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This is for HEROES ONLY!! Fill in the following

Real Name:

Public Name:



Power: (if any)

Description of Power: (if any)

Physical Description:



Weakness: (MUST HAVE ONE)

Bad Trait: (this is a trait that makes you not 100% good)

5/18/2011 . Edited by Just South of Sanity, 7/2/2013 #1
Just South of Sanity

Real Name: Eve Haiwan

Public Name: The Shifter

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Power: Shapeshifting

Description of Power: She can turn into any animal she wants at will. She can also sometimes turn into other people and objects. She does not yet know it, but she can also turn other people into animals temporarily.

Physical Description: She has long, straight, dark gold hair that naturally has some brown streaks in it. Her eyes seem to change color; they can appear green, brown, gray, or even almost gold sometimes. Although she has to wear a uniform (a plaid skirt and white collared shirt) for school, she prefers jeans and a plain t-shirt. As a hero, she wears an eye mask with tight but comfortable pants and a matching shirt.

Personality: Eve is not a steriotypical hero. She doesn't always automatically swoop in to save the day. She has a big heart and is filled with compassion, but she will hang back from a fight if she knows she has no chance of winning unless the crime being committed is atrocious, such as murder. Eve spends most of her time flying as a bird or running out in the wild as a wolf, jaguar, cheetah, horse, etc. She is very intelligent. She can be a great, loyal friend she likes you.

History: Eve lives with her parents and her younger brother, Josh, who is 7. She attends a private school, which only goes from Monday to Thursday, 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM. She received her powers one night when she sleep-walked out into a clearing in the middle of the woods. She awakened, saw a bright flash of light, and suddenly was a wolf. She concentrated, and found she was able to change back to human at will and soon found she could shift into other creatures as well. This happened when she was 12.

Weakness: Allergic to carrots; when she eats one, she starts convulsing and cannot shift temporarily. When she touches one, she starts to feel a little faint.

BAD Trait: Bad temper, if you anger her, she may attack you. When she is extremely upset, she may accidentally transform.

5/18/2011 . Edited 8/1/2011 #2

Real Name: Dylan James

Public Name: The Magician

Gender: Boy

Age: 14

Power: umm...see description

Description of Power: He able to create or contort things by manipulating the area around him. With this he can have objects (or people) appear and disappear at will. This is similar to how the fake magicians try to fool children with, but Dylan uses his powers to make it real.

Physical Description: Tall. Dark hair and green eyes. Wears his straight hair long. Likes wearing dark clothes to blend into the shadows.

Personality: NOT EMO!! Though he dresses dark, he is quite friendly and goofey. Likes to joke around and profrom "tricks" for audiences

History: Son of a party magician (dad) and physics scientist (mom). Yeah he didn't see the connection either. His mother had been working on an experiment that somehow had gone wrong. All three were exposed to the blast, only he survived. Found out soon after about his abilities. Decided to keep "magic in the family" by continuing with his father's buisness.

Weakness: Angel Blood (Note this was discovered back at the (neutral park)

Bad Trait: Likes to be evil sometimes by pulling pranks on other heros. It is hilarious to him, but sometimes makes him unpopular with the person who finds pigeons in their fontain soda.

5/18/2011 . Edited 8/3/2011 #3

Welcome to the good side Eve! I will create a new area for our characters to meet. How does a coffee shop sound?

5/18/2011 #4
Just South of Sanity

Ok thanks "Dylan"!

5/18/2011 #5

Be quiet "Eve".

5/18/2011 #6

Real Name:Trinity Pierce

Public Name:Elemental Controller


Age:16yrs old

Power: Controls all elements : Wind,Earth,Fire and Water

Description of Power: She can make tornadoes and wind storms with her hands using the wind,she can create boulders out of dirt and rocks and throw them,She can threw fire balls and burn things with her mind,She can make hurricanes and tsunamis with her hands as well freeze things with her eyes.(Mostly she can control all elements with her hands or her mind.)

Physical Description:She has icy dark blue eyes and unusually pale skin as well midnight black hair styled in a bang that sometimes covers her eyes. She is petite yet agile and swift and looks like the loner type who stand out from the usual crowd.As a hero she would have a black mask and maybe a cape with the colors of each element with black tights and black jean skirt with black converses.

Personality:She is distant and day dreams alot , she is also witty and loves to joke around . Sometimes when fighting she is very deadly and always ready to fight with a plan already thought out.

History:Trinity's mom was a geneticist (someone who studied genes and dna) and her father was dead... Her mom had experimented on her when younger but no effects happened . But when her mother placed a serum into her daughter when the police came knocking at the door to take her mother away for illegal experimenting something weird happened she seemed to glow with the aura of the 4 main elements:Earth,Water,Air and fire. Trinity is now able to control all elements and she lives with her grandparents and her mother is in jail for illegal experiments .

Weakness: She is weak against anything silver when she touches silver or is near it she gets burned or faints from the metallic fumes.

Bad Trait: Very Sarcastic :This makes her seem annoying since she uses sarcasm alot it can get on your nerves as well she has a short-temper so don't get her mad or you may end up burned.

5/19/2011 . Edited 5/20/2011 #7

Cool. accepted. You can meet up with Dylan and Eve in the coffee shop. If you have any questions, go to the Questions and Answers place.

5/19/2011 #8

Real Name: N/A (He's an orphan, abandoned on the streets)

Public Name: The Whistler

Gender: Male

Age: Also unkown... probably around 12.

Power: (if any) He can whistle-talk (speak to animals/in-animate objects by whistling), he can use the language of magic Hafaniz, and he can bend the minds of weak people.

Physical Description: Avergae height for a preteen. He has hair the color of flax and brilliant blue eyes. He has a gold ring with an inscription (in another language) on his left hand's third finger.

Personality: Unpredictable, but kind and beenolvent.

History: He was abandoned at birth on the streets and grew up scrounging for food. He ran away (many times) from foster homes or orphanges, because he can't stand them. He discovered his powers when he snuck into a club and bent the guard's mind into giving him food.

Weakness: (MUST HAVE ONE) Thirst for knowledge of his past.

Good Trait: (this is a trait that makes you not 100% evil and a little bit of a softy. This is probably something you will keep away from other heros or villans.) He has a unique connection with an animal. If he sees an injured or trapped animal, he will try to heal it.

((Sorry sbout at the Hero's center))

6/5/2011 . Edited 6/5/2011 #9
Thank you. Accepted. You can start again in the HeroCenter.
6/5/2011 #10

Real Name: Angelica

Public Name: Angel

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Power: She is an Angel. She can talk to spirits and control other people's minds. She could also read minds and take her spirit and join it into someone else's body to form a conscience. To top it all of she could fly with her angel wings and become invisible.

Physical Description: Brilliant dark brown hair, long, with curls that reach her waist, streaked with blond, auburn, and sparkled gray highlights. Her eyes are green and she is about 5ft 7in. Her cheeks are always blushed red and she wears a dress that is gray. The dress has the power to appear on her when she comes back to angle form. Angel has medium sized white feathered wings as white as the light that reflects off the snow.

Personality: Sweet, Feisty, optimistic, confused and clumsy most of the time.

History:Was a horrible child untill she died and went to hell. A girl name Kapira who she does not remember gave her a second chance at life. She then lived a good one and had an untimely death. She went to heaven and was sent to be an angel. She now roams the earth as half human with a price she has to pay kapira for giving her a second chance.

Weakness: The dark in general and the darkness in people. And the big event to receive her full grown angel wings.

Bad Trait: She is always waiting for a fight, even though she is an "angel." She talks back which always gets her in trouble, and she has a short temper.

6/11/2011 . Edited 7/11/2011 #11

k nevermind. go ahead and start posting. You can meet up with the crew in the HERO CENTER.

6/11/2011 . Edited 6/12/2011 #12

Real Name: Sophia

Public Name: The Mind

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Power: mind reading and telekinesis

Description of Power: She can hear thoughts of everyone and anyone. She can also move objects with her mind. Throughout her life, Sophia has been trying to control her powers so she does not accidentally eavsedrop or send something flying accross the room.

Physical Description: Sophia is tall with long, straight brunette hair. She has blue eyes, tan skin, and is a little skinny. Sophia is deaf in her right ear, but it doesn't matter since she can hear everyone's thoughts.

Personality: Starts out nice, but has an ugly bad side.

History: When Sophia was born she was just an average baby. When she turned six her parents split up and she lost track of her father. Sophia's mother died just before her seventh birthday, so Sophia left home. Following the death of her mother, Sophia was exposed to toxic waste-thus gaining her powers. She now uses her mind reading powers to escape being brought to an orphanage and her telekinesis to get food.

Weakness: Cannot use her powers when underground.

Bad Trait: Will spill an overheard secret of anyone who really p*** her off.

6/16/2011 #13

Cool, accepted. You can meet up with the gang in the Hero Center. You may want to read up before starting. Oh and I suggest you enter with the girl who just flew in.

6/16/2011 #14

Real Name: Alex Vern-Mognt

Public Name: Alex Vern-Mognt

Gender: Make

Age: 15

Power: Superhuman abilities (superfast, superstrong, supersmart, etc.) & database

Description of Power: His average mile time is about 5 minutes 20 seconds. He lifted 30 pounds weights daily. His IQ is approximated at 170 (140 is considered "genius"). For the "database", he knows almost everything there is to know about different kinds of weaponry, wars, tactics, and anything related to fighting.

Physical Description: Tall for his age. Wispy chocolate brown hair, bright green eyes. Good-looking.

Personality: Cheerful.

History: He awoke in a room with no memory, right next to his twin sister, Rachel. After escaping, he roamed the country looking for his past with her and a girl named Pearl Tritter.

Weakness: If you tell him you know something about his past, he'll do almsot anything to learn it. He's also very loyal to his friends.

Bad Trait: When he gets mad, very bad things happen. And he gets mad pretty easily.

((He is in the same story as Malcolm Wilhelm. It's called Memories & is posted here on FictionPress. I just added the second chapter.))

6/23/2011 . Edited 6/24/2011 #15

Accepted. If you want, you can get Alex and Malcolm to meet and fight in the park.

6/23/2011 #16

Real Name: Terrence Wilson

Public Name: Tornado

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Power: (if any) Ability to transform into a tornado

Physical Description: On the outside, Terrence looks very lanky. But when he transforms into a tornado, he becomes very tall and strong. He usually wears khakis and a polo, with glasses. When he morphs back to human, his glasses completely shatter. He has a whole room in his house that has glasses. His glasses are his main power source.

Personality: Terrence is geeky in every way. He is intelligent to the point that annoys some. He doesn't play any sport. He gets very shy when around girls.

History: When his mother was 7 months pregnant, she had Terrence early, but then died. Terrence's biological father wanted nothing to do with him, and his stepfather took the bull by its horns. His stepfather abused him terribly, and degraded him. One day, when Terrence was 10, he reached a breaking point and he turned into a tornado, killing him. He ran away and used his stepfather's money to buy a cabin where he and his little sister (I'll be posting shortly) Veronica reside. Veronica is also a superhero.

Weakness: (MUST HAVE ONE) His tornado can only last for about three to five minutes.

Good Trait: (this is a trait that makes you not 100% evil and a little bit of a softy. This is probably something you will keep away from other heros or villans.) Terrence is very caring, especially because of Veronica.

6/25/2011 #17

Real Name: Veronica Wilson

Public Name: Ruby Shadows

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Power: (if any) Teleportation that leaves a hologram to confuse enemies

Description of Power: (if any) (read above)

Physical Description: With bright red hair and sky blue eyes, Veronica is lanky, just like her brother Terrence. However, Veronica is much stronger.

Personality: Bubbly and sociable, Veronica is the exact opposite of her brother.

History: (Read Terrence's History)

Weakness: (MUST HAVE ONE) It takes 30 seconds to teleport.

Bad Trait: (this is a trait that makes you not 100% evil and a little bit of a softy. This is probably something you will keep away from other heros or villans.) Veronica has a short temper. If she doesn't get what she wants, she uses her powers for worse.

6/25/2011 #18

Accepted. Unfortunately, the Heroes are currently hiding in an underground cave and the Villains are occupying the Hero Center. You can start in the Hero Center. The Wilsons shouldn't be aware of the fact that the people in the Hero Center are, in fact, Villains.

6/27/2011 #19

((This is like a sub-character))

Real Name: Rachel Vern-Mognt

Public Name: Rachel Vern-Mognt

Gender: Female

Age: same as Alex

Power: (see Alex)

Physical Description: She has long, burning-red hair and eyes like sapphires.

Personality: Rachel is clever and smart but gets a bit jumpy and immature around boys. She's a good fighter, but was 'designed' for other things, like intelligence.

History: See Alex

Weakness: As said before, she gets jumpy and immature around boys she has a crush on

BAD Trait: If she can take advantage of you, she will.

7/9/2011 #20

Jake go back and read RULES AND PLOT.

7/9/2011 #21

But the Whistler is dying.

7/9/2011 #22

When he flatlines, she is acceted.

7/9/2011 #23
So she's accepted?
7/9/2011 #24

that was the deal.

7/9/2011 #25
Unpredictable Convictions
But the whistler's still aliiiive
7/9/2011 #26

Real Name: Jensen Delacroix

Public Name: Still Jensen Delacroix

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Power: Skin walker. He can take the form of a canine at will. Superb sense of smell, and long lasting stamina.

Physical Description: 5'7, lean but still well toned body. Blue eyes that are almost otherworldly, and messy ear length dark brown hair that sticks out in all directions. It isn't bad messy, by any means. ;) Wears Faded and ripped up jeans, plaid button up shirts and a leather jacket. Also, a pair of mirrored aviator glasses.

Personality: He's pretty much a trickster. He's very sarcastic and always has some sort of witty comeback or remark. He's very blunt about what he thinks/feels/ or says. He has a badass exterior, but inside he's very capable of caring deeply for someone.

History: Born and raised in a family of skin walkers. They were part of a generously large pack, located somewhere in the states. He was suppose to be part of the next generation of skin walkers who chose a family, killed off all the people they saw as threats, and recruited them into their pack. Jensen thought this to be absolutely stupid, and refused. He was given an ultimatum; do as he is suppose to do, or get the heck out. He chose the latter choice, of course, and spent the last 6 years on his own. Side note; He's gay.

Weakness: All skin walkers have a weakness for Silver, much like a werewolf. A shot to the heart or head is enough to take one out.

Bad trait: His quick remarks sometimes get him in a lot of trouble. He also has a problem with dealing with emotions.

- -

[mind if i join? : D]

7/12/2011 . Edited 7/12/2011 #27

Join in. I remeber you from the WolfRP. Careful with the "hes gay" though. We have a homophobe.

7/12/2011 #28

[oh, oki. :) thanks!]

7/12/2011 #29
Unpredictable Convictions
7/12/2011 #30
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