Boyfriend or Just friends?
You know the's the best friend who falls in love with the boy who's her friend, but how do you feel about that? And can guys and girls ever be just friends?
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So, what do you guys think of the cliche-best friend falls in love with best friend? I have to admit I do like it(when it is a guy and a girl, not 2 girls or 2 guys!), but I really do enjoy reading about a guy and a girl who are truly JUST FRIENDS! I think a guy and a girl can be just friends. Nowadays everyone seems to think that if a girl and a guy say they're just friends everyone thinks they're hiding or denying the fact that they like each other, but really I do think that a girl and a guy can remain just friends. Please leave you thoughts, but please no flames or bad language! Thanks you, SirWade
12/5/2006 #1
Britani- Friend of the Bears
Yes tis truly romantic but.........(emphasizing BUT) Girls and guys can be friends with nothing romantic in between......
12/5/2006 #2
The Ferrett
mmmm it does work.
12/5/2006 #3
S.S. Dailey
I know I have a lot of guys that are just friends. I seem to get along with guys a lot easier than girls. Most of the girls around me only want to talk about guys, fashion, hair, and make-up. I'm sorry but I'm a country gal aka a hick and I love talking about regular things and normal life. I'm also not one of those girls that watches everyone else do something; I jump in and help with the heavy lifting. Then again, I have had a couple of guy best friends that I have had romances with...and they were fabulous. I know a lot of people think that it's a cliche but I think the best romantic relationships come from the two people involved being friends first. S.S. Dailey
12/6/2006 #4
Pricilla Grey
I do think guys and girls can be just friends, but in most guy/girl friendships, at some point- the guy or girl will probably devolop "feelings" for their friend. I speak from experience, I was in love with my best friend for about a year, and he felt nothing but friendship for me. Though I'm over him now, in most opposite sex (or same, if you're so inclined) 'fancying' feelings usually occur once- even if it's just for a short period of time.
12/9/2006 #5
One of my closest friends moved to where I live from Pennsylvania about three years ago and her best friend there is a guy. She says that it's stupid how people in Pennyslvania were always like, "Are you two dating?" And it is pathetic. You should be able to associate with the opposite sex without being made fun of or just annoyed, you know? I have a few male friends and thank god in my school it's not as bad as it seems to be other places but still, people are like, "oh my god! you guys MUST be dating!" But on to the cliche, I think it's cute but rare. It's rare enough for a guy and a girl to be best friends in my opinion, but for them to fall for each other is REALLY rare. I do think that if you hang around a guy for long enough it's certainly possible for you to develop feelings for him...
12/10/2006 #6
Odds Are Against Us
my best friend is a guy. yes, we have done a lot of "things" (we'll leave it at that...) but ultimately we are friends. we can have legitimate conversations without jumping each other. i tell him everything that happens to me and he does the same in return. he's the most important person to me, i love him more than i love myself. we both know that if feelings arise then they arise, and we'll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it.
12/14/2006 #7
BabyPop Massacre
I think guys and girls can just be friends. The only reason why it turns intimate,sometimes, is because there's no "blockage". I have about 5 guyfriends and there are often times when someone would think I was dating one of them.Sure,a few of the guys are possible candidates but I would NEVER date them.They're like brothers.Annoying,funny,and confusing brothers. Now when it comes to stories,the whole best friend evolves into love thing,I kind of like it but it depends on where the story is going. It can't happen too fast or else it's just ridiculous.
12/15/2006 #8
Haha, speaking as someone who is hopelessly in love with her own best guy friend, I have to say yeah, I'm a fan of the storyline. XD I like writing true guy/girl friendships into stories, though. I definitely believe it's possible for girls and guys to be just friends with no romantic feelings on either side, because I'm friends with a lot of guys who I don't have feelings for and am fairly sure don't have feelings for me! I think that clich├ęs are usually used so much because they're topics that hit home for a lot of people. This is one of the ones that, as long as it's written well, doesn't even need to have a very original plot to be likeable!
12/17/2006 #9
I do think its possible for a guy and a girl to just be friends. Most of my friends ARE guys, and I'm a gal. Still, I love the storyline where the best buds fall in love. It seems to me that reomances that start out as friendships are stronger and stuff.
12/18/2006 #10
Invalid Addiction
I think it's possible...better yet I KNOW. I have...too many to count guy friends, and I'm a girl. Infact, I have more guy friends than girl friends. I love them like brothers and I would do anything for them, buuuut, I wouldn't ever date them. They pick on me, poke me, and at times, act more like my boyfriend than my actual boyfriend, but once again, love them, wouldn't date them.
12/19/2006 #11
Fiona N. Costly
i'm a success story my best guy friend and me had a crush on each other and now we have been dating off and on for 5 years...:D I personally found it shocking...but all in all yeah i think it is possible :D and plosible too :D
12/20/2006 #12
I think it works. I'm a guy and i have many friends who are girls... but most of teh time, people do tend to start liking the other person... especially if they're both nice looking.
12/22/2006 #13
Sexy Vampirechick
I believe that a guy and a girl can become JUST friends.Well,for one I hang around guys more than girls.When I'm the guys I feel more free,but when around girls it's like talking about others and girly stuff(not that I don't like it but they speak it just gets on my nerves). A few times when I hang around guys too much,one of them eventually developes feelings for me and that just freaks me out.I find it really hard to have your best friend fall in love with you.But I've never liked my guy friends,though I don't know why. I guess I already know too much about them;it just takes the mysteries of love don't know.
12/28/2006 #14
It really depends on the person. I find it easy, but then there's people who don't find it so easy. How about bi's? Are they supposed to not have any friends? It just really depends on the person.
1/2/2007 #15
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Guys and Girls can JUST be bestfriends or friends however you see it. But I see it all the time when girls fall in love with their best guy friend. Its happened to me TWICE!! Which I hate b/c he has a gf but w/e. He's really sweet. It is easy to fall for your best guy friends b/c u see a side of him not many see. its easy. Some it isnt easy they just dont see b/c he's more like a brother^_^ theres my input
1/5/2007 #16
Tamara Lee
I do believe that I ruined a friendship a couple moths back because I told a friend that I liked him. He doesn't like to talk to me any more, as far as I can tell... Yeah. I think there can be "just friends", depending on the circumstances.
1/9/2007 #17
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Yeah me to almost. I told him i liked him and he didnt talk to me for a few days. BUt one day i was talking to a friend and he comes up behind me and asks "Why are you ignoring me" I was shocked. I've been wanting to talk to him but everytime I saw him he was with a friend and he said he didnt tell anyone what i said.. so I kept away. But were talking again. I'm sorry to here what happned Tamara. His loss ^_^
1/10/2007 #18
Tamara Lee
It's been almost a month and a half since we've had a decent converstaion. It sucks. I found my german, though, so all is good with the world! LOL.
1/12/2007 #19
Onion Ring
im a guy and im mostly friends with girls. yet, i like guys. so that may be why.
1/12/2007 #20
N.M. Zenger
I think that girls are able to have friends who are guys without having any sort of romantic impact on the friendship. Yes, the 'falling in love' sometimes happens, but not all the time. I have friends who are guys. Yes, some of them are homosexual. Others, however, are not. You know what? I wouldn't think of them in my right mind. They are my friends, and nothing else.
1/13/2007 #21
Tamara Lee
Turst me, I began to like him just by accident. My friends are split evenly between boys and girls.
1/13/2007 #22
I actually don't like this cliche too much when reading it in a story because it's harder to get inside the character's to know how they are seeing this other person in a different light all of a sudden. Also, where's the fire? This person already knows all about you so there's nothing really new to know.
1/16/2007 #23
XxXKristie MarieXxX
I love it. But dont make it to obvious to the reader. But yeah I liked my friend like that but totally by accident as well. I didn't want to but we see each other all the time. And he is so sweet and all that stuff girls want. And he's not a faker or a player. So he really is agood guy. But I do believe you can JUST be friends.
1/17/2007 #24
Tamara Lee
If you've never read "Serve" by Deppfan31, then you must! It has perfect examples of this!
1/17/2007 #25
XxXKristie MarieXxX
yes I will. I love stories like this. I'm going to go check it now.
1/18/2007 #26
Joanna Johnson
I totally agree with u. U have 2 b friends with a guy/girl b4 the relationship can evolve in2 something more. Just jumping in2 a relaitonship can sometimes b really dumb. :)
1/19/2007 #27
I Agree. Okay I have a best guy friend and sure I have fallen for him a few times but nothing is going to change. The thing with my best guy friend is that he gets girlfriends monthly and I don't want to be "the next girl". I love being friends with my best guy friend. We love each other like brother and sister. I really don't see the point of either ruining it or upgrading it. How it is, is fine. My best guy friend and I have this friendship where we can call each other muffin and cupcake or brother and sister... and you know what... it doesn't mean that we like each other in that way. We are only friends. Even being friends with him I still get a little jealous of "the next girl" but I get over it because lately he has been letting me meet the girl. The girl turns out to be super cool; and even with his girlfriends he isn't afraid to say I love ya muffin (not in that way .) I think Girls and Guys can be best friends. Even if they start getting feelings for each other nothing will change, well it might but... you know what I mean. But if it was meant to be... it was meant to be.
1/25/2007 #28
XxXKristie MarieXxX
So very true. I was finally getting over my guy friend. Then I had a tragedy srike last night and he was totally there for me.. and now i'm pulled back in *bangs head against wall* I wish I didn't concerdering he's dating my best friend... but w/e. I don't understand why I like him.. no one has been ableto give me an answer.. oh well. I do have some guy freinds that are just friends. And they are great!
1/26/2007 #29
i have a guy friend. we share similar hobbies, talk about everything, i can tell him things i would never tell any other guy without feeling like he'll laugh at me in short he understand. on the other hand i am there for him when he needs a shoulder to cry on. but there is no romance in our relationship,to fall in love will ruin everthing we are always selfconsious around a lover you always wonder why the like you and how long it will last, and having to deal with jeolousy etc.. its alot better to stay friends we have soo much fun that way,no ackward moments just being yourself. so yes guys and girls can be friends but once the line is crossed they tend to seek for another guy to be friends with now that her friend has become a lover.
2/1/2007 #30
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