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Erich Sturmburg
Well, I've been thinking about it, and well, I decided to scrap one of my stories; Sasaki Senior High School 2! However, I gave it a thought about it, and well, I was thinking of making my 'planned to scrap' story into a group story, meaning that anyone in the group could make a new chapter, and post it under here. I'm not sure how I phreased it, but I think the message is there; should I transfer it here? I'd like to hear your opinions.
1/7/2007 #1
Charming Dice
That seems like a good idea to me. Only thing is that I'm not sure if we'd be breaking the rules by posting whole chapters in the forum. We could put it under the group account, though. I forgot to send you the password and stuff. I'll e-mail them to you. I think I'd have to read the original Sasaki Senior High to understand what its about, but that probably wouldn't take too much time.
1/7/2007 #2
Erich Sturmburg
I knew my phrasing was a little misleading. Yes, I was thinking of putting it in the group account. And well, you don't have to worry about the plot in the story. Most of the chapters are one shot, yet having the humourous nature stuck to it. The character specifications are in my profile, so it would help you in the plot as well. From the looks of it, I keep feeling it's like a close rival to Meteor-Infinity's Fictionpress High. But hey, it's for the fun of it! :P
1/7/2007 #3
Charming Dice
I haven't written comedy in a while (months). It'll be a nice challenge. Though I was a member of Meteor-Infinity at one point (still am... sort of), I never got around to reading Fictionpress High. Sounds like fun to me!
1/7/2007 #4
I'll try it, too. I'm up for anything!
1/7/2007 #5
Erich Sturmburg
Well, I've posted Chapters 1 to 4 in the group's account. Chapter 5 was only a portion of it, so I decided to remove it. Anyway, enjoy! I'll try to look into it when I have ideas as well. Just follow this rule when making the chapters; one-shots. If you want a little relation to the next chapter, it's all right. Good luck! :P
1/7/2007 #6
Erich Sturmburg
Hmm, it seems that Yjan's is still not here yet. Is he busy with the NaNoWriMo? I skipped on that event when I saw that you had to write 50k words in one month.
1/8/2007 #7
Charming Dice
As I understand it, he stopped doing NaNoWriMo about a month ago. I could be wrong, but I think YJan is to our group what I am to his: someone around to help and maybe write a little, but not a fully active member. Then again, I never really asked. Next time he's online, I'll IM him and ask.
1/8/2007 #8
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