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Why not?
1/22/2007 #1
Charming Dice
I'm tired of all forms of Cola; they all taste like one big, sugary mess. I read words slower on the computer than I do on paper.
1/23/2007 #2
Erich Sturmburg
Ugh... I thought it was just a fluke, but no.... it was true! Drinking too much coffee not only makes you go insomniac, it dries up your throat like a Sahara Desert! Right now, I'm downing my 6th mug of water today! ugh...
1/25/2007 #3
I don't like the taste of coffee. I like tea. I'm weird like that. But was that TOO-much-information, or just information? Are you going to kick me out of here for this attrocity? -Is booted out the door-
1/25/2007 #4
aka Providence
I got bit by an ant in... uhhh, my sensitive area. Had to soak it with alcohol since I scratched on it. Very painful. I went ARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!! -is that too much info?- X_-.
1/25/2007 #5
Charming Dice
Yeah, that's too much. I got chased by a squirrel when I was a kid. It looked sick. I thought it had rabies or something.
1/25/2007 #6
-is that too much info?- A little. But I supposse that is the point of the thread. Dice, that's awful. To judge that poor squirl just because of its decrepid appearnance, and the foam, and the glowing eyes and oh no oh no oh god OWWWWWWW! XD Once I was cannoeing and we came to close to a swans nest . . . those birds are VICIOUS. It almost tipped the boat over!
1/25/2007 #7
aka Providence
Frogs scare me; it's one of the few animals that make me step away very fast.
1/25/2007 #8
Erich Sturmburg
Too-much water makes me go to the washroom once every 10 minutes. Too-much enthusiasm playing soccer (It should be football, not soccer!) caused me to get myself hit by a football in the face. Too-much chicken makes anyone grow...err... bosoms. Yes, if you eat too much chicken, especially KFC, which contains female hormones, your chest grows bigger. Girls, you'll love it :3. Guys, FREAK OUT!!! I quitted eating at KFC two years ago, so I'm safe.
1/25/2007 #9
Burnt Bread
Just stumbled across this forum clicking links and had to comment. [q]I thought it had rabies or something.[/q] ....maybe it was pregnant.... though babies wouldn't be contageous, would they? Erm.... When I was 14 a friend convinced me into joining the air force cadets and on the first camp thing, I climbed a mountain, sat down and split the crouch of my pants. I didn't even think that was possible, I mean, I've seen people split the butt end of their pants if they're too tight or worn or whatever, but this was the bit in he front. They didn't have any spares. And then two years later on another camp thing one of the little cadets got a tick down below while he was peeing and... and *someone* had to tweeze it off. I've since quit.
2/2/2007 #10
Whenever I'm IMing with people and they say they've got to go so they can use the restroom or something, I ask them if it was a number one or a number two when they come back. That too much information? 'Cause, I've only scratched the surface.
2/17/2007 #11
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