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Hi everyone! My company, Notes and Cards features a stories section where YOUR stories could be featured. You need only provide the links to your stories if you wish to participate. This section is aimed at not only entertaining my customers but also at increasing your publicity. This is a chance to let your stories be seen by others besides those of the FP community. I know i sound like a commercial but i need your consent before i advertise your stories. Thank you for your cooperation. Yours, Anna E. Stories of any genre will be considered but i will only be accepting the first twenty candidates. Cheers! P.S. This section is for entertainment purposes only and I will not be charging visitors to read your work so please do not expect payment. Once more, Cheers! Please visit the page on which your links will be posted along with a brief summary at: Please don't let the site name decieve you as i make it extremely clear that your works are yours.
3/3/2007 #1
While I'd usually scold you for advertising in our forum, this sounds like a fair offer. At least it's not called "The Butcher Shop". I'll think about it when I get a piece I'm proud enough of to submit.
3/3/2007 #2
Erich Sturmburg
I could give a shot at this, but I'll try doing some edits to one of my story planned to submit; Tokyo Battalions. But.. is it just one chapter, or multiple chapters is allowed? Well, because mine has 12 chapters. If not I'll try making my way to another prose.
3/7/2007 #3
Thanks for considering it. And for not scolding. ^_^ Oh and Outlaw, it'll be the link to your FP stories with a little summary underneath.Just like FP only on a different site. Cheers!
3/7/2007 #4
Erich Sturmburg
Oh, okay, then put mine in then. :P Tokyo Battalions http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2242602/1/ Summary 1:This is where everything began. The time where there was only one member capable enough to eliminate rivals. Meet Claire Everon, an 18 year old lass who has a year of experience in The Academy. As her days were numbered without noticing, something that she had long forgotten begins to haunt her. What's with Claire and her past? Why is it after her, especially when she realises, there's more than meets the eye? Summary 2: Two ladies, one assassin, one entity, one destructive poem. What would you do, when you are being chased, when you don't know what's coming? How would you react, when you realise, there's something you shouldn't know about your shattered memories?
3/11/2007 #5

Hey! Please come check out my story! It's called "The Puppet World". Don't let the name fool you! It's a romance story! Please check it out and review!

Here's a description:

My story is about a 15 year old girl named Trinity Morgan, who moves to small town McCook, Nebraska. The day she got there, her parents went shopping while she left Trinity and her abusive brother, Kent, alone for a few hours. Trinity ran and hid from her brother in a closet. She found a small door in the back that sucked her in to a strange universe. Her brother followed her there, and they had no idea where they were. The place is filled with puppets that control larger puppet people. The puppets get minds of their own and set out to kill Trinity and her brother. Trinity and her brother have to set aside their troubles and work together to get out. But, it gets even more complicated when Trinity falls in love with one of the good puppets.

And here's a link:


7/16/2011 #6
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