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Name: Aliison Beaty

Nick Name: Allie or Beats

Species: Zues and Aphrodite's offspring

Age: 18

Gender: female

Appearance: Black long curly hair that reaches her waist, Gray-blue cloud eyes. Is tall for her age. Freckles that rest on her cheek bone and nose, and light pink lips. (very pretty)

Outfit: Wears a teal V-neck shirt that shows her belly button, and a pair of black shorts.

personality: Sweet, Fiesty, and romanitc. Always looking for a fight.

Powers: Can control weather and knows when a couple is meant to be.

Weakness: Fire

weapons: Trident and love potions

History: Born in the sky and let out by her father to live a normal life until she discovered her powers

bad trait: Will do anything to find out more about how to see her father and mother.

9/15/2011 . Edited 9/28/2011 #121

seriously? fine. its original to the fheros (character wise). Only, she is similar to Hyron....

9/15/2011 #122

yay thank you!!! who is Hyron?

9/15/2011 #123

Oh, come on. Her powers are the exact same as Hyron's. Adam's is not similar to anyone's. He can't do any of the stuff the other guys can do. I don't know why you thought of dylan.

9/15/2011 #124

because dylan likes to mess with people using his power and can do what ever he wants.

9/15/2011 #125

wait im sorry who is Hyron? he isnt even in the hero center yet?? so confused...

9/15/2011 #126

So? That describes pretty much 90% of superheroes.

Hyron is a villain.

9/15/2011 #127

not hero villain. hes with kapira now

9/15/2011 #128


9/15/2011 #129

Doubt it. Hyron isn't human. Well, I guess neither is your character. So maybe.

9/15/2011 #130

huh. i guess but then u would both have the same powers, possibly same past....ect

9/15/2011 #131

well im going to look at ur character now

:P hahah sorry about the whole power thing. I had no idea jake

9/15/2011 #132
Unpredictable Convictions

lauren! i updated my story!

9/15/2011 #133

hahah i just read it

9/15/2011 #134
I still think Adam should be accepted.
9/15/2011 #135

chnage him a bit, then yeah

9/15/2011 #136

I can change Alison if u want.

9/15/2011 #137

just so she isn't so much like Hyron

9/15/2011 #138
What parts of Adam should change?
9/15/2011 #139

personality a tad (Money from D-Topes), power (Dylan and some of Kamiko from here).

9/15/2011 #140
So, in short, everything Again, I haven't even checked out Dtopes yet.
9/15/2011 #141

huh...really? im sorry. Im trying to keep similar characters away from each other.

9/15/2011 #142

well chloe...those are too different forums...

9/15/2011 #143

i edited my characterrr :)

9/15/2011 #144

How would Adam and Mooney or Mooey ever meet?

Anyway, plenty of characters on here are similar. Hm, a wolf shapeshifter and a fox shapeshifter. Kendell and Dylan. Blaire and Kapira. And there are even some characters similar to non-NEB characters. Am I the only one who saw the resemblance between Angel and the Angel from Maximum Ride?

9/15/2011 #145

pretty sure thats who the characyter was based off of. Kendell and Dylan are brothers are meant to be opposites. Dylan creates, kendell destroys. Wolf shifters came from the forum Wolf RP and MY character on it. Blaire and Kapira are both Phoebe's characters and are villains and wouldn't really conflict.

9/15/2011 #146

So I have to change everything about Adam, pretty much?

9/15/2011 #147

no. powers and a variating personality.

9/15/2011 #148

If I do that, what stays the same?

9/15/2011 #149

name, most of personality, history, appearence, ect.

9/15/2011 #150
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