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Underground Constellation
This is Dice Darwin, creator of the group. Anyone who wants to join our writers group, just post the title of your best story and a link to it, and I'll check it out. Don't worry, you don't have to be great to join. Reasonably good is all we ask.
1/8/2007 #1
http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2303302/1/ Not the best, but the best to date.
1/15/2007 #2
Erich Sturmburg
err... guys? I think biieruesu wants to join the group. Anyone going comment? I'm giving him/her the thumb up.
1/25/2007 #3
Charming Dice
I was going to respond by e-mail, but I've been running behind on a lot of things lately. If you're still interested, biieruesu, then you're more than welcome to join. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
1/25/2007 #4
Erich Sturmburg
[q]I was going to respond by e-mail, but I've been running behind on a lot of things lately.[/q] Lol, yeah, things do get a bit stretched when the team has just been created, but it would turn out for the better. Why not suffer now, and rewarded later? This is the formula I've seen in several writing guilds.
1/26/2007 #5
Charming Dice
Lol. I was hoping to avoid suffering altogether, but I guess its unavoidable. I'll see about getting more members for the group, so it can grow.
1/28/2007 #6
Ah, thanks. Don't feel bad, winter is a time to do troublesome things; it can't be helped. Thanks, Outlaw, no one's called me a him/her before, they've just assumed.
1/28/2007 #7
Hello. I'm a newbie. =D I'm actually used to RPBs but not in writing fictions. I dunno if I'm good at it but I'm doing my best. So, can I join? Here's the link to my page. http://www.fictionpress.com/u/554483/
2/1/2007 #8
Number Zero
hey... uh... as you see. I wana join, I guess you people know me and I got a pretty good scoldin from dice last time heheheh. anyway, I may be not that good but i like to join ya group... that if it is fine with you.
2/1/2007 #9
Charming Dice
You can both join. And I didn't mean to scold you, Jack. I really was just trying to help. I think my writing comes out a little harsh sometimes. Well, at least you took it well.
2/1/2007 #10
Number Zero
Heheh, you're right... but still I have a long way to go like many people say. And oh... I forgot to post the links of my story. However I'll post LOZ I cuz it's really the start of my story, I should have wrote LOZ I first before II but anyway here it is and still under way. I am still having problems at the first scene tho, but I will fix it when I have some time. http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2310589/1/
2/2/2007 #11
Could I join... but if I use a story, does it have to be from this site?
2/15/2007 #12
http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2321782/1/ Maybe not by best, but hopefully it will be :D
2/19/2007 #13
Erich Sturmburg
[q]Could I join... but if I use a story, does it have to be from this site?[/q] Well, it is preferred to be from this site for easy navigation to find it, and read. :) [q]http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2321782/1/ Maybe not by best, but hopefully it will be :D[/q] I'm on it. :P Dice may be away, and the group's half dead, but I'm still here, going strong. Man... What happened to Sakka, Relix, and Bullet? Am I going to be the only active member left?
2/19/2007 #14
Charming Dice
I'm not that much away. Half here, half not. Sakka is supposed to keeping things going smoothly, but I guess that isn't happening at the moment. I'll try to keep an eye on things here until she gets into it. But yeah, you're all welcome to join. Thanks for keeping things going, Outlaw.
2/19/2007 #15
Underground Constellation
To Biiruesu, Jawn, Lone Swordsman Jack, NeoMiniTails, and Lord-of-Fools, If you wish to have a profile on the Underground Constellation profile, you can either PM me (Outlaw02) or Dice Darwin for the password to the profile, or simply e-mail the profiles to me so I can add the lot of you into it. Well, I thought I'd do something about it till Sakka truly maintains the group. In the meantime, I'll try being the caretaker. And yes, there is a group story that goes by the title of "Sasaki Senior High School 2!". The chapters are all based on one-shots, so you can make a story without worrying about continuation. The character details that are currently there can be read up at my profile, so to prevent from asking too much questions. You can add your variations of characters, but be sure to make a profile (In the chapter) in order to know more about the character. P.S. Uhh.. yeah.. this is Outlaw02. :P
2/19/2007 #16
Sorry, guys, got caught up in a couple things. I'll check back here much more often now. But it's cool that you helped a little bit. You'd better stick with e-mailing the profiles, Outlaw. Dice says we'd better keep the password between the first few members.
2/22/2007 #17
Can I join? I always enjoy talking to other writers and reading what they have written so when I managed to come across this forum it sounded great.
5/7/2007 #18
I looked at your stuff, and you seem qualified. PM or e-mail Outlaw, Dice or I a paragraph or so about you we can put in the group profile, and we'll put it up. If you want to publish anything on the group account, send it over to one of us. If you become an active member and we get to know you a bit more, we'll probably give you the password. Welcome in.
5/8/2007 #19
Thanks for letting me join, I feel honored to join such a active and kind group. ^^ Surreal
5/9/2007 #20
No problem. If you ever want to co-op or anything, I'm up for that, too. ;)
5/9/2007 #21
Hmm co-op I've seen some beautifully written one's but I doubt my writing style would be up to par with yours. Thanks for le offer though I might give it a try in the future.
5/10/2007 #22
Number Zero
Actually... I am the worst writer here. You can read my stuff as an evidence... Anyway, I'll read ya stuff if I got some time.
5/10/2007 #23
[q]Hmm co-op I've seen some beautifully written one's but I doubt my writing style would be up to par with yours.[/q] Watch my ego inflate. ;) Just watch it. See? It's inflaaaating. I'm not that much better than you - I'm just good at critiquing other people's work. Because I'm a control freak and whatnot.
5/10/2007 #24
Erich Sturmburg
I had a bad cold yesterday, but somehow having a weird vibe whenever I dropped by to FP, so I decided to check it out. Welcome to the group, surrealphobia! Hope you enjoy your stay here. As for me, I'm Outlaw-2, specialising in Action-packed, gory, and horror. Not only that I do cater to boisterous and slapstick humour, and racing. Well, in different situations, you have to adjust your ego here and there, so don't worry if you're a bit egoistic at some point. I learned how to keep my ego in check, and look where I am now. I was chosen by the teachers to be in a special project, no special projects; 5 of them to do, of which three must be done before June, and two must be done by the end of August. Not only that Today will the an interesting day as the Minister of Education from Thailand is dropping by specially for our class after hearing about MC2M (My class) back in Thailand. SO, yeah, I'll be bloody packed busy these days, but it doesn't mean I'm quitting here. Shattered Entity's next chapter is underway, and so does the long forgotten Racer 666. Ugh, I think I told a bit too much, but hey, it's just a heads up of what I have to deal in this season.
5/10/2007 #25
Wow horribly full life? Well thanks (again) for letting me join Outlaw I really like it here. I will read your stories soon, do you suggest I read any in particular or whatever strikes my intrest? I wasn't trying to egotistical or arrogant if I seemed that way. I just know that you guys are much beter writers than me, and if I co-oped I would probably mess up the vibe. So now I'm off to read some of your work in hopes of improving. Surreal
5/11/2007 #26
[q]I wasn't trying to egotistical or arrogant[/q] I think he was talking about me, dear. *points to "ego inflation"* [q]if I co-oped I would probably mess up the vibe.[/q] I'm a horrid co-opper. Calm down. We would'nt've let you in if you weren't good.
5/11/2007 #27
See I wrote that at 6:00 am. Still no excuse for being blonde. And you're not egotistical. I know egotistical people. *shudders* It seems so impossible to write a good werewolf story...anyone got any tips? I'm lost in a muse finding effort
5/11/2007 #28
Erich Sturmburg
Nah, I was just giving an overall view about ego and when it is good to be of use. Well, Surreal, if you're an open minded person, you could try and give a shot of the interlinked story of "Tokyo Battalions" and "Shattered Entity". Inspired from an anime titled "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni", it's a puzzle story that gives out a rather disturbing vibe while the controversial scenes are very much relevant to the plot. Every step the characters take has a motive and reason, some of it are clues, some of it are distorters (Hence bending the truths you find), and some are helpers (Hence gives you a real truth in small doses, you don't realise it.) Drop by to my profile should you find yourself interested with the story. Do be careful though, as I write the story/puzzle, I'm confusing myself as well, to a point that I'm actually afraid to write the prose.
5/11/2007 #29
Erich Sturmburg
[q]See I wrote that at 6:00 am. Still no excuse for being blonde. And you're not egotistical. I know egotistical people. *shudders* It seems so impossible to write a good werewolf story...anyone got any tips? I'm lost in a muse finding effort[/q] Well, what kind of werewolf story are you aiming? There are 1001 ways to write a good werewolf story. You only have to find one that sticks out as in a very unique plot.
5/11/2007 #30
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