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Charming Dice
What's anime or manga do you like the most? Which ones do you hate? Personally, I like Hellsing more than most anime. I can't stand Inuyasha, though.
2/1/2007 #1
aka Providence
Hmm, my favorites would be Basilisk, Gungrave, and Gundam Seed Destiny. I have a general dislike/hate for Naruto, Bleach and Beyblade.
2/1/2007 #2
Number Zero
huh, why hate BLEACH... it's better than naruto and besides I find Gundam Seed really boring, so much talking and very little action Gundam wing is better and I kinda hate love stories much. But the anime that I really hate much is Crush Gear Nitro and duel masters I find the two dumb... I mean worse than dumb.
2/4/2007 #3
The Key of Destiny
Why do you people hate InuYasha and Naruto?! Those are my favorite manga/anime!! What's wrong with them?! (But the only problem I have with Naruto is that they focus waaaay to much on Sasuke- they focus like, 10 episodes on him, and 3 episodes on Naruto- what's with that?!) I sort of like Fushigi Yugi- I'd like it a lot better if Miaka wasn't so friggin' annoying! (And if she'd actually look a 15- year old instead of a 12- year old.) I love the s-CRY-ed anime, but I HATE the manga!!!! The artwork is hideous and it's clearly for young h*** teenaged boys who can't get their hand on Playboy magazine. (But like I said- the anime's good. The artwork is better, the voices are good, and supporting characters (such as Kanami, Kimishima, and Mimori) get a larger part. It's reversed when it comes to DN Angel- love the manga, hate the anime (the artwork and voices are good and all- but it does't follow the manga's storyline at all and Dark falls for Risa- I don't like Risa, it was better when Dark fell for Riku. Case Closed is good, too- but it's waaaaaay to long- finish it already!!!! ......Okay, I'm done....
4/21/2007 #4
It's pretty simple as to why some folks hate InuYasha and Naruto(Myself included); It NEVER FRICKEN ENDS, it's sort of like what you said for Case Closed. And to put it simply, stories that drag on for too long just get...boring =P Fillers don't really help either. A reason for me is that I don't really like the fans of those two series, alot of the fans get on my nerves and you hear the same stuff over and over again, so I usaully stay away from those series. I like BLEACH though, for some odd reason. XP I'm into more unknown series at the moment, such as Saiunkoku Monogatari, Air Gear, Zombie-Loan, and KHR, oh, and Simoun. I perfer more dark series as well, like Death Note and Darker than BLACK.
12/28/2007 #5
Yeah more like there's no plot. Pokemon's another one on that list. InuYasha is way worse - the drawing is crap. Can't bare it. Bleach has too many fillers. It's good if you ignore those.
1/31/2008 #6
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