS ALERT]** Gym delves deeper into the habits of these mysterious creatures, meeting two other troubled youths along the way. Decker, who unconciously leaves himself open to frequent possession from the entities, and Chancellor, who recieves prophetic dreams in his sleep--which range from whatever comes from his own psychy, to those inherited from various people, sometimes Gym. ~[spoiler end]~ The boys follow the confusing path of entities, finding it harder to handle their growing abilities, and to satisfy the hungry creatures they've become involved with... -- Though BL isn't directly stated in this summary, it's apparent in the story. I like to think I handle it fairly well, however. (Most relationships will take a while to develop fully, but will have satisfying hints along the way, up to direct statements.) The story doesn't just center on the slash implications at all, however. It may concentrate on it for a good part, but there's more to it than that. This summary is mainly to state that aspect of the story, to appeal to the larger audience. n_n I like those who come for the BL, but I wish to have a broader range of reviwers. THose who are a fan of the BL, however, comment on other aspects of the story most of the time, which I'm satisfied with. But I always hope for new reviewers with the old... Anyway. [s:2181508:Read it now. cx]
12/9/2006 #2
Here I go, advertising my work once again. --- The Princess and the Dark Air On a planet where the elements rein and everyone is granted a power, there is one power that will be used to keep the 30 Elements in tact and keep the planet from falling apart. emi kaguzami has been given this power and now she must travel with her friend to all 30 Kingdoms and gain the power of each Element. This story is full of mystery, romance and action.
12/17/2006 #3
Story: Miracle Knights The story is not about literal knights... as in medieval England. It is called Knights because they are guardians or protectors. Summary: Two teens in love, but neither know of eachother's love. They are both going to end up on adventure of their lifetime. The adventure would take their emotions places they never thought it would go. The legend of Miracle Knights begins. The story is actually about more than two people... it has about 5 dfferent teens who are the mian characters. The story takes place in a place called 'Knight Island' which is a new place that is owned by France. The story starts off with two main charcters and lowly moves to more. It is full of romance and as teh story goes on, more suspesne. Comedy... action/adventure...drama... evrythign is involved in this story. It is somewhat deep once the story takes its chance t shine and slowly, it reveals everyone's true personality. Full of surprises.. and full of character developemtnt. Sadly, I haven't got many chapters doen yet but i do know exactly how the story will go. Preview: Catsy, once again, felt dreary as she turned to left, then to the right, and all around. 'The Dark Knights are close by!' The tiny ruby red cat ears started twitching and then poked out a little more. She put her hand over her cat ears and started to look around to see if anyone saw them come out. Kari looked and noticed she put her hand over head and thought she mustn’t like the music. Ken began to sing the next verse and the music stopped and the microphone began to stop working so did like he was trained when things go wrong sing acapella, which sounded prettier that then with the music except some people couldn’t really hear him. They’re here! They’re here! No! It can’t be! Too much power! How did they get this strong? Catsy felt the ground under her start moving then slowly it became a strong earth quake. Catsy jumped to higher ground and knocked Ken off the stage and told him to run with her. She turned around and saw the saw the school building falling to the ground and then she looked to the innocent Kari, who looked like she was being grabbed by some gravel that was shaped like a huge hand. After she was grabbed, she saw the man in her dream standing on top of it, with his face full of triumph like he was proud of what was going on. Ken looked at Catsy and could’ve faintly sworn that he saw her glow before he saw every body disappear before his very eyes. She jumped from where she just put him and ran towards the man over the hand. Ken noticing that she wasn’t next to him anymore, ran towards her without thinking about the consequence only about she could get hurt. They ground was coming up and splitting apart only on the school grounds, nowhere else. The man noticed Ken and smiled a demonic smile and Ken nearly froze when he looked at his smile and those eyes… he had never seen someone like him. Black wings came out the man’s back and began to spread out wide as he yelled:” Trauma of the Dark Knight of Despair!” A large black creature came out on both sides of his wings and joined together and soon had bat wings. It had red eyes that showed despair, pain, hurt, and its body was strong with it’s arms full of muscles. It flew towards Ken in lightning speedgoing right through his body and Ken fell to the ground, unconscious as the ground tried to take his eat his body and swallow him up. Link: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2062182/1/ I hope you like it. please read and review. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story: Dark Knight: Haji Escuro Espirito For the story 'Dark Knight: Haji Escuro Espirito' it is a part of Miracle kNights that bases only one character and that is Haji. Before Haji becomes who he is on Miracle kNigts, this story explains who he was and how he became who he is now. It is much more darker than Miracle kNights and stays more on the supernatural side along with tragedy. It is sad in nature but veyr interestign to read. Summary: All who looked upon him saw him as a perfect boy with no problems. His problems were greater than the average. After the death of someone very near to him, he becomes someone that he never dreamed of becoming. he becomes just as his name, a 'dark Spirit.' Haji has always been different from eevryone... with beauty that no one could truly describe, and powers that hmans can never have. His story is full of twist and many things that everyone would need to learn about him as the story goes on. Why are his parents so cold towards him? Is everything as simple as it seems. he has always had one love: Julissa. When Julissa is supposedly killed teh Knight of Light, a guardian that is supposed to be good, he would became the knight of darknesss and will give up on anything as long as he coud kill him. Preview: Haji opened his door slightly to make sure no one was outside his door because his father always came up every time he tried to sneak out the house. No one was out there! He walked like a wolf trying to stalk it’s prey by staying quiet and making no noises as he walked down the stairs. Once he got done to the last couple of steps, he saw a couple of his cousins, the teenagers, walking in loudly and talking about the basketball game that just happened. They gave him a deadly glare as if they had saw demon before their very eyes and that glaring could kill it. Haji gave them a even worse glare as he hopped the stairs down, knowing that now they know he is down there. They all gave a fake smile and spoke happily as if they really though about him, saying: "YO! Haji, what’s up… we haven’t talked since, well, forever! Dang, you’ve changed, I bet the girls LOVE you!” They said the last part trying to pretend that they were proud of him too bad their faces showed that they weren‘t proud that ‘girls loved him.’ Haji smiled and waved goodbye saying that he had to do something important. His cousins laughed and kept on calling him foolish and stupid to believe anyone would like him as soon as they door closed and kept on saying his own parents didn’t even care for him. Haji laughed to himself because he knew exactly what they were doing inside and because he was the one who had them fooled. After realizing that he had got out the house, Haji ran his fastest to a park of where a special person should be waiting for him. He knew that once he left, his cousins would tell his parents that he left, they would come after him because they would know whom he was going to see. He got to the park out of breath but if someone else ran as much as he did, they would’ve died out of exhaustion. He walked for awhile looking for her… and then he found her. Julissa was her name, and because she had that name, it was one of the most beautiful names he had ever heard or seen anyone with, it was like the scent of roses in the morning. She had long brown hair that went down to the middle of her back, and brown eyes that could light up the night sky. She looked like a young Jennifer Lopez but prettier. She didn’t see him as she was under a small light pole reading a book. Haji noticed she didn’t notice him and decided to sneak up on her. He jumped on top of a tree and leaped silently like a sniper trying to sneak on it’s prey, and then landed silently behind her. He stood there for a moment and thought about whether he should scare her, surprise, or anything. He decided to just surprise her as happiness entered into his eyes and along with sneakiness. As he put his hands over her mouth while speaking to her in a whisper:” Guess who… you know you should be more aware of who’s around you because I could’ve easily been somebody else-” he smiled a genuine smile which she always thought was sexy. She turned around with a smile on her face as she put her arms around his neck and kissed him gently on the lips as a blush appeared on her face and his. She then uttered out in a voice barely above a whisper as she flattered him:” I can do that because I know I got you to protect me." She put her hand in his hair and started ruffling it up causing some bangs to appear on his face which he just allowed to happen with a face of pure happiness appeared on his face. She was the only person that could make him feel that; he loved her with all his heart and soul, he would give his life for her if it ever came down to that. The park was very close to the ocean so they could hear the ocean waves hitting the shore as they walked together hand in hand while she leaned her head on him smiling. Suddenly they saw six balls of lights staring back at them after they walked for 15 minutes. The balls of lights seemed to be making the noise of a motorcycle’s engine, which was exactly what the balls of light happened to be coming from. Julissa frowned and closed her eyes because the light was so bright; Haji, on instinct, got into a fighting stance. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Haji Escuro Espirito! How luck are we to find you here!” yelled out a boy with long black dyed hair going down to his shoulders with some of the strangest color contacts. Haji walked closer with no fear within him to see whom he was talking to. He recognized the boy as being someone that he had trusted best friend. He was a punker and a pale one at that; he had a long face and was what you called straight up ugly. His mama couldn’t have found that face to be as nice looking face; he had a ring on his chin and a couple of earrings in his right ear. He wore an open vest showing his rough body that could only belong to a person in the 11th and or 12th grade or happened to be in the wrestling team; he had no sleeves showing that he had a large tattoo of a dragon running down his arms. He took off his vest and revealed a chain hanging off his black pants in which he grabbed with his right hand and used the other to wrap with around his fist. Another boy was much younger than the last with sky blue eyes that would pierce through someone’s soul, he was very handsome and looked like a rich white kid who wanted to prove he was bad, though he didn’t dress like one. He wore baggy pants and muscle shirt though he wasn’t all that muscular, he was more skinny than muscular but nonetheless he wore because he thought he was buff because of his stomach muscles. He, too, had a weapon but Haji couldn’t comprehend what it was but he knew it looked similar to a gun but it was much too wide to be one. He picked it up from the side of his motorcycle. Link: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2080360/1/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The ther story is an AU of my story Miracle knights./ -------------------- Uhm. I have to do some edititing to my stories before I actually update them because my writing has improved since the time that I have updated them. But, otherwise, it is really good.. takes me a long time to update though.
12/21/2006 #4
YOUR USERNAME IS FOXYGRAMPA?!?!?!?! *attack glomps FoxyGrampa* Oh. Yeah. Stories. Well, in my opinion, my best story is... Needing Reed Genre: General / Thriller / Fantasy Summary: The story I wrote for NaNoWriMo. Only chapter one is out, but it's some of the best I've ever written. I've only received positive reviews at this point and I'd like some critique. Find it at: cliiick on my username.... cliiick on the story.... reeeead the story....
1/5/2007 #5
this is my first manga story. Kokoro:supernatural, action/adventure, with a bit of romace(in later chapters) Summary: 2300years ago a war between an angel village and an evil demon name Yasuno took place, who wanted the huge gem called The Kokoro. Near the end of the war The Kokoro cracked allowing the soul of its creator come out and casted a spell on the world, turning the some angels and demons into humans. Once the spell was placed The Kokoro shattered and Yasuno was not effected by the spell and was sealed. Years have passed and 4 kids(they start out as 10-11yrsold) are destined to stop Yasuno as she is released from her seal once again. Please! Please read it! i know the age seems a little young but...as the story goes on their age will change. Thanks!
1/7/2007 #6
I came up with this idea way back in like sixth grade and have been writing it for a couple years now. I wrote an original version back then, but after revising it, I decided to completely rewrite the whole thing, and this is the current form. The story is called Miracle Makers and it's about a 14 year old boy who doesn't like the way things are going in is life and wants things to change. A friend of his invites him somewhere she believes he can make his wish come true, and it does. It starts out slow, but turns into fast paced action very quickly. First draft, I made the mistake of jumping into action too quickly. Plot development and a quick burst of action that develops into a full on action story feels like the best way to go. I hope my description was good enough and that I'm allowed to post here/posting correctly. Here's the link: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2034856/1/ Thank you.
1/11/2007 #7
Erich Sturmburg
Well, time for a member of the group to advertise his work, eh? Well then, here it is! [i]The Military System![/i] Summary: The prestigious private military organisation in Japan? I don't think so. Situations often go slapstick haywire! Join officers with their antics and enter The Academy! Recruits! Watch your step! And avoid that pulp there called Akito along the way... And yes, this story will probably consist of several one-shots, giving it more humour left explored and unexplored. Chapter 1 is up, and the second chapter is underway. And yes, instead of school humour, why not military humour? http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2302016/1/
1/11/2007 #8
Gonna try to advertise my story here: Legends: In the world of Wu Lin, martial arts rule the land and the people who practice it, otherwise known as Shura-Ningen, learn to master their martial arts to a tee. They also travel the world to test one another and also achieve their own goals. Two brothers, Jia and Li, are also martial artists and each have their own goals; Li wants to create the ultimate fighting art while Jia wants to become the strongest Shura-Ningen in all of Wu Lin. But their main goal is t finish their father's research and also find his murderer. But what lies ahead is a journey that will test their strength and also their determination in each other and also a journey that will have many revelations about the true world of Wu Lin. Features: Lots of fighting Interesting characters deep plot and twists blend of action and comedy. Spoilers Alert: “You call this piece of crap food!” A voice yelled out. The boys turned their heads and saw a man wearing a black frog-buttoned shirt and brown high sandals, brown Mohawk, yelling at the female waitress from earlier. “Who are these guys?” Jia asks. “These guys are that corrupted governor’s men. They just go around and do anything they please and thanks to being under the governor, it pretty much makes them untouchable.” Bao explains. “I see.” Li says. “I am sorry sir but I will ask you to calm down and also…” the girl was interrupted as the man grabbed her shirt and glared at her. “What did you just tell me, you little b***!” The thug asked. “She said for you to stop being so noisy.” Li says as he had a hold of the thug’s arm. “What the? He was just there a second ago.” Bao says and many people also asked themselves that question since they saw Li stand next to his brother a few seconds ago. “How did he move there so fast?” One of the customers asks. “That was Hishundo (Flying Flash Step), a shikijutsu (Movement Technique) that allows my brother to move at high-speeds by gathering ki to his feet and twisting his feet at the same time, thus creating a high-speed burst that allows him to displace himself to another point instantly. I can do it too, but to a lesser extent.” Jia explains. “But there’s no way a human can do such a thing!” The blue-haired waiter replies. “True, but a martial artist can.” Jia grins. “You guys are martial artists?” The people in the restaurant say, confused. “Yes and the proper term is Shura-Ningen (Fighting Human). Both my brother and I are Shura-Ningen, individuals that can perform superhuman feats by controlling, or modifying our ki, the energy that lives within everything. On top of that, I’m a Houhou (Technique) type Shura-Ningen, one that relies on techniques created with my ki like Hishundo for example. Now, leave this restaurant now or else.” Li says in a serious tone. “I don’t care who you are, I’m gonna smash that face of yours punk.” The officer roars. He rears back and throws a punch but the punch never landed as the man was knocked from behind via a chop to the neck from Li. Everyone except for Jia had their mouths wide open in shock. Li breathes out and then glares at the friends of the fallen officer. “Leave now.” Li says. “Hmm, you got guts telling us what to do, kid. We’re the law and we do whatever we want and if you try to go against us, you’ll get yourself killed. Here, let me show you what we mean.” One of the men says as the others all surround Li, and draw their swords. “Go ahead, aniki. Show them what you can do!” Jia cheers on. “Hmm, are you ready to die, kid?” One of the officers grins. “If you truly believe you can kill me with your pathetic amount of power, then go ahead and try, but trust me, you won’t even land a blow on me.” Li says. He then goes for his pocket and the officers get ready just in case he draws a weapon but instead, he draws a red book, and opens it. “History of the Martial Arts, Book One. Oh, don’t mind me. I’ll just be reading my book while you guys attack.” Li says nonchalantly. “Is he crazy? What kind of person reads while fighting?!” A person says. “That’s it. Men, let’s send him to hell” The lead officer says, and then they all charge toward Li, intent on slaughtering the boy. Li then grins and punches two of the men, one in front and one from his right, with his right arm. He then catches one coming from behind, and then flips them to the ground with right hand, all the while still holding the book, alternating hands when countering. He then does a full 360 sweep and knocks them back. An officer swings his sword at Li’s head but Li blocks it with his right foot and counters with a left palm strike to the face and sends the officer flying into another building. Two officers try to get him from behind but he strikes them both in the chest with his elbows and sends them flying into the back of the restaurant and hold out of the building as well. He then proceeds to kick the rest of the officers with his left foot and sends them flying into walls or out of the restaurant. In the end, only one officer was left and everyone had their jaw to the ground in shock. “You’re brother is amazing, Jia-dono.” Bao says. “He sure is.” Jia grins. “You. Get out of here now.” Li says darkly to the last officer. The officer, shaking in his pants, nodded and quickly left. (taken from chapter 1) The first two chapters will be okay but as I get more and more into what how I want this story to develop, the plot will become more interesting and detailed, that I promise. So please read this story in order to support this new writer.
1/17/2007 . Edited 1/17/2007 #9
Humorous Aesthetic
[s:2303859:Initial Fury] This is my first stab at an original story for FictionPress. I had been writing it for a while, and someone gave me the suggestion that I should start posting it here so I can get some good CC for it. I'm up to chapter 3 right now, and I'm working (feverishly) to finish the fourth, so please give it a read if you can. =D
1/27/2007 #10
Sorry if this counts as double-posting. I forgot to give a preview for my earlier mentioned [s:2034856:"Miracle Makers"]. "A bright blue light began to pulsate in his palm. It was like a small star, [edited to avoid spoilers] knew it was over for him. "It's a pity you won't remember any of this when I'm done with you." The blue star turned into a blue orb of energy that surrounded his clenched fist. The orb then quickly went back into his fist. Before [Spoiler Edit] could notice that the boy’s fist, itself, had begun to glow a bright blue color, he was soundly thrashed with a one-shot punch to the face. [Spoiler Edit] assumed the role of a projectile when his flying body exploded into a locker, bending the metal door and stuffing him inside. "Time for me to leave," said the boy, smiling as he examined the wreckage."
1/27/2007 #11

Hey! Please come check out my story! It's called "The Puppet World". Don't let the name fool you! It's a romance story! Please check it out and review!

Here's a description:

My story is about a 15 year old girl named Trinity Morgan, who moves to small town McCook, Nebraska. The day she got there, her parents went shopping while she left Trinity and her abusive brother, Kent, alone for a few hours. Trinity ran and hid from her brother in a closet. She found a small door in the back that sucked her in to a strange universe. Her brother followed her there, and they had no idea where they were. The place is filled with puppets that control larger puppet people. The puppets get minds of their own and set out to kill Trinity and her brother. Trinity and her brother have to set aside their troubles and work together to get out. But, it gets even more complicated when Trinity falls in love with one of the good puppets.

And here's a link:


7/16/2011 #12

Hey I'm pretty new to the site so this forum seemed like the right place to be!

Please check out my book Dimensions, its the first book I've ever really tried to write.

As a quick summary:

In an alternate Dimension created by the US government, fifty years prior, Katya is born into a gritty world where crime lords rule and the very though of taboo is completely opposite from all our perceptions. As she struggles to rise above the underground world of debauchery, she stumbles across a secret that could change the Dimension forever.

7/8/2012 #13
Total Light

Hey guys! Here's part of chapter one from my story: Perfect, Destroyed.


Chapter 1

"Who are you?" I ask standing up, pushing Lela behind me.

"We are here to help." The other one says.

Your appearance implies otherwise dude. "Why do I need help?" I cross my arms.

My mother shoots me a warning look. Then grabs my shoulders "Sweetheart, your fantasies have gone too far, you can't go on like this. You attacked Wade when you were nine, you said he was a terrorist. You hurled a stone at Yvette when you were ten, said she was 'the witch'. When you were eight you got stuck in a tree once saying that you couldn't get down because 1,827 sharks were down there. And you dug a hole in the ground once when you were five, because you had to bury Parker, your imaginary friend, you cried for days, saying he had blown up and it was your entire fault. A couple of days ago you locked Sydney in the closet because she was 'a threat to the throne' that belonged to Selipso. These men are here to help you Anne, you have to trust me."

I tear up at the thought of Parker, it was all my fault, if I had just listened to him…

I shake off my mother's grip. "What are they going to do?"

"Experiment. They want to understand you so they can help you. Your Father and I have talked, and it's time."

Knowing my Mother, she is against scientific crap. So if she wants me to go through with it, I suppose it's safe.

But I'm still not going.

"No." I say.

My Mother glares. "I said you're going."

"No!" I say, anger boiling up inside me, I can feel it run through my veins.

Suddenly, the two men grab me by the arms, and pull me off the ground.

"Stop it! Let me go! I struggle to break free but with no success.

For the first time in my life, I'm properly terrified.

9/12/2012 #14
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