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Feel like ranting? This is the place to do it. Let out your hatred and relieve your stress.
12/5/2006 #1
Hi Underground Constellation, I was trying to figure who you are and tehn realized who you were... that one person: dice darwin. LOL... you remind me of my friend Kowareta Tsubasa. At least, your honesty in your reviews though she is a bit sarcastic. :D Anyways, I do feel like ranting... though not veyr much. I just wanted to talk about mary sues and sue places, and sue eveyrthing. My uncle's (whom I won't give the username of) story is the biggest mary sue story I've ever read, heard, and seen. He made me write onto fictionpress to cmpete with my story which sadly his story didn't do evry well... it only got me and I think only one other person reviewed because I asked them. I had tried to change like a few stuff to make it less mary sue and somewhat make it more fantasy rather than this perfect place, with perfect people who spend five thousand dollars on an apple. Yes, not overimagined over done but they would spend that much on an apple. The main character is the richest, most beautiful perosn in the world and eveyr body happen to love to her. I told my uncle that his charcacters were mary sues... not realistic... eveyrthing about it was strange in my opinion. Nobosy was that perfect and when drama was added itno it... i never could take it seriously and disliked it but I've tried to like it. Really, I have. But... perfection causes annoyance. It was like watching ullah Gullah Island meets The brady Bunch meets Barney meets Mission Impossible. It just didn't go together. Wow, my small rant went bgger than I expected from me. So, anyways, when you post a story could you PM me.
12/21/2006 #2
Is it just me or is anybody getting updates my fictionpress?
12/21/2006 #3
Underground Constellation
When I break through this crazy writers block, I'll post something. I had about five stories on my solo account, but I deleted them because I know I can do better. Guess you can say I reviewed myself as honestly as I do everyone else. As far as the updates go, I think they were going out fine, but I'm not sure now. A writer I know posted something yesterday, and I didn't recieve an alert for it. But I did get an alert for another writer's story. Not sure what's going on.
12/21/2006 #4
Hey Underground Constellation, could you read my story 'Dark Knight: Hjai Escuro Espirito' or 'Miracle knight' I think you'll liek Dark kNight a little more though..
12/22/2006 #5
I'm here and I'm angry for two reasons. One. You stole my idea from the Angry Dome. ...Just kidding. Knowing mine is awesomer than yours is enough for me. Two. Someone just dissed my favorite author. I know that people should be allowed to have their own opinions, but it's not like they just said that they didn't like him. They beat him into the ground. "Robert Cormier is the lowest form of mediocre..." That doesn't exactly sound like someone calmly saying, "Well, I don't like him, but you're free to think how you like." People don't seem to understand. If he's so mediocre why don't you freaking write like him? Because before his death in 2001, he was pretty dang successful. Just because someone jacks off in one of your books, does that suddenly make you a hack writer? HELL NO. People j*** every day. If one writer has the courage to write that down, that doesn't mean they're hack. It means they're creating an accurate portrayal of reality. Boy, that felt good.
1/8/2007 #6
Charming Dice
Hahaha. I saw that in YJan's forum. That poster is a troll, and a pretty good one at that. I can't help but to laugh at it. Trolls are like comedians. They say anything to get attention, and its usually hilarious. No, the Angry Dome isn't better than The Anger Home. Yours is a dome for the angry. This is a home for anger itself. Therefore, I win by default.
1/8/2007 #7
[q]Hahaha. I saw that in YJan's forum. That poster is a troll, and a pretty good one at that. I can't help but to laugh at it. Trolls are like comedians. They say anything to get attention, and its usually hilarious.[/q] Yeah, well... it was annoying but now I'm over it. I basically threw it to him. Kind of like my arguments with you, really. Except I actually said the words 'you win', instead of shrugging it off. But it's the same general idea. [q]No, the Angry Dome isn't better than The Anger Home. Yours is a dome for the angry. This is a home for anger itself. Therefore, I win by default.[/q] Mine has two hundred posts, and it has a welcome sign for Mokos. Besides, a dome is a much more innovative, interesting, resistant-to-earthquakes way to build it. And who says the dome is just for angry people? We invite anything angry, even angry slugs. And I made mine before you made yours. You could've at least tried to give it a name that didn't rhyme with mine... (Disclaimer: I'm not actually mad at you.)
1/8/2007 #8
Erich Sturmburg
Well, the way he does the criticising is about as lowly as this... "It's like criticising someone for being too Brad Pitt"
1/8/2007 #9
Heeeeey, you said that on Bullet's forum!!! *poke*
1/8/2007 #10
Erich Sturmburg
*pokes back at Sakka* Well, I got to thank Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear for giving me some inspirational sarcastic remarks.
1/8/2007 . Edited 1/8/2007 #11
*is poked* WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *cries* *tugs on Dice's sleeve* Outlaw poked me!!!! T_T
1/9/2007 #12
Erich Sturmburg
Hmm.. looks like I'm going to explode, and I will. What's with fictionpress these days? For the last one week, my two updated proses, one being the 3rd chapter for Tokyo Battalions: Illusion and the other The Cutter, has been going up an gone at random times. What's up with that? Is the server's drying up on space or something? I've been getting frustrated at this. Just leave it as it is. I'm already happy at the webpage as it is. Idiotic maggots.
3/28/2007 #13
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