Boyfriend or Just friends?
You know the's the best friend who falls in love with the boy who's her friend, but how do you feel about that? And can guys and girls ever be just friends?
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XxXKristie MarieXxX
lol no its okay, I call him that alot. Yes people do get hurt alot. DO IT! lol, it soun ds like he deserves it.
4/19/2007 #61
Okay, the whole cliche thing? It depends on the couple. I have fallen for three of my best guy friends. Aaron; I hated him until I developed a crush on him, and after I got over it, we were realy good friends. Ryan; I would probably still be dating him if my dad didn't have so may issues with ethnicity and had let me say yes. Patrico; came out of the closet. Oops. I never dated any of these guys, but I wanted too. I admited to all three of them that I liked them, and things were weird for awhile, but they got back to normal after awhile. My sister on the other hand, has dated EVERY SINGLE HETEROSEXUAL GUY FRIEND SHE HAS at one point, and now you can't even tell the difference. Quit freaking out about it; that does more damage to a friendship than just letting it pass or coming out and admitting it. Believe me; I should know. It all depends on if you let things get weird. No one wants to go out with someone who dances around them because they're weirded out about the relationship. And I wouldn't sugest kicking anyone in the balls, because the sitchuation can backfire to make you look like the b***. If you can goad him into doing something stupid enough to warrent slowing down--i.e. get him ticked enough to maybe threaten you--then kicking him in the balls is a matter of self defense and will make his life hell afterward. So you get both long and short term gratification.
4/19/2007 #62
bleh its only dook dook (no, thats not his real name), Plus everything thinks he should stop, everyone see's it. And we tell her but she keeps defending him like saying he doesn't know how to act" but it isn't the girls that start the flirting its him.grrr. True if you don't want it to be weird it wont be, but its hard i've fallen for my best-friend before, we went out. But then he dumped me like 3 days later because he was scared that "i didn't feel for him as strongly as he felt for me." , and we hradly talk anymore. i swear boy. There big freaking clingy idiots. Currently my best-friend thomas, his relationship didn't work out with my other best-friend katia (HINT!: don't ever get your 2 best-friends together, it might seem like a good idea, but trust me, your going to have to chose in the end!). And he's at the stage where he thinks that every girl he go's out with end's up turning bad.And life is out to get him and bla bla/. Sometimes i wish he was just gay life would be soo much easier.. actually no it wouldn't be cause then i would have to deal with troy liking him. grrr... i should just find new friend lol.
4/20/2007 #63
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Yeah I no that sucks, wow that sounds like a bunch of bull from him. Oh yeah DON'T GET YOUR BEST FRIENDS TOGETHER!! LIke^ she jsut said. I did that.. well i mainly helped and it kinda back fierd their starting to talk agian for the first time in 4months.. NOT SMART! My friend made me choose, and the other didnt really care. He didn't like her anymore but he didn't care if I still talked to her. REAL FRIENDS DON'T MAKE FRIENDS CHOOSE! So understand that people, understand you can still be friends even if your friends with someone you don't like you no its not fair.
4/20/2007 #64
Im gonna make it rain blood
hahaha ^^ I really, really agree with you... I even like... no. not like, but love to write about those kind of relationships hahaha ^^ but sad to say... Some of the people want to have some other original things the story plot I mean, they say having those relationships are too commmon but yah I agree it is common yet it's so sweet hahaha ^^
5/1/2007 #65
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Yes I write about them too, I actuly have a few up right now. I have more but their not on here yet. ^_^ Its not sweet when your in the middle of it but when you write about it, it is.
5/1/2007 #66
i have to say that as a person with first hand experience i have been friends with guys most of my life at most i have 3 friends that are girls...that's how it has always been...granted i dated most of my guy friends....however my best friend is a guy and we are just friends...we have been for a long time....we went on one date and realized it was weird so there you go that is my take on it!!!
5/4/2007 #67
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Wow. Out of all my guy friends which is like alot.. i've only dated 2. a couple are gay lol so u can't date them. It wasn't weird, we acted like we always did just did the couple stuff, drama broke us up not b/c we didn't work. But we're still close friends.
5/7/2007 #68
Tamara Lee
On a good note, Jacob and I are back onto speaking terms! Yay! I know how you feel about the mixed signals. I am getting them everyday. This guy kissed me after prom and he knows I like him. He likes someone else who does not go to this school, and she doesn't know. He told me it was an accident, we're just friends...blah blah blah. Now he flirts, and then acts like he doesn't. Honestly, I would say that it sounds like he likes you, but knowing how things are going for me, I can't honestly say. Some guys just need to grow up!
5/22/2007 #69
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Yeah I totally agree. And congrads on the speaking terms!! Yes alot of them do need to grow up!!
5/22/2007 #70
Tamara Lee
I think that I will consider them "grown up" when they can come out and tell us how they feel...and that's not too likely. LOL. I think telling us how they feel may somehow interfear with thier "manhood" or something. I'm not sure, but there are a lot of guys that I know who think they are God's gift to women.
5/23/2007 #71
The Ferrett
Communication is the key to relationships, and men can talk about feelings. ((Me being one of them)) It's just how open you are with the one you love.
5/23/2007 #72
XxXKristie MarieXxX
I totally agree with you Ferrett, Women love when a guy can talk about their feelings to them.. we just hate when they try to hide what they feel. Out of my 3 serious relationships (i've only had 3 :D) Only one actuly opened up to me.. the others hid.. and that hurt. Sometimes it seems like they dont care...
5/24/2007 #73
Tamara Lee
My point exactly!
5/24/2007 #74
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Thats good, anyone object?
5/24/2007 #75
Hahaha totally agree with you all. But careful cause it can bite you back in the a**.My bestfrriend. He's all about the feelings. and talking. But thats its. All the girls he go's out with always ask me if he doesn't just talk and actually do.
6/23/2007 #76
The Fork and The Spoon
Well friendship turned to love really is the best form of love. I do know what you're getting at though.
7/14/2007 #77
XxXKristie MarieXxX
I agree. I think people should be friends first.
7/15/2007 #78
If they are best friends, I don't think they can ever just be friends without developing feelings for each other, I mean it's bound to happen. You're a boy, I'm a girl, we've being through that getting to know each other phase. We completely trust each other. I find you intersting that's why I'm even friends with you. So, what's next but develop feelings for each other?
7/23/2007 #79
Groovacious that's exactly what I think and the way I consider it, but that's not what might happen in the real world. Unfortunately, as it happens, they just don't because perhaps they don't. But I think in the most case is that they might both be good, yet they don't like each other, so they're best friends. You know, it's different - who you would pick as a friend and lover.
7/25/2007 #80
Serom Kim
No, best friends of opposite genders don't always have to develop romantic feelings for each other! Most of my friends from high school are boys, and I haven't developed romantic feelings for any of them! Also, there are other guys with whom I've been childhood friends and I have no romantic feelings for them! To me, guys whom I've been hanging out with for a long time won't be someone I'm romantically interested. These guys feel like older or younger brothers to me, or in most cases, romance doesn't feel right. Thinking about it this way--do you want to kiss him or not? Answer is no.
7/25/2007 #81
Universal Completion
I don’t know. One of my close girl friends just got her heart rip out, from a guy who use to be her best friend, they had decided to start dating, but things didn’t go so well. its very sad to see those two not talking. I have a lot of guy friend, but I would never get with any of them. At lest not now. (I’m only 17, still in high school.) I think that another reason why my friends relationship didn’t work. They were both so young. I don’t think you can fully love someone until you know yourself and love yourself. When you in high school you still need time to grow. Maybe if they had waited a little longer it would have worked out, but for now it not. One of my best guy friends just hocked up with their best friend. And it working out just fine. (Of course he is older then me. He’s 19 almost 20.) I still think they are to young to start their relationship, but so far, so good. Maybe the whole best friend turn into couples thing, depends on how strong the friendship was before. Personally, I don’t think I would ever go out with my best friend. I value our friendship too much! Its very hard to stay best friends with a person you’ve been with. But that just my opinion!
9/12/2007 #82
I am a firm believer in best friends being good couple material. I'm a guy, and my best friend is a girl, we've been best friends for about 7 years, and no feelings have developed. So half the time nothing happens, and "just friends" is all. I hate that phrase though, "just" makes it sound like a compensation for not having a real relationship... hmm.
9/27/2007 #83
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Yeah I see, I've had feelings for one of my friends but then after awile they just went away. But now I like another friend haven't known him as long though so.. that must be why.. hmm..yep i'm sure
9/28/2007 #84
I have a guy best friend, we've been friends since, like, FOREVER! (soz, Valley Girl moment) Anyway, and everyone used to think that we were going out and stuff like that, but I don't think we'll ever date. I've met all his girlfriends and I get on really well with them and they don't mind. And then I have ANOTHER guy friend who's in grade 5 (im in Year 7) and we have a great time just mucking around in band practice, except that his sister points her violin at us and goes, Flirt Alert! Flirt Alert!
12/6/2007 #85
I thought guys and girls could be just friends, because most of my friends are guys but it was really, really unconfortable when one of them randomly came out and told me he thought about me in a romantic light. I told him I wasn't interested and just wanted to be friends, but it didn't work out. It would have been different if it had been a 'true love' sort of thing, but I'm pretty sure he didn't want anything serious. He said an actual relationship would ruin our friendship, so he wanted for us to be friends with benefits. We stopped being friends after that. ;)
3/2/2008 #86
I like to repeat what people said by acting like I said it first! :D I believe that it's quiet often that one party begins feeling feelings for the other. Mainly this is caused by spending time together all the time, sharing secrets, moments, all things that would be remembered in ones heart. Though often those feelings (With much time and heart break) will fade. So answering the original question: I believe after time girls and guys can be nothing BUT friends (Though I'm sure some serious crushing had once occured) I think the only rare thing is when the two like each other at the same time. :p
3/2/2008 #87
I like to repeat what people said by acting like I said it first! :D I believe that it's quiet often that one party begins feeling feelings for the other. Mainly this is caused by spending time together all the time, sharing secrets, moments, all things that would be remembered in ones heart. Though often those feelings (With much time and heart break) will fade. So answering the original question: I believe after time girls and guys can be nothing BUT friends (Though I'm sure some serious crushing had once occured) I think the only rare thing is when the two like each other at the same time. :p
3/2/2008 #88
Jesus this forum is HOT!!! I can't even make myself read the entire thing, it's driving me crazy... D'you know, I sorta get the idea that this best-friends-turned-lovers cliche mostly happens in Western countries (if it happens at all, that is)... Where're all the Asians? Stand, brothers, and make yourself heard!!! Okay, utter lameness. Anyway, I do like a good cliche of that sort. Kinda. (Ya know, the "good cliche" part is starting to look like an oxymoron to me...) But it's almost impossible in real life, because how many people ever get to find their one true love? If soulmates existed, it should only be fair that everyone find their other half... Otherwise it'd be like an unfair advantage thing. Best friends turned lovers? Unlikely; mostly best friends end up being of the same sex. Yes, there are BFFs who are of different sexes, but how many BFFs have you seen who are like that? So unless you're implying that the best friends are h*** or bi, I can safely say it almost never happens. But then again, who wouldn't have loved for that to happen to ourselves? -fA
3/10/2008 #89
Hey, just joining in haha. I've managed to be friends with guys before, like close friends, well. All but one of them anyway. This one we were practically glued together but he was with my best friend when I started liking him and struck up the friendship with him. We became best friends really fast and I know him soooo well. But then it seems everytime he's dating someone, I'm single and vice versa. Its like its not meant to be. But then everytime I'm with someone he like flaunts it in my face by getting with my best friend [who isnt my best friend anymore after numerous fallings out] all the time despite how badly she hurts him. Yet I'm always here haha. It sucks. But on NYE, my friend told him how I was feeling for the past 2 years and he hasn't spoken to me properly since then, til this weekend just gone. Its crappy. But...I love the cliche. It gives me false hope haha. Love reading stories about it!
3/26/2008 #90
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