Boyfriend or Just friends?
You know the's the best friend who falls in love with the boy who's her friend, but how do you feel about that? And can guys and girls ever be just friends?
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Alleara Ralana

Seriously, my best friend and I aren't in love, but we care a lot about each other. In fact I'm in love with someone else.

It's possible.

5/22/2008 #1
Claudia Cobain

I believe in that, but I never had that. Friends yes, but really close ones no.

5/23/2008 #2
Know Your Place

I don't know since my best friend is a dude and I'm a dude as well. But my old best girl friend, I fell for. That was a big mistake. We went out but once she broke up with me it totally distroyed the friendship. Now we hate each others guts. Its possible but I should have never asked her out.....that was a mistake on my part.

6/23/2008 #3

That really sucks. It's too bad you can't fix it, I mean if you two were so close to each other in the beginning... awh, makes me sad. :P

8/12/2008 #4
Know Your Place

Ehh shes not so great

8/12/2008 #5
Need 'n' Know

Aww. T.T You shouldn't be saying that. I mean, friends are supposed to be forever. xP

8/16/2008 #6
chewyy the moofin

Well, someone once told me that if two people can be friends after they break up, it was never really meant to be / that deep from the start.

Meh. I don't really know about this one.

8/26/2008 #7
Know Your Place


8/26/2008 #8

I've got plenty of good friends of the opposite gender whom I have no interest in for a relationship, and they none in me. Its quite possible.

1/9/2009 #9
Know Your Place

Lol i have troubles with people of the same jk

1/9/2009 #10

I think it's possible for boys and girls to be friends. Me and my best guy friend are just friends even though their was an occurence where we acted like more then friends. It was just hormones and no lovey feelings behind it. I think it would be hard to find two friends (guy and girl) who didn't end up kissing at one point.

6/1/2009 #11

My best friend that's a guy...

Well, people says he likes me..and they say I like him. But I'm totally fallin for someone else...but. He likes someone else...dang! And a lot. Typical love story, much?

6/8/2009 #12

My Ex, Adam, and I broke up in what 6th grade? We still hang at school. Not allowed to hang with boys outside of school. Parents. I'm in high school for the love of God! My sis went out with him 2. Mistake. She broke it off. Thought I was mad at her. I wasn't. I have guy friends. Not really close guy friends. But my recent Ex has a new GF and she wont let him talk to me. Lame. He's whipped. LOL

6/24/2009 #13

I believe that, but, do you truly know how he feels?

6/25/2009 #14

It's possible for girls and guys to be just friends.

I've made the mistake of falling for my best guy friend. The good thing is that we're still best friends. Well, we have to be, we camp together all the time. But i think that it brought us closer as friends.

On the other hands, my sister and her boyfriend of seven months used to be best friends and its working out great for them.

7/18/2009 #15
Fat Passion Fish Poet

Personally, I'm of the opinion that guys & gals can definately be friends without feelings getting in the way. All of my best friends are guys, and there's definately no romantic feelings there! I think sometimes we, particularly girls (like moi) get confused about our feelings towards guy/gal-friends and make a big deal out of them, then think we're falling for them. I'm under the impression that this is because we [girls] are just a lot more sensitive, and kind of obsessed with love. My, so-called, BFF is a guy I've known since I was a tiny-weeney-baby and the only time I've ever thought I 'like-liked' him was for about two hours one afternoon after breaking up with someone else - so there wasn't actually anything there...

I've seen other friends get together with their best guy-friends and it seems to work out really wonderfully half the time, and dreadfully the other half of the time. I did date one of my best guy-mates once, and the ending was pretty awful, so I'd be reluctant to do so again...

8/13/2009 #16

Agreed with OP.

Some of my guy friends have hit on me at some point or another (those who downright "fell in love" with me became my boyfriends, now my ex, and we're not friends anymore :\), but some also never have, and never will. Usually, they turn out to be those I'm closest to. Precisely because there's no need to draw a line, and no reason to feel awkward or distrustful in the least.

In fact, I have two such really good guy friends. I don't know if it's a coincidence that both of them are a little younger than me (a few month, and a year and a half), while I have never dated or slept with a man who was less than 3 years my senior. My current boyfriend is 13 years older than me. When I go for a guy, I need to dream of a house and kids and a dog, ha ha. My guy friends are great, but they tend to sleep around... LOL

2/11/2011 #17

Yea, I think its possible for girls and guys who are like, really close to be just friends. But I think, at some point, one of them will have feelings for the other. Even if its brief, or in a moment where they're heart broken or something like that. But, I also heard, some of the best relationships start out as friendships ;D

6/9/2011 #18

I completely understand. I actually have trouble getting along with girls. All of my best friends are guys. True, most of them had liked me at one point or another and a few of them had even fallen in love with me. However, after I told them that I wasn't interested, they moved on and it was all fine. I don't have a friend that I haven't been friends with for less than three years. It is definitely possible, I've been doing it this long, I know.

7/24/2011 #19
Catriona Worth

When a guy and a girl are friends (let's assume they are straight, just for the scenario), I feel like there is a certain level of sexual tension involved after a certain age. Like a few other girls in this forum, I feel more comfortable around men (and girls that also feel more comfortable around men). Part of me feels that girls that feel more comfortable around men have just grown used to coping with that initial awkward sizing up, checking each other out, and sexual tension, so it tends not to feel as strange and foreign.

Still, when two people get that close and share that much to the point where they become "best friends", I'm fairly certain feelings will eventually out themselves.

7/30/2011 #20
Dionne Dawson

Trouble is when you love a friend as a friend yet also know that they are attractive, you can easily be confussed by your own feelings. Is love enough to stay friends? In my novel in progress, I am writing about this topic. About how two people are almost forced together because 'friends' think that they are meant to be a couple but in reality they are just friends, unfortunately this kinda ruins the friendship... Read me if you fancy; Is Love Enough by Dionne Dawson.

10/23/2011 #21

It's possible. I'm male and over half my friends were female. I considered 6 people to be a best friend in my life so far and 4 of them are female. I did have feelings for a few female friends here and there, but I've written those feelings off because of obvious reasons or the fact that I didn't want to make things worse. I've only dated one female best friend (3 times in fact), but in the end, it never worked out. It seemed really great the first time, but it lost "it's touch" and we never felt the same since. We're still friends though.

10/1/2012 #22
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