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Good werewolf story, huh? Well, the first step is to get clear which myths you will or won't use. Personally, I'd really love a story where being a werewolf is a lot more of a curse than a blessing - and by that I don't just mean they lose control under the full moon. Like, they show wolfish characteristics when in human form that render them socially inept, etc. Be creative. Next, the character needs to be reasonably flawed. However, flaws only go so far - if readers can't identify with your main character in some way, they probably won't read it. Try to make a healthy balance. So if your character is extremely strong in one point, make them equally weak in another. Then find out what kind of plot you're going for. My suggestion is to eliminate villains, especially if you can't make them believeable. Villains that feel real are EXTREMELY hard to come by, so sometimes it's best to avoid them altogether and replace them with a Man Vs. Self conflict. But if you really believe you can do it well, go for it. That's all I got. Use it well.
5/11/2007 #31
Imaginary Rose
Eh, I have no clue what I'm doing. This is my first time EVER in a forum. Anyway I'd like to join, please. Here's the link to my story, Secrets of Storms: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2356039/1/
5/22/2007 #32
Outlaw: I'm leaving. After I delete all my stuff from the account, change the password or whatever.
5/24/2007 #33
Underground Constellation
Outlaw-2 here, @ Sakka: What happened? I assume you are extremely cooped up with studies or work. However, I will not change the password or sorts, as this account, from what I view it, is still Dice Darwin's. @ C.Shells: Well, I've browsed through the first chapter, (I apologise for not being able to fully read it due to 6 projects I have to deal with) and I must say, I'm impressed by your style. Though you did lack the attention to detail in terms of explaining the surroundings, or describing a village. Character wise, conversation flows out naturally, which is a great point. Well then, you're in. Feel free to e-mail me at keitaro_urashima_zss@hotmail.com if you want an intro in the group profile. As for the collab thing in your profile, I',m not too keen with it actually, but if you need some humour to your plot, I'm the man.
5/25/2007 #34
[q]@ Sakka: What happened? I assume you are extremely cooped up with studies or work. However, I will not change the password or sorts, as this account, from what I view it, is still Dice Darwin's.[/q] I'm leaving out of courtesy to Dice. We're not talking any more, and I don't think he'd be hugely enthusiastic if I still ran his writing group. I meant get his permission first, obviously. I just thought you might find it a bit more... secure... if I didn't know.
5/25/2007 #35
Guess a bit late, but can I join? What do we do here? Um, story link to qualify... [s:2398945:Z Illusions] And then?
8/27/2007 #36
Number Zero
yo, its me guys... jack. long time no chat, been a long while since i visited this website. sorry if i did gave any updates or anything at my stories because i am busy these last sems, college life really gives you hell. anyway, am i kicked out from here? if I am can I join again? Anyway about my latest is War of Clans, the story may be over-cliched tho but your reviews are appreciated.
9/7/2007 #37
Erich Sturmburg
Hey there, Sorry for the super long response, considering how deserted the group is now. Dice Darwin has yet to be seen (Now under the name of Ghost of the Manga's Past), and Sakka who had pulled out of the group for some reason, hence it has become very silent all of a sudden. I've read up your prose, and I find that the title a bit misleading in some way- maybe is just myself. But no matter, the intro was good, though it did require re-reading one or two times before getting the right visual image. Plot-wise, it's good; looking forward to this one. Welcome to the group, if you don't mind the eerie silence. Outlaw-2, Breaking the law. If you wish to input your profile into the group, please do send me a PM, and I'll do the rest
9/7/2007 #38
Erich Sturmburg
Hey there, Well, I can safely say that you're not kicked out or anything; the group has gotten silent ever since Dice's absence and Sakka's withdrawal. Hence, it wold only leave me, the care-taker of the group to get things going. Unfortunately, I'm very much busy myself, hence there are times I would be unavailable, constantly. Anyway, I've read up your prose, and as you admitted, it is a bit over-cliqued. However, there's one flaw; the character does feel a little strong in some way, but hey, I'm guilty for that as well several times over, eh? Well, the only thing that was clique in your prose was only the intro...fullstop. From there onwards, it was actually quite a refreshing start. Welcome to the group, I must say. Sho0uld you want a profile in the group page, do PM me your profile, and I'll do the rest. Just don't mind the eerie silence of the group. Outlaw-2, You got to kill to stay alive...
9/7/2007 #39
Well hi. Yeah it's rather quiet, but I can stick around I guess. Seems like the others left. Oh well. Maybe you can get some new blood back and start the fire once more? Thanks for reading then. Um...
9/8/2007 #40
Demented Hellion
http://www.fictionpress.com/s/1489532/1/ I'd like to join, please.
12/30/2007 #41

Hiya! I have no published stories on this site yet, but I was hoping that you guys (or girls) could help me actually start the story. See, I know what the story's plot and actual story-line , but I have no clue how to start it! (Like, if I should have it from several points of view, or the main charater's, or etc.) Can you guys help me out?

P.S. Hey, if I finish it soon, then can I join?

4/8/2008 #42
J.A. Fletcher

Here's a story in my series, Space Adventures. Oh, yeah, I have no experience writing science fiction, but it's short, so you won't have to suffer long.


5/29/2008 #43

Hi! I'm very proud of this story. I only have two chapters up. Though, hopefully people will like it.


8/10/2008 #44

Hello, Id like to join in..thanx. Im Cole Perry. Just taking up writing again and realized that I am slowly getting over writers block...anyways.

this is the one Im currently working with.


11/15/2008 #45
Number Zero

Greetings my friends, its been a long time since i've written or made an appearance here. I apologize if I was not able to finish most of my stories. Anyways, here is my new fic... the progress is slow because of my classes, but this time however i am determined to finish it.


its not that really impressive but i hope you would be interested in reading it.

11/18/2008 #46


4/5/2009 #47

http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2709606/1/Ascendencyhi there I'm new:D

8/18/2009 #48
Dahlia Wolffe

Just trying to advertise, I know no one pays attention to this board. :(

The Grey Witches is possibly the only story I've finished (i just haven't updated) and I would appreciate a few reviews. (The first five chapters, you can ignore). And as I am part of two review forums, if you review me I am happy to review back, just PM me so I will. :)

http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2787585/1/The_Grey_Witches (Feel free to r&r any other stories if you want;)

Thank Ya!

6/22/2010 #49
Mia Homina Telos Writ
Min of I join? I make ko promises on the whole "reasonably good" front. I mean, what do you expect? Errr.... Talking about writing not my storm suite.(so are alot of other things....) Anyway, I have 2 accounts one i had to creat since my computer is being evil. And my original account. Links don't work for me. Errr Here: I guess my 'best'(ie: book/ poem that doesn't stink like fish sticks.) is "Time Could Kill You." By fantasybookworm2012: https://m.fictionpress.com/s/3083444/1/Time-Could-Kill-You That should work. Errr.... Yeah.
12/10/2013 #50
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