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This is the place for members of our group, fans of our group, or fans of any member of our group to post their thoughts.
12/5/2006 #1
Erich Sturmburg
Well, I'd like to say first that I do apologise for being a nerve-wreck for the last few days and my unnatural behaviour for the whole of December. Guess stress had took the better of me. Hence, if I had affected anyone during the whole month of December, I would like to apologise. All of those may, or may not notice it, but I do. It's been on my mind quite since.

Since I let it out, I must say, a load of burden had been lifted, however slightly.

1/5/2007 #2
Charming Dice
Man, there's no need to apologize. Everyone has those moments when they act a little strange. The past is the past. No need to worry about it.

If you look around the forums on this site, you can see my rants posted all over. Its my way of venting when I'm feeling stressed like you. I'm sure the forum administrators don't enjoy it, but... oh well. Heh, they can always delete it.

Its good to see that your burden has been lifted somewhat. Lettting your problems out usually has that effect. If you have anything else you want to let out, then feel free. It not a problem. Just don't let negative thoughts sit in your mind. Trust me, it'll only get worse if you do.

But that's enough about that. Welcome to the group. Its good to see you haven't quit writing.

1/5/2007 . Edited 1/5/2007 #3
Hey! *wave wave* I just found this forum... and... Hey! *wave*
1/5/2007 #4
Erich Sturmburg
lol, hey there, Sakka. How's things for you? Did the post in Yjanz's 'controversial topic' help you a bit?
1/5/2007 #5
To be honest, I have no clue, because I can't remember what it's about. I'll go check that.
1/6/2007 #6
Charming Dice
Okay, am I the only one who noticed that the thread "An Idea" is blank where it usually shows the time of the most recent post?
1/7/2007 #7
Erich Sturmburg
Well, I deleted one of my posts in that thread, and it occurred. It made me wonder for a while what had happened.
1/8/2007 #8
What're you guys talking about? ^^U
1/8/2007 #9
aka Providence
Hi to anyone here right now! Don't have much time left, g2g somewhere in 30 minutes... so anyone home?
1/8/2007 #10
Ok, so I am 10 days late (haha), but I had to post here (Dice told me to =P). I've been having Internet problems, PC problems, scheduling problems... all kinds of problems, so I haven't been able to do anything here!

Anyway, just introducing myself to some of the members of UC... I am Relix (-_-), a easy going, funny dude who has a VERY peculiar style of writing which some people out there seem to hate (not pointing at you Dice, so don't be offended!), since I tend to be VERY minimalistic with details and I don't use much of a narrating voice for my stories, just let them flow with dialogue and of course some action told my a 3rd Person, never known, omniscient narrator (who is just there to tie the actions of the characters).

I hope to soon be able to provide UC with a script they might like so all work on it, or I can just work with an available script already. I know I will have a great time here, and I expect to be of help too! Thanks for the opportunity Dice!

1/18/2007 #11
Erich Sturmburg
I hope to soon be able to provide UC with a script they might like so all work on it, or I can just work with an available script already. I know I will have a great time here, and I expect to be of help too! Thanks for the opportunity Dice!

Hey there Relix, it's Outlaw-2, nice to meet you and welcome to the team. :P Well, we do have a script/story in mind. Take a look at Sasaki Senior High School 2! in UC's profile. Yes, it used to be my story, but after some complications, I decided to make it a group story instead. All chapters are one shot, so you're free to make any story. The characters you may find in the current 4 chapters can be found on my profile, so to reduce the amount of questions asked. :P

ALso, I'd like to note everyone that I'll be unavailable in March as I will be doing my exams then. Yes, my crunch time is coming up, and my Maths is still screwed up like hell. I really have to thank God for putting Computer Programming(The fastest programmer in my class,:P I'm trying to be modest.) Anyway, good to see you here Relix :D

1/19/2007 . Edited 1/19/2007 #12
Charming Dice
Well, Relix, its good to see you made it here. This forum thing isn't hard once you get used to it.

And Outlaw, I completely understand. Do what you have to do and we'll be here when you're done.

1/19/2007 #13
Erich Sturmburg
Hey, Dice, what chapter have you currently read in one of my stories, Tokyo Battalions? I was just wandering as the second last chapter (CHapter 11) is due to be released by the end of this week. :Winces:
1/23/2007 #14
Charming Dice
I think I'm on chapter 3 or 4. Can't remember which. Thanks for reminding me, though. I will get to it, so don't worry. I didn't realize it was ending so quickly. If Tokyo Battalions if part one, and Tokyo Battalions: Bloodshed is part three, does that mean you're doing a part two?
1/24/2007 #15
Erich Sturmburg
Yeah, part 2 is next. which would probably be a 12 or 24 chapter story as well, before the long run of part 4, which I may target of 30 chapters. Also, after all that, I'll recompile all four parts, and create a whole, complete version together with Shattered Entity, mimicking as a novel.
1/24/2007 #16
Charming Dice
Okay, I'll go check out another chapter or two of your story (depending on the chapter length). I'm sure I mentioned this somewhere in this forum, but I read fairly slow on the computer. Focus issues. So give me time.
1/25/2007 #17
Erich Sturmburg
Well, I've completed another story of mine, but it isn't the end yet. Part 2 is in planning phase. I'm trying incorporate the writing style between Shattered Entity and the old Tokyo Battlions: Bloodshed, so it's both unique and catchy. Things are going to get messy and ugly for Claire and her new partner. I'm sure about that.
1/26/2007 #18
Charming Dice
Well, congratulations on completing your story. And a messy, ugly story sounds like fun. I never read Tokyo Battalions: Bloodshed, so I'm wondering how your new style will look. I'm looking forward to it.
1/26/2007 #19
Number Zero
...man, I hope I will complete my Legends of Zaultz too. The truth is, I finished the part 1 of LOZ II but I decided to put Jurons' story first before finishing Vonns'. Anyway, it's far from done tho... and I am looking for betas too, but I could not find any... T_T man...
2/2/2007 #20
Erich Sturmburg
Lol, looks like you're in the same position as I am right now. In order for me to continue my new Tokyo Battalions: Illusions, I must first continue with Shattered Entity, so to make it more relevant. And of course, this would mean good news to Dice, who is waiting for the next chapter of Shattered Entity with aniticipation... :P Don't worry Dice, I'm working on it.
2/3/2007 #21
Charming Dice
Yeah, I am waiting for your story. I was wondering what happened to it, or if you were finished. Its still one of my favorites on this site.

Oddly enough, I'm waiting for my the next chapter of my own stories with anticipation too. I think that might be bad, considering I'm the one who's supposed to be writing them. I'll get to it eventually, I guess.

And Jack, I could try beta-ing your story if you break it down into parts of about 1000 words or less, and e-mail them to me one at a time. You don't have to change the chapter length, just cut the chapters in half or something. For some reason, I can't beta long stories all at once.

2/3/2007 . Edited 2/3/2007 #22
Number Zero
Ok, thanks...

Actually I already broken the story into three parts, thus making a triology but of different main characters. Juron is the main character in LOZ I, while Vonn in 2 and Jiru in 3... I guess it is far from done tho, and I only finished the part 1 of LOZ 2.

2/3/2007 #23
Charming Dice
I probably won't be on this site as often as I used to. I've come to the decision that it's about time I started writing a story to be published. I have two stories actually. One story I'll send to agents and publishers, and the other will be self-published.

I'm self-publishing one because I have a story that probably won't be accepted by publishers, because its not built for the typical reader/buyer they're used to. I've done my research. Instead, its aimed more at fans of a similar form of entertainment that has a huge fanbase right now. I have a specific marketing strategy that's so outside the box that no one has probably ever tried it, and it would be fun making it happen on my own. I don't want to share more about it now, but if I can make it work, I'll be sure to return here someday and tell you everything.

Not sure whether I seem arrogant or not right now, but I do know there's a chance my plans could fail. Honestly, I'm not worried about it anymore. Trying to make something happen is half the fun, and that's the fun that's been missing from this site (for me, at least). I don't really have anything more to accomplish on here, so I might as well move on to something new.

Most of the reviews I get on this site -- while nice and flattering -- are still pretty useless. I hate to put it bluntly like that, but I can't think of a better way to put it. Almost everything I've learned about writing has come from reading a lot of writing books in a short period of time, not from anything that's come from this site. Aside from the occaisonal typo being pointed out, nobody other than Sakka-Fenikkusu even tries to point out my flaws anymore. It defeats the purpose of even being here.

I'm not ditching you all or anything. I just won't be posting stories here much, if at all. I'll still keep up with the forum and your stories as much as possible, though. And I'm still here to give advice if anyone ever needs it.

So wish me luck, everyone.

2/6/2007 #24
aka Providence
Above everything else: Good luck and kick some a**. I'm sure you'd be able to pull off a great story, and it's kinda embarassing for me, since I keep telling you that I'd write a story fit to be published (lol). I need to improve my ability to work without getting distracted first before I can take myself seriously.

In any case, you got talent, and send me a copy when you get published!

2/6/2007 #25
You don't seem arrogant. You just seem ready to make your dreams a reality - that's called ambition. And, for that, I commend you.

If your complex out-of-the-box publishing idea works, I'd like to be clued in, too. :)

I'm the only one? That's kind of... depressing. Well, I hope I've been doing a good job of it.

Luck, luck, luck. I'll give you all the luck I have. Here's my lucky pencil, my lucky eraser cap, my lucky pencil sharpener, my lucky writing journal, my lucky hat, my lucky shirt, my lucky dictionary, and the luck of the Irish. There's my entire luck archive for you.

But, you know what? Luck will only take you so far. What you really need is determination and drive, which I think you have. Frankly, you probably don't need our luck.


2/6/2007 #26
Erich Sturmburg
Wow, looks like it's your turn now to reach that target of yours, Dice, and I must say good luck to you, and keep that drive up. And well, you did make me realise one thing when I joined in this group; reviews doesn't count how good one's story fare, it's the quality of the story that counts. I'm still trying to apply that to my fullest so I could go further with it. And also, it would be years before my turn comes to publish (Considering the confusing nature of the story I'm writing right now), so yeah, keep it up, never give up, and go for it. We'll still be hanging around here, so do drop by once in a while to chat with us.

And also... *Pokes Yjanz* You've been quite busy lately, eh? I'll be next in March. In fact, I'm prepping for my examinations now actually. Engineering Maths is hard.

2/6/2007 #27
Number Zero
Oh... I guess I did not understand much about what you said earlier. I guess I should have not asked you to beta my LOZ chapter 2... but I thank you about the chapter 1. Anyway I'll be wishing luck to ya!
2/7/2007 #28
Erich Sturmburg
Well, well, well... Been a while since I last came here. Anyway, I'm back and busy writing once again. This time I'll be juggling three stories; Tokyo Battalions: Illusions, Shattered Entity, and a remake of Tokyo Battalions: Bloodshed, which will be temporarily called Tokyo Battalions: Bloodshed EX

Looks like I'll be the one being the caretaker of the Underground Constellation once again.

3/17/2007 #29
Number Zero
yo... sorry guys if I hadn't posted or replied for the long. our summer break just began this week for it was our finals last March 23. anyway, since it's our summer break now I can finally have some writing to do and currently I am doing progress with my LOZ I. I apologize if I dissapointed you with the story if it is very faulty and full of mistakes, but now I am rewriting it once more. so, to those who read I would like to express my greatest grattitude to you thanks...
3/27/2007 #30
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