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Look, I'm all for spamming when its done right, but don't go randomly making threads to spam your forum and stories. Seriously, that's not cool. If you feel the need to randomly spam and advertise your work, then do it here. Have a blast.

--Dice Darwin

1/9/2007 #1
Spam? I love spam. This is a great idea. Spam is great. I like getting spam on my e-mail. I did a happy dance when Gamespot started spamming me. I did a happy dance when lots of sweepstakes morons started spamming me. Then I spammed me, and I didn't like it for some reason. ^____^


I could be really evil and make you have to scroll really far to reply on the spam topic, like so....


Whoops! I did. Sor-ree! *hops off* Spam, o, spam, how I love thee....

1/9/2007 #2
Chidori vs Rasengan
1/14/2007 #3
spam potato chips!
1/14/2007 #4
Erich Sturmburg
Volkspammeister, uberspammeister, fuhrer-spammeister.




I think I just went mad

1/14/2007 #5
Charming Dice
Maybe we should rename this group aka Mightier-Insanity. I think we're all nuts.
1/15/2007 #6
Maybe we should rename this group aka Mightier-Insanity. I think we're all nuts.

Or or or we could name it 'The Flying Elvises: Utah Chapter'. No, wait, they already have one of those... and I don't live in Utah.

1/15/2007 #7
There's a group called the FLYING ELVISES? That's brilliant!

I tasted spam once. I didn't like it. No, no.

1/22/2007 #8
There's a group called the FLYING ELVISES? That's brilliant!

Not on Fictionpress. It's from some movie. And they're not just the Flying Elvises. They're the Flying Elvises: Utah Chapter. XD

2/22/2007 #9
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